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Re: Klemp's "Holy Fire" Nonsense

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  • postekcon
    The Single Eye of God is a key symbol of the Masonic Order. You can contemplate this image every time you handle a US dollar bill! Wastn t Paul Twitchell a
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      The Single Eye of God is a key symbol of the Masonic Order. You can contemplate this image every time you handle a US dollar bill!

      Wastn't Paul Twitchell a member of this order? Perhaps, HK also?

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Here's an excerpt from Klemp's
      > "The Holy Fire of ECK, Book 2"
      > that was advertised in The H.I.
      > Letter of 12/2010:
      > "As far as steps in consciousness,
      > the first thing to remember is that
      > you are where you belong."
      > ME: That's obvious isn't it? Really!
      > Isn't this true for anyone and everyone
      > whether ECKist or not? It's called
      > karma or fate! Klemp is doing more
      > than playing with words, but why?
      > It's to placate and pacify his H.I.s.
      > and get them to accept his continued
      > slow-down of initiations as well as
      > the glass ceiling of the 7th initiation.
      > "If you were anyplace other than
      > where you belonged, you would
      > be very much out of balance. And
      > if you are very much out of balance,
      > you are where you don't belong.
      > And chances are you are not where
      > you think you are."
      > ME: Kind of wordy isn't it? Actually,
      > according to ECKankar dogma, this
      > above premise is wrong. Let's say
      > that an ECKist was promoted to the
      > 5th, 6th, or 7th initiation and this
      > caused him or her to become out
      > of balance. The Mahanta isn't supposed
      > to make mistakes, but in this case
      > it would be Klemp's fault and not
      > the chela's. The chela wasn't ready
      > and that wasn't their fault. If a person
      > gets a pink slip that means they're
      > ready.
      > Or, maybe there's another view. When
      > one is a member of a cult and a false
      > teaching like ECKankar are they where
      > they belong even though they appear
      > to be "balanced?" Look at the imbalance
      > that Phil Morimitsu and Nancy Pang
      > experienced on the flight to Taiwan
      > while on their Mahanta's mission!
      > "One of the Higher Initiates had an
      > experience of seeing the single eye.
      > The single eye, as I've mentioned
      > before, comes to those of you who
      > have a good chance of realizing
      > your spiritual goal in this lifetime.
      > The single eye is the Eye of God.
      > When it comes, accept its presence
      > humbly because it is a special gift.
      > Not all Higher Initiates will see it.
      > IF you haven't seen it yet, don't worry.
      > There's plenty of time."
      > ME: So, what is this "spiritual goal
      > in this lifetime?" The 8th, 9th, 12th?
      > This is a really "special gift" that only
      > special Highly advanced Initiates can
      > experience right!
      > Yes, there's a lifetime to wait for
      > this special gift but in the meantime
      > there's that 7th Initiation. But what if
      > you've had the 7th since 1987 then
      > what? Oh, wait! What if you've been
      > a RESA too? What's the next carrot?
      > The 8th! Or, is it this Single "Eye of
      > God" bullshit that, apparently, only
      > comes to very important and advanced
      > H.I.s in order to realize their "spiritual
      > goals?"
      > But wait! I had this Single Eye of God
      > experience several dozen of times!
      > I would close my eyes and see it there.
      > I was a 2nd Initiate when I experienced
      > this. Imagine that! It's true! I will have
      > to say that I was searching for the Truth
      > and when I discovered that all religions
      > were bullshit (especially ECKankar) then
      > I guess that I realized my "spiritual goals,"
      > or at least it was the beginning for the
      > Real discovery.
      > BTW- Twitchell wrote about this too
      > and here we have Klemp repeating it
      > as though he's the original author.
      > The truth is that others (non-Eckists)
      > see this Single "Eye of God," or whatever,
      > too. Twitchell, probably got this info
      > from other sources. I'm thinking that
      > I saw it mentioned in "The Path of the
      > Masters" that Twit plagiarized.
      > So, since I saw this same "Eye" as
      > a 2nd Initiate and Klemp states
      > that this is a "special (H.I.) gift"
      > then HK must be a false prophet!
      > He implies that this vision is only
      > for the more spiritually evolved
      > Higher Initiates, but it's clear that
      > Klemp doesn't really know what he's
      > talking about and is a liar. Klemp
      > really screwed up because this same
      > phenomena is experienced by many
      > people and isn't as rare of an occurrence
      > as he thinks! I'm sure that ECKists
      > have noticed this same Big Single
      > Eye occurrence when they, too,
      > were lower initiates, or maybe
      > they've forgotten.
      > Anyway, it's all foolishness.
      > Prometheus
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