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Re: The Hook: "Experience God's Love at the Temple of ECK"

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Diana, You bring up some good points. The inner what? Everyone dreams and with practice, effort, and attention one can begin to remember them more
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 30, 2011
      Hello Diana,
      You bring up some good points.

      "The inner what?"

      Everyone dreams and with practice,
      effort, and attention one can begin
      to remember them more often.

      Basically, Eckankar, and all religions,
      take some commonalities like dreams,
      intuition, and insights then embellish
      and distort them to suit their scam
      (i.e. hidden agenda) and dogma.

      The unconscious and subconsciousness
      mind (along with the unknown universe
      as well as esoteric mysteries) represent
      the "inner." Religions, however, create
      "Planes of God" or "Levels of Heaven"
      etc. out of these unknown regions of
      reality. But what is reality and how many
      exist? There is a personal reality, but
      there are others, beyond number, and
      beyond our own perceptions, and an
      over all reality which might never be
      known to mankind. People like Klemp
      don't have and will never have a clue
      as to what this is. BTW- There is no
      such thing as Astral etc. This is B.S.

      The problem is that there really is an
      "inner/outer" existence (i.e. reality)
      beyond our perception. Unfortunately,
      religion has distorted this and given
      us dumbed down copies of what is,
      essentially, one's limited and personal
      perception and insights to All That Is.
      And that's the plus side! On the negative
      side it can all be a big fat lie used to
      scam and manipulate people.

      I, of course, have had many dreams.
      I've, also, done lucid dreaming at times.
      And, while in meditation/contemplation
      have had "inner" experiences. But, the
      mind is a powerful tool and can create
      what we consciously and unconsciously
      desire or expect, or at times, will randomly
      extract, project and experience various
      impressions.The mind's ability to be
      influenced is why/how placebos work
      so well. Therefore, sharing testimonials
      (EK stories) and minor miracles (or major
      ones commonly found in major religions)
      simply feeds the mind's (ego's) expectations
      to satisfy, comfort and protect the individual.

      It is interesting that Eckankar took
      a change in direction with "sharing
      stories." At one time it was seen as
      'casting your pearls before swine'
      and was discouraged because people
      would tend to add to one's experience
      or pick it apart. Over the years Klemp
      changed this policy in order to have
      material (padding) for his many books.
      The more books he "writes" the more
      money and fame he gets.


      dianastanley wrote:

      First you need the assurance
      from Eckist that what you are
      experiencing is true.

      The more we talked about our
      experiences in the dream state
      the more we believed them.

      I never had any experiences in
      the dream state or what they call
      the inner. The inner what?

      prometheus wrote:
      > Why does a person have to go to
      > someplace on the physical plane
      > to experience God's love?
      > Yet, this is the promo (con) in the
      > mailing for the 2011 EK Springtime
      > Seminar. That's a lie isn't it? Sure!
      > But, it's what Klemp is selling! What
      > does that say about him? He's not
      > what he's claiming to be is he?
      > What ever happened to those promises
      > COMMUNICATION with the Mahanta,
      > and of SOUL TRAVEL? Apparently ECKists
      > feel they've experienced these to some
      > degree and that's why they have stayed
      > the course. But have they really experienced
      > these or have they deluded themselves
      > time and time again? Where's Rebazar?
      > If he is real and not just an imaginary
      > character that Twit made up, and handed
      > down to DG and HK, where is he? Why
      > hide? Okay, let's say that the "world"
      > isn't ready yet for a 500 year old EK
      > Master. BTW- When will the world be
      > ready? Anyway, if though the "world"
      > isn't ready I would think that at least
      > HK's H.I.s would be ready. Right! So,
      > will Rebazar be showing up at the H.I.
      > meeting? He hasn't so far has he?
      > Really, why travel to Minnesota, and
      > spend money that you can use on more
      > important things. Just buy another EK
      > book and save the money spent for plane
      > fare ($400?), and on the hotel for three
      > nights ($350?) and on misc. expenses
      > including meals ($200). So, at the very
      > least one can spend $950.00 on the
      > seminar trip and that's without buying
      > any new EK books!
      > I find it reprehensible that Klemp is
      > enticing people to come here, to Minneapolis,
      > when they don't need to! Save your
      > hard earned money for Gawd's sake!
      > Simply imagine yourself here. After all,
      > an advanced H.I. doesn't need to "physically
      > travel" to the Temple of ECK do they?
      > But they do! Why is that... what's wrong?
      > Prometheus
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