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Another 12/2010 H.I. Letter Testimonial

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  • prometheus_973
    This one is titled What Would Love Do Now? This is another example showing how ECKists tend to grab at straws to try and prove to both themselves and to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2010
      This one is titled "What Would Love Do Now?"
      This is another example showing how ECKists
      tend to grab at straws to try and prove to both
      themselves and to other H.I.s how their beloved
      but phony Mahanta is supposedly working to
      help them with normal everyday issues that we
      all face. But don't people substitute ______ for
      "Mahanta" with the same results? Sure!

      So, here's the story: This ECKist ( a special ed
      teacher) is ordering materials for special needs
      students and the principal becomes irritated
      at the costs and yells across the room in what
      she says is a derogatory manner and challenging
      her regarding her requisitions. She (Cheri) felt
      the anger rising but decided to place her attention
      on the "inner master" took the higher road and
      said, "I would love to explain these new materials
      to you and how I will be using them to help our
      special needs students. When you have the time
      could you please stop down to my office?"

      Anyway, the principal later apologized and told
      her he had complete confidence in her and in
      her "choices for our students."

      She concludes her praise and testimonial to
      Klemp by saying: "When we find our higher
      ground, we inspire other to find their own.
      As we do this, divine love flows in, and that
      joy is often indescribable. Sri Harold suggests
      that to learn more of God's love, we can just
      look at our own life from moment to moment
      and ask, 'What would love do now?'

      BTW- Doesn't this, "What would love do now?"
      sound like a song lyric? It reminds me of a
      BB King song, "When Love Comes to Town."

      What ECKists don't and can't seem to realize
      is that these words and this same philosophy
      don't belong to ECKankar or to Klemp. Other
      people (non-ECKists) have said it all before.

      Perhaps, the hero to look to is that of Soul
      and not to any other "inner Master" except
      yourSelf. Anyone could see Christ in the
      principal, or to see Soul, or to see Love.
      It's not that big of a deal to look to a
      Higher Power... but make it You! It's learning
      life's lessons and growing spiritually, but
      without the crutch of religion... and that's
      a real challenge that most ECKists can't
      take due to religious co-dependency.

      Therefore, when we look at this story
      being printed in The H.I. Letter we have
      to wonder why? Klemp is still himself
      as God (the inner master, mahanta).

      And, HK's selling co-depencency because,
      in truth, Klemp is a Spiritual Vampire!

      He drains Souls of their Divine Knowingness
      that they are Masters in their own right!
      And most H.I.s are well beyond Klemp's
      consciousness. I wonder how Klemp would
      have handled that principal? Look at how
      8th Initiate Joan handled that 3rd Fill-in
      Postal Clerk years ago and how Klemp
      responded to her complaints when she
      returned home that day. He really went
      off on the guy in The H.I. Letter.

      BTW- That H.I. Letter is listed in the "Files"
      section on this site.

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