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Youth In ECK, Letter of Light- April, 2011 [#3]

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  • prometheus_973
    This question is interesting since Klemp is from Wisconsin and the GOP and Tea Party are making a mess of things. IMO- Politics and Spirituality are
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2011
      This question is interesting since
      Klemp is from Wisconsin and the
      GOP and Tea Party are making a
      mess of things. IMO- Politics and
      Spirituality are intertwined and
      interrelated. One influences the
      other. It's a matter of consciousness.

      First of all, Klemp really doesn't
      care about the environment, and if
      you recycle, or even what you eat.
      He doesn't want to over-think and
      strain his brain about this or that.
      He's a hermit for god's sake! Also,
      by not thinking he doesn't have to
      form opinions about everyday living.
      I'm curious. Why do ECKists continue
      to even listen to this moron? He has
      no credibility as a "Prophet" or anything
      else! As a "writer" he's a douche bag.
      HK rehashes Twitchell's plagiarized
      material, and uses ECKist's stories
      to "write" books in order to obtain
      his 50% royalties to fill his pockets
      and then wins phony book awards,
      as a PR ploy, to sell more books
      and to feed his huge ego!

      Questions for the Master...

      "As an ECKist I try to be aware of
      what products I buy. For example
      I prefer to buy fair-trade clothes
      and environmentally friendly products.

      How important is this in a spiritual
      sense?"--Timo, age 20, Germany

      HK: "Dear Timo,
      This is a Social rather than a Spiritual

      IF you wish to buy such products,
      it is your choice. However, IF this
      results in a Superior Attitude over
      others who do not follow your lead,
      then it is to your spiritual detriment."

      ME: What "if" he doesn't develop
      a "superior attitude?" Doesn't being
      "environmentally friendly" demonstrate
      a greater universal awareness, as well
      as, a love and compassion for all life?

      HK: "A produce employee was strongly
      in favor of buying only local produce.
      BUT in many cases its quality fell short
      of out-of-state produce.

      So I checked him [like in hockey?] on
      this. 'My number one priority,' I said,
      'is to obtain the most nutritious food
      available. To do less would be a Crime
      Against my body."

      ME: LOL! I think Klemp is a little over-
      confident in the quality of out-of-state
      produce. I can see why you can't buy
      fresh produce in the Winter in MN, but
      that wasn't part of the original question
      was it?

      HK: "A pure Environmentalist in
      Minnesota, in Winter, I added, would
      eat Only canned, frozen, or stored local
      foods. No enzyme-rich fresh apples,
      oranges, blueberries, kale, carrots, or
      green beans."

      ME: Really? It seems that Klemp is
      throwing the baby out with the bath
      water! Why not grow, can and freeze
      your own food if you are able to do
      so? You'd, at least, know what the
      fertilizer and insect spray contained,
      etc.. Besides, I don't really think that
      a "pure environmentalist" would do
      that. A "pure survivalist" would!

      HK: 'It's that kind of world now,'
      I said, 'Today's quick, refrigerated
      transportation of produce is a blessing,
      and I'm taking [credit for it?] full
      advantage of it.'

      ME: Klemp is getting kind of preachy
      and seems very opinionated about
      this topic. Funny that he felt the need
      to straighten out this young(?) produce
      employee. I guess, that after his mini-
      lecture, Klemp didn't try to teach him
      about the HU. LOL!

      HK: "We must learn the difference
      between Social and Spiritual issues."

      ME: There is No difference! That's
      an illusion. Klemp talks about "love"
      doesn't he? How can one demonstrate
      Love and not care about Social issues?
      You can't! It's all intertwined... it's life!
      Life is full of both Traps and Tests.
      Eckankar, and all religions, give Soul
      both traps and tests! The key is really
      Non-Attachment. We can care and do
      what is needed and all we are able to
      do. Then, however, we must release
      ourselves to the outcome while still
      having compassion. See, Klemp's wrong!

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