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Klemp's 03/2011 H.I. Letter Article is Pretentious

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp, of course, feels the need to force-feed The Principle of the Threes to Eckists by adding his spin to three stories by three ECKists. To use this Threes
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2011
      Klemp, of course, feels the need to
      force-feed The Principle of the Threes
      to Eckists by adding his spin to three
      stories by three ECKists. To use this
      "Threes principle" in this manner
      is a form of White Magic at best.

      BTW- Klemp uses "BUT" numerous times
      during this article. He's contradicted his
      own advice that he gave to all Eckists to
      Not use the word "But." HK's a hypocrite!
      This advice was given in another H.I. Letter
      (12/2005)! I posted this older H.I. Letter
      to show that Klemp is both a hypocrite and
      a liar. What is even worse is that he violated
      his own advice/instructions in this same
      12/2005 H.I. Letter! Yet, this too was overlooked,
      and rationalized, as well as, forgiven and
      forgotten. ECKists need to keep turning
      a blind eye to Klemp's fraud for the hypnosis
      to continue working. Ignorance is bliss!

      Klemp uses stories by "Pat," "Marci," and
      "Mel." HK uses two "Buts" for Pat's story
      and one each for Marci's and Mel's.

      First, let me say this. I'm always amazed
      to hear about H.I.s who seem to be so
      clueless and can't even demonstrate a
      basic level of understanding or compassion
      after years and years of being under Klemp's
      "spiritual" influence. Actually, stating it
      that way makes sense as to why these
      H.I.s are so clueless!

      "Pat" is an ESA. She was having trouble
      following a person's story "BUT she had
      read the ESA guidelines beforehand."
      "... At first, the ECKist's story seemed
      without direction. BUT the guidelines
      had said that this may have been the
      first time the individual was talking about
      it. The ESA was to be patient."

      It's interesting that these "ESA guidelines"
      are taking the place of common sense,
      intuition, compassion, and inner spiritual
      guidance. Why do ESA's need to be told
      "to be patient?" Shouldn't they "know" that?

      Later, the ESA session became less boring
      and frustrating for the ESA and soon "the
      scattered energy in the room settled down.
      the story became more clear."

      I'm thinking that the problem was more
      with the ESA and her "scattered energy"
      than with the other ECKist. Klemp is over-
      looking this. However, let's face it. To be
      an ESA means one is at least a 6th initiate
      and has at least 35 years as a trained ECKist.
      Embarrassing isn't it!

      Klemp continues with this pretentious comment:

      "The ESA session was thus instrumental
      in guiding this chela to a better personal
      assessment of a vexing quandary."

      Why not simply say "frustrating situation"
      versus "vexing quandary?" Is Klemp playing
      down the negativity the ESA was allowing
      herself to experience, plus, showing off
      is vocabulary or thesaurus skills? HK is
      such a proud pseudo prophet/intellectual!

      Next comes "Marci." Marci seems to be a
      supermom who burns the candle at both
      ends. Klemp doesn't seem to mind or notice
      because he states: "A working mother, she
      could well be overwhelmed with all her
      activities that involve job, family, and attendance
      at ECK events. Without the ECK, she undoubtedly
      could not get her arms around her life."

      However, in Klemp's next statement he
      contradicts himself: "She tells of a particularly
      stressful time." I won't go into it all word for
      word, however, Marci returns home from working
      a nightshift, and without taking a rest she
      bundles up the kids and drives one hour to
      the ECK Center for a Worship Service. Then,
      afterwards, she takes the kids to the beach
      with a friend. Marci next wanted to visit another
      friend an hour and a half away. She is very tired
      but doesn't seem to care about the well being
      of herself or the kids. "Exhaustion finally forced
      her to pull in at a gas station, intending to catch
      a cat nap before continuing her journey."
      Correction: Marci apparently left the kids
      at the beach with her friend.

      HK continues: Something awoke Marci in the
      middle of the nap. She observed a huge fire-
      like light, in the shape of a square cage. It
      made several passes over her."

      Anyway, Marci awoke from a 15 minute nap
      feeling refreshed. She finished her long trip
      to see her friend and after that went to pick
      up the kids. Forty minutes into the return trip
      her car blew a tire. The car had to be towed
      in and she called a friend for a ride... I'm
      not sure where from. Wouldn't the tow truck
      driver give her a ride to the gas station so
      she could wait until the tire/wheel is repaired?
      Odd that the Mahanta didn't help her with
      this. BTW-What was the "spiritual lesson"
      from the blown tire? Is she wearing herself
      out and about to blow like the tire?

      HK: "The saga continued BUT you get the
      picture. To sum up, by the time she had
      retrieved the kids and arrived home, nearly
      Forty-Eight Hours had fled, with only that
      one brief stop where the fire-like light had
      lent her the strength to go on."

      Klemp now takes credit for all of this via
      the "Mahanta's love and support."

      However, let's go back to that blown tire!
      Maybe the "huge fire-like light, in the shape
      of a square cage" represented the Astral Hell
      and confines of Eckankar. The blown tire was
      a Wake-Up call for Soul. She was on a destructive
      path and making bad decisions for both herself
      and her children. Why was the EWS so important
      to attend? These are designed for the public.
      Was there a children's room or did the kids
      run loose in the ECK Center bothering people?

      "Mel" is the last example for ECKists to
      emulate. "Mel admits he much needed
      to learn the Grace of Detachment."

      That's part of his and Klemp's problem
      isn't it? Grace is Not "learned," it's earned!
      Plus, Detachment is a Discipline. Klemp
      is all talk and gives lip service to everything.
      HK isn't even self-disciplined enough Not
      to use "But!"

      HK: "Test after test from the Master had
      battered him. BUT each wore a different
      guise, so Mel missed the lesson that the
      tests were designed to teach."

      I wonder why the Klempster didn't give
      Mel a heads up. How many years went by
      until Mel had an answer via this snail-mail
      H.I. Letter? It sounds like Mel fell into Klemp's
      TRAP. This was his real "test."

      Actually I left a part out. You see, Mel also
      had a problem with "strong attachments to
      his feelings and opinions." I can see why a
      person would have strong loving feelings
      for a child don't you? Klemp makes it seem
      like this is wrong. Plus, why can't one have
      strong opinions? Klemp expresses strong
      opinions and doesn't allow ECKists to ever
      challenge them!

      HK: "The miracle, he finally learned, of
      being a channel for love was to respect
      others as much as himself."

      Say, didn't 2nd Initiate, Jesus, say basically
      the same thing about 2,000 years ago?
      Plus, I'm not so sure that Mel keeping quiet
      is a "miracle." LOL!

      HK: "In the end, he learned the grace of

      No, "Mel" just learned to keep his opinions
      and feeling to himself! This is what all ECKists
      are required to learn, and that's the purpose
      of this story.

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