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Re: Was the Tucson shooter an unbalanced Eckist in-training?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Diana and All, Would an Eckist drink an arsenic spiked cool-aid drink? It does make one wonder what an Eckist might do under the right conditions. After
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 16, 2011
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      Hello Diana and All,
      Would an Eckist drink an
      arsenic spiked cool-aid
      drink? It does make one
      wonder what an Eckist might
      do under the right conditions.

      After all, there's no fear
      of sin or of an Astral hell...
      it's karmic and not even
      that for H.I.s who, supposedly,
      are free of karma. It wouldn't
      even be seen as suicide if
      the Mahanta said it was okay
      to leave this "ash can of the
      universe" now. HK would just
      pick the date and time, have
      someone buy and mix up the
      arsenic, distribute it and then
      give the green light.

      If Eckists really believed then
      wouldn't they obey their Mahanta?
      Wouldn't they see it as a "test"
      to prove their faith in/to him?
      He's got the highest con out
      there right? That means he "Knows."

      Would most ECKists really dare
      to question Klemp or to second
      guess him... the Mahanta? If they
      did they would fail the test! And,
      wouldn't it be rather arrogant and
      vain to think you knew better than
      the14th Plane Mahanta? Sure!

      Who else is on the 14TH PLANE?

      How can you "KNOW" more than
      the MAHANTA? Therefore, prove
      your faith and drink the poison!

      What's the worst that can happen?
      Sure, your body is going to die,
      that's a given, but at least the real
      you (Soul) will now be established
      in the God Worlds of ECK.

      The Mahanta will see to it that
      you are brought up to even Higher
      Planes than you were at before!
      It'll be great seeing Paulji and
      all of the other great ECK Masters
      and everyone will be together and
      working to prepare all of the others
      that will be coming over when the
      end of the world comes.

      After all, there's that Super Volcano
      under Yellow Stone. There are Sun
      Spots that can cause another little
      Ice Age. A Comet or Astroid could
      hit the earth, and there's Global
      Warming. Plus, 2012 is just around
      the corner. So, wouldn't this be a
      great time to get a head start in
      order to prepare the way? Sure!

      So! Isn't it plain to see how easy
      it would be for Klemp to kill off
      a large percentage of ECKists.

      But, there's the rub! What is your
      guesstimate on what percentage
      of ECKists would drink the cool-aid?

      My guess it that 10% of the EK Youth
      would drink it and 10% of the older
      ECKists would drink it and about 5%
      of the rest would drink it. Unless,
      of course, people were lied to about
      it being poison or forced to drink it.


      Diana wrote:
      Prometheus-Thats a scary thought.
      I remember watching the Jim Jones
      thing on TV and thought Darwin would
      never ask us to do such a thing. He
      brought me a box of oil paints one
      day. I thought it would make me a
      better spiritual painter. I don't no
      what I would have done if he asked
      me to drink the coolaid. I would like
      to think I would have refused but
      at that time I believed in Eck %100.

      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > He kept a Dream Journal and was obsessed
      > with lucid dreaming and living in an alternate
      > reality. Also, he was a recluse and out-of-touch
      > with his family, while alienating people and
      > rejecting society in general. Sounds very similar
      > to many Eckies and, especially, Klemp.
      > Maybe he got too much of the EK, and of
      > course no help from the Mahanta, and this
      > created his unbalance? Very possible! This
      > could happen! There's similar delusional
      > thinking!
      > I wonder how many ECKists would drink
      > the "cool-aid" and commit suicide in order
      > to go into the Higher Worlds of ECK now,
      > versus later, if Klemp encouraged them to
      > do so?
      > Prometheus
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