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Questions for the Master... Jan/2011 (#2)

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  • prometheus_973
    This Q&A is from the Youth in ECK Letter of Light. Q: I want to be social and hang out with friends, but what do I do when everyone wants to drink and smoke?
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2011
      This Q&A is from the Youth in ECK
      Letter of Light.

      Q: "I want to be social and hang out with
      friends, but what do I do when everyone
      wants to drink and smoke? I feel like 99%
      of people in my age group do it,

      1) so how do I stay on my path without
      isolating myself?

      [ME: Just be confident in your decision
      not to participate in their nutty and
      destructive behavior. Don't enable them
      but don't reject them either. You can
      become their "designated driver" and
      watch out for them and their safety.
      In other words, be a good example for
      them and know that it's the right thing
      to do regardless of your religious dogma.]

      2) What can I say to them?

      [ME: I would just tell them "No, I don't
      need it or want it and that's my choice
      so respect my choice and I'll respect
      yours. But don't worry, we're still friends
      and I promise that I won't narc on you."]

      Also, a few ECK friends and I have another

      3) IF a youth in ECK decides to drink and
      experiment with drugs, smoking, etc.,
      is there still a place for him in ECKankar?

      [ME: That's not your concern. It's up to the
      RESA and the local Youth Coordinator or
      others in local positions. It's not necessary
      to squeal on him either, although, that seems
      to be what ECKists do as S.O.P. and when
      stuck in their own Holier-Than-Thou mindset.]

      --Veronica Stern, age 24
      Deerfield, Illinois"

      ME: Okay, it seems HK has three questions
      to answer. The 3rd seems kind of judgmental
      in that it's between him and God, or the RESA!


      HK: "Dear Veronica, Drinkers, smokers, and
      users of illegal drugs have auras that harm
      both them and others within their circle. To
      nurture such friendships is playing with fire."

      ME: Okay, For one thing I don't believe
      ALL the aura hype/myth. However, how
      can Auras harm people! LOL! Supposedly
      Auras show the energy, or attitude, or
      consciousness of the individual. Plus,
      let's say that one does come into a close
      proximity with someones "aura." The
      hype states that when one is drunk,
      (and some ECK Masters, it is said, drink)
      one's aura (depending on the individual)
      turns a darker color or becomes mixed
      with colors and pulls in closer to that
      person's body. The aura is not projected
      outward beyond just an inch or two. Plus,
      your own Aura would project out further
      and "protect" you while influencing them
      in a more positive manner... correct? Once
      again, Klemp has approached a subject
      negatively, too simplistically, and has
      overlooked some details... like the use
      and abuse of legal prescription drugs
      as well. What do legal prescription drugs
      do to one's aura? Klemp doesn't know!

      HK: "Early in life, I was thrown in with
      people of this kind, and they tried many
      approaches to have me join them. I
      declined politely but firmly. They wanted
      my approval; I did not need theirs. ECK
      was my way!"

      ME: Bullshit! Let's look at this "Early" portion
      of Klemp's life. Let's say it was at the age
      of 15. This was 1957 and he was on a farm
      outside of Appleton, Wisconsin for gawd's
      sake! LOL! What did they want little Harry
      do... smoke some Chesterfields and drink
      a Schlitz beer? Wow, those are some serious
      drugs! BTW- "ECK" was not his "way." He was
      in a Lutheran High School at this time and
      then went into the Seminary. And, little Harry
      just didn't "firmly decline" to drink a beer
      even with the family and the farm help, later,
      as a young adult. He stuck his nose up into
      the air at them in a holier-than-thou manner!
      He even shares this in his earlier books!

      HK: "Choices. Life is all about choices.
      Some bring us down, others leave us
      unchanged, and the right ones lift us
      spiritually. Choices so often are tests."

      ME: Choices are, generally, expressions
      of who and/or what we have integrated.
      Negative choices can, sometimes, have
      positive results. Also, choices can become
      traps, as well as, tests. Belief in Eckankar,
      and in religion, first presented us with
      tests, but later this belief became needed
      like an addictive drug and, thus, a trap.

      HK: "Any who indulge in the destructive
      practices you mention are gathering a
      store of bad karma."

      ME: I'm not so sure that I still believe in
      karma. It's nice thinking that the mean
      and cruel and the crooks will get their
      payback, but I'm doubting that it's so.
      Look at Klemp! Will he be subject to
      "bad karma" for his deceptions? Maybe
      his health problems are the result of
      that rather than the excuse he uses?
      On the other hand, it's nice for 5th
      Initiates, and above, to think that they
      are "above karma" and get a free pass
      to the God Worlds and that Klemp, like
      Jesus, is taking on any additional sins

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