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Re: Eckankar Temple

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  • dianastanley43
    I did nt look at the stair case I could nt stand to see anymore. rant rant rant......Diana
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 3, 2011
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      I did'nt look at the stair case I could'nt stand to see anymore.
      rant rant rant......Diana

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Hello Diana,
      > That's supposed to be a ziggurat
      > roof. The Sedona money was spent
      > on the Chanhassen property. But,
      > there is still a building fund that
      > people are still donating to after
      > more than 40 years. And, there's
      > a missionary fund too! Klemp lives
      > in the upscale neighborhood of
      > Eden Prairie along with many higher
      > level staffers. Peter Skelsky also
      > has a condo in the Tampa area
      > that Harold and Joan use. It's hard
      > to tell who has what and where
      > the money is because Klemp moved
      > them to Minnesota so that he wouldn't
      > have to divulge the finances of his
      > non-profit religious scam.
      > Did you see the pics of the gilded
      > staircase of the new ESC?
      > I'm surprised that Klemp doesn't
      > have a bell tower on the EK campus.
      > And, why didn't they put in condos
      > to rent to the ESC staffers? There's
      > plenty of room to build some buildings
      > to rent for EK businesses, but Klemp
      > doesn't seem to be planning for the
      > future. Anyway, even if this was a
      > thought it would take them five years
      > to discuss it before any action was
      > taken.
      > BTW- It's okay to rant. We all do it,
      > and sometimes we need to unload.
      > Prometheus
      > Diana Stanley wrote:
      > I just clicked on the temple site.
      > Good lord It must have cost a fortune!
      > I rmember when I started working
      > for Eck we were in a tiny office in
      > Vegas. To tell the truth looking at
      > it made me sick to my stomach.
      > The prictures of the Eck masters
      > were pretty good. I'm sure the
      > artist was under the same delusion
      > I was.
      > Remember the building fund we all
      > sent money to that was supposed to
      > be built in Sedona?
      > It was going to be a bunch of condos
      > that could be rented on a time share
      > basis. I wonder what happened to all
      > that money? It never got built. They
      > must have sold the property It was
      > worth a fortune.
      > I still can't believe what I saw, it was
      > sickening. If I had any reaservations
      > about sharing this info I certainly do'nt
      > now!
      > What were all those lights on the ceiling?
      > Stars, Masters, bad designing?
      > It appeared to me very cold and rictualistic
      > not inviting. Was it a hexigon shape?
      > Paul described one of wisdom temples
      > as hexigon. If I were interested in Eckankar
      > and saw that temple I would have run
      > like a rabbit.
      > I am getting close to a rant so I better
      > not say anymore about the Vatican.
      > Diana
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