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  • dianastanley43
    talk about linking Eckanakar to things familiar. Darwin wanted to make a bumper sticker saying The Force is Eckankar after starwars came out. Actually I
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 15, 2011
      talk about linking Eckanakar to things familiar. Darwin wanted to make a bumper sticker saying "The Force is Eckankar" after starwars came out. Actually I think they did make one

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello Etznab,
      > It is amusing that these people thought
      > Twitchell had some sort of a connection
      > to the Knights Templar etc. when his real
      > connection was with Sant Mat and Kirpal
      > Singh. There is also a greater connection
      > to India and to Hinduism than to Egypt
      > and Moses. Apparently these people didn't
      > realize that Twitchell plagiarized "The Path
      > of the Masters" which mentions the high
      > points of many religions including the
      > Zoroastrian faith, Christianity and the
      > teachings of Jesus, the Magi of the
      > Mesopotamian school and of the Pythagoreans
      > in Egypt, etc. Plus, "Path" talks about the
      > Sun, Lightning and Moon Worlds of the
      > Astral Plane and about the Light and Sound.
      > Anyway, it seems like these people wanted
      > to connect Twit to something they had researched
      > previously. And, Twitchell used almost everything
      > out there in an attempt to connect it to ECkankar
      > and, thus, give the impression that this myth/history
      > is validating his con about it being an "ancient
      > teaching" and that there was a "lineage of ECK
      > Masters."
      > Prometheus
      > etznab wrote:
      > Concerning Ruth and Noah Samuelson's critique of Eckankar, the subject of Egypt
      > was mentioned extensively. IMO. And, to be quite frank, I believe they
      > effectively "demonized" Egyptian mythology somewhat.
      > It's not the first time (IMO) because The Bible, for example, "demonized" Egypt
      > (somewhat)too.
      > Now, do we really know that Moses and Pharaoh threw down staffs that later
      > turned into serpents? Or is that a myth, fable?
      > From a page about the subject (last paragraph):
      > Changing Aaron's staff into a serpent is significant for another reason. This is
      > the same staff that will be used with God's power to initiate the plagues and to
      > part the Red Sea, events which will give protection and life to Israel but bring
      > death to the Egyptians.88 As Currid states, the contest was not between Moses
      > and Pharaoh, or between Israel and Egypt, but between Yahweh and Pharaoh, who
      > was considered a god, and who was supposedly imbued with the special powers of
      > his station. The miraculous signs given to Moses and Aaron challenged the
      > potency and deity of Pharaoh, who personified the power of Egypt and whose crown
      > bore the cobra, symbol of supremacy.89
      > http://www.christiananswersforthenewage.org/Articles_Serpents3.html
      > Going back to Ruth and Noah Samuelson:
      > [....]
      > We are not members of any Christian organization or anti-cult group. We just
      > want to share what we have found and to alert unsuspecting members, and the
      > public generally, to the true nature of Eckankar.
      > Sincerely
      > Ruth and Noah Samuelson
      > October 10, 2008
      > p.s. A copy of this article has been posted on Scribd, the online
      > document-sharing archive.
      > http://www.illuminati-news.com/articles2/00326.html
      > Read the first paragraph and the connection with Egypt becomes apparent.
      > Short Summary
      > Eckankar, a New Age religion with its worldwide headquarters in Minneapolis, is
      > deceiving its members as to its true origin and purpose. It is not a spiritual
      > organization but a disguised form of advanced Freemasonry. It was created by its
      > founder, Paul Twitchell, in 1965, to promote worship of the gods of ancient
      > Egypt. Not only did Twitchell plagiarize the writings of other authors to a
      > shameless degree, but he deliberately concocted his teaching as a covert way of
      > getting naive members of the public to worship the magical deities from the Old
      > Kingdom period of ancient Egypt. Eckankar is therefore a disguised occult
      > teaching with a hidden occult agenda. Most of its members appear to be unaware
      > of this. [....]
      > http://www.illuminati-news.com/articles2/00326.html
      > In the critique by Ruth and Noah Samuelson the word(s) Egypt (or Egyptian) are
      > mentioned at least 40 times!
      > Umm... "a disguised form of advanced Freemasonry"(?) It sounds like "conspiracy
      > theory" to me.
      > Numerous writers have written about the Egyptian gods. Other writers fear they -
      > the Egyptian Ennead - are being exploited. The conspiracy theorists, etc.
      > "A new religion is taking shape in the name of the Great Heliopolitan Ennead.
      > Already, as we have seen, many obey their instructions to the letter. [....]"
      > [The Stargate Conspiracy, Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, pp. 334-336]
      > Ennead means "the nine", I believe. And the number "nine" appears to be what
      > some people question. Whether the Ennead, nine Knights Templar, or "Council of
      > Nine" some conspiracy theorists fear (IMO) that this symbol (and mythology
      > surrounding it) is being used like a "blind" for some mysterious secret cabal
      > with aspirations to rule the world!
      > About the Ennead:
      > The development of the Ennead remains uncertain. Egyptologists have
      > traditionally theorised that the priesthood of Heliopolis established this
      > pesedjet in order to stress the preeminence of the sun-god above other deities,
      > incorporating gods which had been venerated elsewhere for centuries while
      > ignoring others. [....]"
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ennead
      > Sun-god? Wasn't there something about "sun gods" in The Spiritual Notebook?
      > "That authority should be placed upon one who becomes the saviour is not
      > unusual. In Egypt, the Pharoah of old was both a god and the son of a god, and
      > Krishna, the beloved god of India, was one of the countless sun gods. Many men
      > have become gods and many gods have become men. But the Mahanta is the living
      > Light, in the tradition of the ancient sun gods of Asia."
      > - The Spiritual Notebook, by Paul Twitchell (Copyright 1971), 10th Printing -
      > 1983, p. 23 (2nd paragraph).
      > The subject was touched upon again on pp. 145-146. Including:
      > "The sun gods of Asia were given the title of Christ, for it is an ancient title
      > among peoples of the prechristian era."
      > - The Spiritual Notebook
      > Like in the first quote I gave about the contest between Yahweh and Pharaoh,
      > numerous religions / ideologies are in contest with others.
      > IMHO. And in some cases even, winning depends on who can tell the tallest tale,
      > myth, fable, etc. AND HOW MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE!
      > Etznab
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