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Re: Hi Ingrid... Oops

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  • ctecvie
    Hello, Prometheus! ... if ... You know, about the highly evolved souls: The mere fact of having been a member of Eckankar, having left and having joined HCS
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 26, 2005
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      Hello, Prometheus!

      > Well, I reread your post and looked at the HCS BB and you are
      > correct that there is no controversy within the HCS family. Those
      > promoting a more balanced point of view have left. Betty and Mario/
      > (Betty) are still doing their long-winded thing by "instructing"
      > and "educating" the ignorant masses of spiritual truth seekers and
      > those "highly evolved souls" that Ford describes on his BBs. But,
      > one is a "highly evolved soul" then why is this information, copied
      > and paraphrased from unverified sources, necessary? The enlightened
      > already know these things, and the rest aren't on TS/HCS and don't
      > care! Why the obsession, unless, these people just don't get it!

      You know, about the highly evolved souls: The mere fact of having
      been a member of Eckankar, having left and having joined HCS doesn't
      make you a highly evolved soul. And Eckankar is not the highest
      religion out there! I wonder what makes people think that?! There's
      still the elite thinking at work that was implanted in us while being
      members of Eckankar.

      We have made experiences on our way to evolvement, and sometimes
      religions have helped us and sometimes not. Well, what's the big
      deal? And why can't people who come from Christianity or Buddhism for
      example be highly evolved souls?! I just don't get it!

      > And,
      > on the other hand, what are the sources for these opinions, myths,
      > disinformation and abstractions? Can't they give their sources for
      > their "facts." These people sound much different when they use
      > own words.

      Well, it's perhaps because they think that they don't have to say
      anything and want to impress people by quoting from sources they
      think much grander and wiser than they themselves? Isn't there the
      old Eckankar mechanism at work - just rely on the mahanta who will
      tell you what to do?!

      > Perhaps, they attended the Paul Twitchell and Harold Klemp
      > School of Journalism?

      I'm sure that this is the influence of the years and years in
      Eckankar. We all have been taught how to be evasive, how to never
      take a firm stand - because that would mean you have to take
      responsibility for our own actions! So, there must be or have been
      such a school for sure! :-)

      Lately, an eckist mentioned to me that "beauty lies in the eye of the
      spectator". I was so frustrated about this old evasive technique that
      I told him it was so convenient because you could close that eye in
      case you didn't like what you saw! I think he attends or attended
      this school as well!

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