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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: wedding ceremony

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    Good point Prometheus. One can only tell so much from a book, especially when people try and recount things from many years ago. I was only going on what Doug
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      Good point Prometheus. One can only tell so much from a book,
      especially when people try and recount things from many years ago. I
      was only going on what Doug said Patti said. To put it another way:
      What he said she said.

      From reading her books I know Patti's memory is not always the best on
      every detail. Even after ten years. But this thing with Helen and Paul
      probably took place over 30 years ago by the time Patti tried to recall

      Anyway, it was the detail about this wedding ceremony creation that had
      me believing there was truth to it. I can also see your point as well
      though. That Helen could have been the mouthpiece for others. And since
      she had Paul's ear. It's possible.


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      Hello All,
      I recall that Marman admitted that
      his book "The Whole Truth" wasn't
      the whole truth... it's not even close!

      Of course it's only logical that Twit
      would give-in to common demands
      of an EK marriage ceremony as the
      cult grew in numbers. It doesn't seem
      like anyone but Gail had the most
      influence upon him.

      Therefore it doesn't seem like Helen
      was the only "one" who wanted the
      wedding ceremony. I'm sure that many
      people wanted Eckankar to go more
      main stream (to become legitimate)
      and mentioned these matters to the
      higher ups, like Helen, who had either
      Paul's ear or Gail's. What does it matter
      who influenced Paul. Maybe it was, in
      the final decision making hour, an


      etznab@... wrote:
      > OK. I did find the page number and a quote. It was the same place
      > Doug's book where Patti S. shared about Eckankar going non-profit.
      > According to Patti Simpson:
      > "[....] Paul never did want a marriage ceremony. You might run
      > across cases like these as time goes on, and you say: Paul did
      > Sometimes he did it just because his chelas created tremendous
      > for it. [....]"
      > [Based on: The Whole Truth, by Doug Marman, Copyright 2007, pp.
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      > Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] wedding ceremony
      > I don't know if Helen was the one that wanted the wedding ceremony
      > not. She did encourage me to do the paintings.
      > I did a painting of Paul after he asended. He was smiling with his
      > extended on the side. He also had, what I call Jeasus rays coming
      > him. I did one of him dead and his light body above him.
      > I took them to my first creative arts festible. Helen and I drove
      > Vegas and met Darwin. He liked the Paintings. That was befor he
      > anounced the next Eck Master at the Seminar that night. I felt
      > privledged to meet him that afternoon. Like it was some speacial
      > of his grace. AAhh the good old days when everything was mystical
      > magical!!!
      > Diana
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