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Re: The Mystic World - December 2010

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  • dianastanley43
    Sounds like Sarah Palins Lock and Load Diana
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 27, 2011
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      Sounds like Sarah Palins "Lock and Load"

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > This is more Ho Hum with Pete
      > and Repeat of basic crap that we
      > all read, memorized, learned, and
      > repeated as 1st and 2nd initiates.
      > Klemp's front page article is titled:
      > "Pull the Arrow Further Back."
      > He starts out with: 'Tony' "tells of
      > a strong desire to move forward in
      > his spiritual unfoldment, and he refers
      > to it with a rich evocative expression:
      > 'I need to pull the arrow further back.'"
      > So, Klemp is using someone else's
      > story to point out some imaginary
      > connection to a "spiritual" principle.
      > But it seems like I've heard similar
      > words of wisdom before using the
      > analogy of a rubber band being
      > stretched tight. Klemp is trying to
      > live up to his own "award winning"
      > PR with such vivid and descriptive
      > wording of 'Tony's' archery analogy.
      > "Rich evocative expression!" Really!
      > LOL!
      > Anyway, this is the "Year of the ECK
      > Teacher" so there's focus upon Arahata
      > Training and Satsang classes as being
      > steps to higher consciousness. However,
      > since Klemp has slowed initiations down
      > it seems like the best way for all of those
      > 6th Initiates to make it to their last initiation
      > in this lifetime, the 7th, is to become
      > a RESA. Any 6th will be promoted to
      > a 7th when appointed to the RESA position.
      > But first one must volunteer, have trainings,
      > positions within the RESA Hierarchy,
      > and climb the ladder to get noticed.
      > It was much easier to get promoted in
      > the '70s and early to mid '80s. Those
      > who made it to the 7th back then just
      > imagine that they are 8ths, or higher,
      > on the inner. It helps one to hang in
      > there by pretending.
      > Tell you what. I'll list the high points
      > of HK's article with all his redundant
      > phrases, expressions and so-called
      > "words of wisdom":
      > "Call of Soul"
      > "divine love"
      > "gratitude"
      > "surrender"
      > "vehicle for ECK"
      > "service"
      > "Follow me"
      > "HU"
      > "protection"
      > "HU card"
      > "Past lives. Dreams, and Soul Travel"
      > "ECK Regional Seminar"
      > "Facebook"
      > "divine guidance"
      > "coincidences"
      > "Light and Sound"
      > "Mahanta"
      > "Master's love"
      > "seekers"
      > It is interesting that Klemp,
      > who professes to practice
      > the highest version of "divine
      > love," was using an archery
      > analogy. After all, "arrows"
      > are similar to bullets. They
      > are simply a more primitive
      > weapon and are designed to
      > kill a living creature whether
      > a deer or a man.
      > Of course, this fact doesn't
      > bother Klemp because ECKists
      > will either overlook this point
      > about arrows being weapons
      > of death or disregard this
      > connection.
      > EKists have to keep Klemp
      > upon that pedestal because
      > they need to keep their fear
      > and his lie alive.
      > It's their faith and belief and
      > ECKists need to rationalize
      > like everyone else. For EKists,
      > it is almost impossible not to
      > lie to one's self, therefore, one
      > simply disconnects and overlooks
      > Klemp's nutty behavior and
      > comments. They read "between
      > the lines" for hidden and magical
      > meanings, and "second guess"
      > him to satisfy their desires to
      > find the Truth. But, they've stayed
      > too long and have become distracted
      > with unfulfilled promises and busy
      > work.
      > So, "pull the arrow further back"
      > to hit the target (a deer, a man,
      > a little girl, or God) with a greater
      > killing force. Nice one Klemp!
      > Prometheus
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