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  • etznab18
    Following is a purported quote by Paul Twitchell (via Michael Turner) concerning the very first Letter to Gail dated December 1962. [....] The letters He
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2011
      Following is a purported quote by Paul Twitchell (via Michael Turner) concerning the very first "Letter to Gail" dated December 1962.

      [....] The letters He mentions, which were later published by Eckankar as Letters to Gail: volumes 1, 2 & 3 (the latter of which has been discontinued by Eckankar), was replete with a wide range of spiritual and metaphysical information, including frequent mentions of His Master, Sant Kirpal Singh.

      I suppose that if you should ask the Living Master what is the
      spiritual life, he would be greatly amazed, because he lives it so
      completely, more than ordinary man, without thinking about it; such
      would be his attitude: "I don't know! You must ask the Priest or

      This is why I propose to say that my knowledge of this is little. I am neither a saint nor holy man, but I can only tell you what little I have experienced through Kirpal Singh. To him, my personal debt is great! [....]


      Where is the mention of ECK Master? Or Rebazar Tarzs? And what was Michael Turner basing his information on? Try asking him and see what he says.

      Here is a mention of The Tiger's Fang (I don't know who this author is, or what his source.

      Paul Twitchell wrote the Tiger's Fang in the 1950's for his master, Kirpal Singh. Singh refused to publish it as he believed it was made up and Twitchell didn't have any of these experiences at all. Twitchell then published it in Orion Magazine in 1960. Later, under Lancer Publications he reprinted it, calling it a first edititon but changed the name from Kirpal Singh to Sudar Singh then finally to Rebazar Tarzs. [....]"


      Twitchell published T.T.F. in Orion Magazine in 1960? I haven't been able to very that, as most of those old magazines are hard to come by.

      Question: Does Roy Eugene Davis have anything to do with the older "Orion" magazine issues today? I'm not certain, but curious based on the following (choose "skip to content" if pop-up appears). [Scroll down to article: Church of the Christian Spiritual Alliance (CSA)]

      "[....] It absorbed Orion, a popular independent occult monthly founded by Ural R. Murphy of Charlotte, North Carolina, and continues its publication, now as an annual. [....] CSA took a decisive turn in 1977 when O'Neal resigned as chairman of the board and president of the publishing complex and was replaced by Davis. [....]"


      So, is Davis now in charge of the old Orion archives? I'm not sure, but this is interesting.

      Here is a mention of another person who allegedly got a copy of T.T.F. manuscript (I'm trying to follow up on information in earlier posts by citing references to let people know what the information was based on) This quote is based on Harold Klemp?.

      "[....] The first indications of his future position as a spiritual leader came in 1961. A young lady, aware of his vast knowledge of Eastern religions, wrote him a letter expressing her desire to know more. Paul responded in November of that year by sending her his manuscript of The Tiger's Fang.[....]"


      What's in that original manuscript. In one post over at a.r.e. Doug Marman seemed to have the opinion maybe Kirpal Singh didn't even read The Tiger's Fang manuscript. However, harold Klemp writes:

      "Paul sent his manuscript of The Tiger's Fang to Kirpal Singh in India, which triggered a series of letters back and forth. It caused a very disagreeable situation when Paul wanted the manuscript back later. Paul had admired Kirpal Singh for a long time, but then they had this little falling out. Perhaps they worked it out later."


      Obviously, some people have seen that original manuscript. So what is going on? WHY HAVEN'T WE????????????????????????????????

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