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Eckanker: 12/2005 H.I. Letter-Do As I Say Not As I Do

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp s new and updated instructions to Higher Initiates (Eck Leaders) on Not using BUTs, especially, should also give different perspectives and meanings to
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      Klemp's new and updated instructions to Higher Initiates (Eck
      Leaders) on Not using "BUTs," especially, should also give different
      perspectives and meanings to the older writings of the Shariyats.
      Check out pages 234-289 of the Shariyat Books 1&2 and see what is
      being said about "love," etc. and look for all of those "BUTs" as
      (This is a repost to remind Eckists of these instructions and the
      new perspective that it creates when followed.)
      > Klemp talks about Not using "Ifs" "Ands" and "Buts" within the Eck
      > community and forgets to follow his own advice in: the Letter of
      > Light, The Mystic World, or this H.I. Letter! Or, perhaps Klemp is
      > just all talk and is mentioning this quote from Kant to sound well
      > read and intelligent.
      > December 2005 H.I. LETTER-
      > [HK] "Next, I need to translate those images into today's language.
      > That's why much of my writing is simple. It leaves less room for
      > misinterpreting and makes translating into other languages easier."

      > [HK] "I take care to translate the images from the ECK to human
      > language as accurately as possible. They flow through directly in a
      > burst."
      > [HK] "Many are sharing their ideas from the mental arena, and it
      > uplifts people. I look at the ideas and thoughts of philosophers."
      > [HK] "One thing that strikes me about Immanuel Kant was something he
      > said that acts out an appreciation for life, which shows gratitude
      > in experssion. He said, no ifs, ands, or buts. By that he meant.
      > make your statements clean and clear."
      > [HK] "Suppose one, for example, says to a student, 'Study hard if
      > you want to make your degree.' Kant says, forget the stuff at the
      > end. Say just, 'Study hard.'


      [HK] "When someone says BUT, its a Nail in the Coffin of Invention.
      A constant Stream of Contradictions Shuts Off Creativity and a Gift
      that may be offered. And when someone says BUT, he's Stopped
      Listening. So Be Aware when using IF. And Especially When Using BUT,
      because it's Limiting. Move straight ahead. It throws a Condition
      under your feet that is a trip wire." [My caps]


      [HK] "This Is Pretty Much For Ourselves, because in dealing with
      others, you may need to use IF, AND, or BUT." [My caps]

      >[HK] "AND is better because it doesn't limit and is a building
      > block." [My caps]
      > [HK] Yet, IF someone's trying to make plans for you, then you may
      > need to say, 'BUT I don't want to.' They have no right to make your
      > plans." [My caps]
      > Prometheus
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