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Re: The 2011 ECK Springtime (Easter) Seminar

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  • dianastanley43
    Darwin would have had a feld day with photo shop! Maybe on Easter he will rise from the dead and scare the **** out of Harold Diana
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 28, 2011
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      Darwin would have had a feld day with photo shop! Maybe on Easter he will rise from the dead and scare the **** out of Harold

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Well, it's about that time
      > again for the suckers, the
      > delusional, the weak and
      > closed minded, the fearful,
      > and the needy wannabes
      > to make another Easter
      > pilgrimage to Minnesota.
      > April 22-24, 2011 is the
      > time ECKists need to dig
      > deep into their pockets
      > to find the money for, yet,
      > another pep rally, more
      > training, and to purchase
      > more "repackaged" EK
      > materials.
      > Here are my impressions
      > and some quotes from the
      > Eckankar Seminar material
      > that was shared with me:
      > First, there's a photoshop
      > picture of Klemp smiling,
      > wearing a light blue suit
      > (of course) with a white
      > pocket square, a white shirt,
      > blue tie, and waving with
      > his right hand.
      > What's wrong with this picture?
      > Well, if one would look at HK's
      > real picture on the next page
      > you can see that his teeth aren't
      > all that white or even! In the real
      > pic only his front four upper
      > teeth are white. His canines are
      > long, and yellow, and he looks
      > like a vampire! Plus, in the real
      > pic his hair is much thinner on
      > top. They photoshopped his pic
      > that made it look like he has more
      > hair. Plus, in the real pic HK's
      > wearing a "black" suit.
      > Also, in the photoshop pic there
      > are white, six-pointed RESA/Mahanta
      > Stars surrounding him, and faded
      > trees and clouds and the Temple
      > of EK with a gold fire coming down
      > to the center of it. And, there's a
      > futuristic looking city (Astral?)
      > behind him and to his left.
      > "The outer works of ECK are
      > the golden gates to the higher
      > spiritual planes. You, the Arahata,
      > help the Mahanta, the Living ECK
      > Master show mankind the most
      > direct way to spiritual liberation."--
      > Sri Harry Klempster, ECK Arahata
      > Book
      > So, it looks like this seminar will
      > be focusing on the ECK Teacher/
      > Arahata and upon training via
      > sharing missionary (sales) technique
      > etc.
      > The one thing that's really interesting
      > about Eckankar is that only "approved"
      > stories are generally shared. Now it
      > is true that people can "share" stories
      > in a Roundtable discussion, but those
      > "spiritual" stories are taken with a grain,
      > or two, of salt so to speak. And, there's
      > usually some condescending approval
      > by the ESA facilitator. I remember a
      > Roundtable story of a guy who shared
      > that he got a message from the Mahanta
      > on the "inner" and had verification of
      > it with a "sign" on the outer to quit
      > his job move his family to another state.
      > Fortunately, someone in the Roundtable
      > asked him, "How'd that work out for you?"
      > He replied that he, "had to move back
      > a year later."
      > Here's another testimony by an ECKist:
      > "In the sanctuary, after the HU Song,
      > I heard the flute of God. It was incredible!"
      > --NM, Canada
      > I once attended an ECK Worship Service
      > while visiting another state and during
      > the HU Chant, I too heard the single note
      > of a flute! Afterwards, I had a person share
      > with me that she heard a flute too. Looking
      > around I noticed an ECKist holding a flute
      > and talking to the local Spiritual Services
      > Coordinator (a long-time H.I. and former
      > RESA) along with the newly appointed Local
      > Director. They conspired to have an ECKist
      > play a note on the flute during the HU Chant.
      > This, of course, was outside of the HU Chant
      > and EWS Guidelines and was used to fool
      > people into thinking they had a "spiritual"
      > experience. But, it just goes to show the
      > amoral attitudes and behaviours of Klemp's
      > H.I.s. As Above, So Below!
      > Prometheus
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