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Who's your favorite cult leader? (a repost from eckankartruth)

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  • prometheus_973
    Who s your favorite cult leader? My angry tirade. I could not have written your posting any better. Those close to Klemp do know about it ( his ex-wife for
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      Who's your favorite cult leader? My angry tirade.

      I could not have written your posting any better. Those close to Klemp do know about it ( his ex-wife for example) but tow the party line for their livelihood depends on the cult's existence. James Davis ( who wrote the still loved and promoted, "Rosetta Stone of God" left after getting close to Klemp. I just wish he would have gone public then! Until Ford Johnson published his book, very few knew of the behind the scenes bullshit. I too was in a pseudo-spiritual stupor and the day I came out of it was the best day of my life. In the end it is all about their ego and their desire for your money. If karma has it's way with Klemp then he will be the insect eaten by the snake lol lol Damn I love being free!

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      Subject: [eckankartruth] Who's your favorite cult leader? My angry tirade.

      I've read a couple of posts about whether klemp was better than twitchell or the other way around.

      The way I see it, these two characters, though different people, were just typical manipulators not worthy of a hello if you saw them on the street. Twitchell's writings and talks prove in his own words that he was a liar and not an intelligent person. Klemp perpetuates the lie and screwed over Darwin Gross. Gross was a party animal who enjoyed a free ride for awhile then lamented his loss of power when Klemp staged a coup then got everybody to believe it.

      I sincerely believe Klemp may be a sociopath. If you want to entertain this, read Martha Stout, PhD's little book, The Sociopath Next Door. I think you'll see a lot of Klemp's traits and then realize that there is nothing this despicable coward wouldn't do or say for money and prestige.

      Consider what it takes not only to invent, but also perpetuate this cult. You have to lie with conviction, extract money which is paid for worthless pseudospirituality, and you have write volumes of utter bullshit culled from different sources without any true understanding about the reality of life or meditative experience.

      Twitchell was a liar, thief, ignoramus and plagiarist. And this is perfectly okay with eckists who, as with everything they see, merely rationalize the crimes with their own self-deluded excuses.

      To be one of these cult leaders you really have to work hard to make people feel bad, build yourself up and make claims that are so outrageous that people with low self esteem don't dare to challenge you. You have to tell somebody that their imagination is real, that dreaming about a shopping center is really a eck temple on the "inner" and that the Religion of the Light and Sound of God doesn't believe there is a god, but a sugmad that's really not god at all. By the way, other than in their name, nowhere else is god mentioned in this cult

      When I joined eckankar I was ignorant. I was ignorant for the 12 years I was a member. I had doubts and saw the contradictions but trusted in these moronic users that they were feeding me truths. Then I woke up out of a stupor and went to work doing my own research. That was 13 years ago. Reading real books about real experiences brought me out of the stupor.

      I found out about the plagiarisms and was appalled. I discovered Klemp's very poor attempt to be philosophical. Why? Because he's ignorant and doesn't even have a background in philosophy, psychology, logic or neuroscience enough to say something meaningful once you do a little of your own research. He's a fake, liar and phony. And those closest to him know it.

      This, and much more, makes klemp as big a criminal as twitchell. They are big fish in a little pond of little minnows.

      Klemp, Twitchell, Gross and every other evangelist and cult leader are abusive. They steal people's money because what they offer has no value and ends up wasting people's time and energy and plays with their emotions. If I ever saw Klemp in person I'd clock the mofo. No questions asked. He deserves worse and, other than the fact that he's careful not to be seen too much in public, I am surprised somebody hasn't already done this.

      Happy New Year and here's to freedom of your mind. IF karma was real, or is real, Klemp's going to come back as the snake that he really is.
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