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Gail's Role in the Eckankar Scam

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I decided to take a look at Gail s 1975 Copyrights of Eckankar: Compiled Writings, Volume I and Eckankar: Illuminated Way Letters 1966-1971. One
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      Hello All,
      I decided to take a look at Gail's
      1975 Copyrights of "Eckankar:
      Compiled Writings, Volume I"
      and "Eckankar: Illuminated Way
      Letters 1966-1971."

      One is Copyrighted by Gail T.
      Gross and the other by Gail
      Twitchell Gross.

      In "Writings" on page 189
      there's, supposedly, an excerpt
      from talks Twitchell gave in
      Algiers March, 1941... just
      prior to WWII. That Twitchell
      was a traveling fool! He was
      everywhere... just like Rebazar!

      In this talk it is mention about
      "the ECK power" and that this
      "works with and through a
      selected human pole and has
      two functions - the positive
      and negative... We find the
      incarnations of both powers,
      the positive and the negative.
      ...Those of the positive incarnates
      work for the reunion of Soul
      with God, and take him into
      the heart of God to become
      a co-worker."

      So, what happened to the
      "battery" thing with a pos.
      pole for a man and a neg.
      pole for a woman? But, the
      real joke is Gail trying to make
      it seem that her old meal ticket
      had actually traveled to Algiers
      in March, 1941 AND that he
      was talking about "ECK!" Was
      that Algiers, Kentucky?

      Next, in "Letters" on page
      133 the date shown for this
      letter is January, 1969 and
      Twitchell mentions the "MAHANTA,"
      for the very first time, in this
      book. Interesting, too, that
      Twit mentions "Mahanta" for
      the very first time in the Jan.
      1, 1969 "The Wisdom Notes."

      BUT, there are "no coincidences"
      in Eckankar correct? This is
      just more proof that Twitchell
      didn't create the Mahanta title
      until January, 1969.

      I recall a past post from the EK
      scam apologist Marman where
      he agreed that Twit didn't use
      this term until 1969. However,
      I also read something where PT
      did some backtracking (CYA) and
      said that chelas "weren't ready"
      to hear about the "Mahanta" until
      years later. Good one! LOL!

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