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More From Klemp's 12/2010 H.I. Letter

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp s response is very insulting to the intelligence of all Higher Initiates and is, yet, another example of Klemp s lame brain bullshit and con. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2010
      Klemp's response is very insulting
      to the intelligence of all Higher Initiates
      and is, yet, another example of
      Klemp's lame brain bullshit and
      con. The question is longer than
      HK's simple minded answer of:
      The Law of Economy = The Law
      of Love... now figure out the rest
      on ur own! ROTFLMAO!

      Anyway, here it is for you to see.
      BTW, the author is unknown so
      it could be a RESA, a Board Member,
      Joan, Peter, Bob, Don, Carol, Doug,
      or Klemp himself [my caps]:

      "ASK The MASTER:

      Q: In The Living Word, Book 3, on
      page 235, it states, 'Initiates of the
      high circles in ECK unfold only to
      the degree to which they perceive
      how the Law of Economy governs
      the orbits of objects in every macrocosmic
      or microscopic creation. This includes
      the cohesive atoms in the human
      body. This principle is the modus
      operandi of the ECK Masters, who
      pursue their missions with simplicity
      and grace. They reverberate to the
      Music of God. It compels their every
      impulse and deed.'

      ME: For one thing, Klemp didn't really
      come up with this. These aren't his words.
      He copied this from Twitchell who stole
      or "borrowed it" from another source.
      This sounds like the Music of the Spheres
      crap from "The Path of the Masters" that
      Twitchell used, in part, for his ECKankar
      Dictionary. Actually, this may have been
      Klemp's "inspiration" for doing his Book
      3. While doing a rewrite of the Lexicon
      HK more than likely made notes of definitions
      and topics to use here. It just sounds too
      Mental Plane for Klemp's Causal Plane

      Q (cont.):

      1. "What are ways we can reverberate
      more fully to the Music of God?

      2. The daily Spiritual Exercises of ECK
      are a big key. Any other tips?

      3. Do you have any other suggestions
      on how to perceive the Law of Economy
      to a greater degree?

      4. How can we best work with the Law
      of Economy to help your mission?

      5. Does working with the Law of Economy
      always lead us to the EASIEST and SMOOTHEST

      ME: WOW! These are a lot of questions!
      ECKists aren't supposed to have this
      many questions, or share them. It sounds
      like this H.I. is desperate to know the
      key to achieving that next coveted Initiation.
      But if he's or she's already a7th it won't
      come. And, if he's a 6th it may not come
      for a long time, especially, after all of
      those questions! Will Klemp even attempt
      to answer these questions or give this
      H.I. some "tips?" Of course not! HK's the
      Top Dog and plays his role of "knowing"
      more than anyone. He could just come
      out on stage, sit quietly, look around,
      smile and close his eyes, not say anything,
      and then leave. Wow, what a mind blowing
      experience that would be! What a Master!

      (Klemp) "The Law of Economy is actually
      the Law of Love. Love SMOOTHS out things.

      Now that the connection between the two
      laws is clear, I am sure that You Will Be Able
      To Find Your Own Way to a Fuller Relationship
      with the Music of God. The Spiritual Exercises
      of ECK are naturally the key."

      ME: Why is there a need for a LEM?
      Why is the outer org of ECKankar needed
      when people are told to "find your own
      way to the Music of God?"

      "Working with the Law of Economy,
      balanced by an understanding of the
      Law of Love, will always lead you to
      the EASIEST and SMOOTHEST resolution
      of any issue.

      How could it be otherwise?" [end]

      ME: See how Klemp repeats the question in
      order to pad his answer. BTW- This might have
      been a new 5th Initiate asking this question.
      Long-time H.I.s know better than to ask questions
      and/or expect relevant and meaningful answers.
      Klemp is so disrespectful to his flock of sheep
      as he looks down his nose from his high tower
      at those beneath him.

      So, ECKankar is all about "Love" and doing
      the "Spiritual Exercises." So why is that annual
      membership donation required for initiations?

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