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Why ECKists Won't Leave Klemp's Version of ECK

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  • prometheus_973
    I agree. Klemp has altered and distorted the original ECK teachings of Twitchell so much that it s almost unrecognizable. In The H.I. Letter December 2010 HK
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2010
      I agree. Klemp has altered and distorted
      the original ECK teachings of Twitchell
      so much that it's almost unrecognizable.

      In "The H.I. Letter" December 2010 HK
      refers to his early life lessons learned
      via "hardships" as "the humblest sort."

      Klemp is so deluded and self absorbed
      that he thinks his "hardships" were/are
      greater than others.

      Next, HK talks about getting a job as a
      janitor and that the Air Force gave him
      the experience for the job. Ha Ha! I guess
      he was referring to K.P. etc. during basic
      training and while awaiting assignment.

      Klemp also states that "Going on public
      assistance never crossed my mind."
      Thus, he's shaming those that do decide
      to draw unemployment! Amazing!

      However, sometimes you have to do
      what is needed to pay the bills, especially,
      when even janitorial jobs are taken!
      Klemp has always had a problem with
      being empathic, but I doubt if many
      ECKists have noticed, or even care.

      However, I remember, long ago, when
      HK said there's "no free lunch" when
      referring to maintaining current EK
      membership status. It was a difficult
      policy for us in the field to explain to
      newbies who were financially poorer
      than the rest of us. Plus, it seemed like
      the African ECKists were always given
      exceptions to this rule/policy while we
      directed U.S. chelas to the ESC to work
      out a payment plan.

      Anyway, Klemp then implies that ECKists
      should pray to him and to "listen for the
      inner voice of the Mahanta."

      Next, Klemp talks about being "overqualified"
      for a job due to his (seminary school) college
      and Air Force training. How could a person
      who didn't even graduate with a degree and
      from a seminary school be overqualified?
      His Air Force job requirement was to have
      some language courses at Indiana U. Yet,
      Klemp states that an potential employer
      thought he wouldn't stay and be a "long-
      term employee" with such training and
      qualifications. Now look at him! He's higher
      and greater than God! LOL!

      Klemp then shares that he learned to
      avoid telling the truth and giving too
      much information on himself and to
      only share more when asked. "If an
      interviewer asked more specifically
      about, say, education, I would tell the

      Anyway, Klemp states that the rejection
      of his job app left him in a bind and that
      "Eventually, however, a steady job turned
      up after several false starts." Klemp then
      speaks more about his "hardships" caused
      by his prideful nature. It's amazing that
      Klemp still can't see it! Instead of using
      Unemployment Compensation, that our
      taxes pay for, Klemp still has his head
      stuck up his skinny tired old ass! He's
      so vain!

      Next, Klemp tells a story about how
      Kata Daki appeared to a woman as
      a (typical) bum. She gave "Nancy"
      some words of wisdom (encouragement)
      and then gave her an aboriginal handshake
      and then transfigured herself into viola'
      ECK Master Kata Daki. This event gave
      Nancy "the feeling of love and grace"
      and "carried Nancy through for weeks."
      Apparently Klemp, the Mahanta, couldn't
      supply the help Nancy needed.

      Klemp ends his pep talk with:

      "The ECK Masters will bring love and
      comfort to you, too, in your most difficult

      BTW- What's he mean by saying "you, too?"
      Was Nancy a H.I.? Or, was Nancy a lower
      initiate and HK's saying that H.I.s can be
      helped "too." Or, was nancy even a card
      carrying ECKist?

      Who else do ECK Masters help and why
      should they if people aren't paying that
      annual EK membership fee/donation?
      Would an ECK master help someone Not
      paying/maintaining the Annual ECKankar
      Membership? Really, would it matter to
      them? It seems to matter to Klemp.

      Klemp has stated often, it seems, that
      there is No Free Lunch or Spiritual Welfare!
      This is why ECKists are encouraged Not to
      use Unemployment Benefits and why they
      must pay in order to maintain their Initiations.

      But, isn't it strange that in this very bad
      economy when jobs are hard to get and
      foreclosures are still on the rise and people
      have lost their retirement money and nest
      egg in the stock market that Klemp still
      takes this hard line stand. As I said, he has
      No Empathy even though he claims to have
      had "hardships" prior to his job at the ESC.

      Klemp talks out of both sides of his mouth
      and his arse!


      postekcon wrote:

      In this sense current ekult followers cannot be called eckists! They have become
      Klempists as they operate through the mediumship of Klemp. They have surrendered
      the responsibility and ability of working solely and directly with the creative
      forces of the universe!

      postekcon wrote:
      > Recently, I was speaking to a friend who is still dedicated to ekult org. They
      needed to impress upon me how 'spiritual' they are by explaining how they are
      dealing with a very major health issue by 'leaving it to the eck'! In kindness,
      I could not comment on this passivity as it would have aroused their anger!
      > If eck is a word to describe the force or energy of the universe, then its
      modus operandi can be likened to a river. A healthy river needs direction to run
      its course and give life. No direction, it ends up as a stagnant pool, devoid of
      > This is what has happened to the current followers of ekult. They have passed
      up taking responsibility for the course and direction of their personal lives,
      have even given it to another, and are now swimming around in their own
      > -Postekcon

      prometheus wrote:

      > > Hello All,
      > > What's interesting about the dumbed-
      > > down Klemp version of ECKankar is
      > > that the mentality and consciousness
      > > of members has become very narrowly
      > > focused and rather simple minded.
      > >
      > > Their growth and world view has become
      > > retarded. If you've ever had the chance
      > > hear ECKists speak about their favorite
      > > music you would see that it's very limited
      > > to ECK musicians and to who and what
      > > Klemp listens to... monkey see, monkey do.
      > >
      > > Plus, the same goes for movies as well.
      > > It's a very limited, childish and immature
      > > selection. This arrested development of
      > > EK H.I.s simplifies their world view by
      > > eliminating and/or limiting:
      > > expression; insight; critical thinking;
      > > living in and experiencing change in
      > > the Now.
      > >
      > > ECKists will emulate their GOD and Leader
      > > (whom they are taught to beseech with
      > > requests, the Mahanta, HK), and they will
      > > even imitate his fears and, supposed, malady
      > > with EMR/EMF.
      > >
      > > It's amazing to see their desperation of
      > > wanting and needing to believe in things
      > > like Space Alien EK Masters from Venus
      > > who remain in physical bodies that are
      > > thousands of years old. Yet, no one has
      > > ever seen these "beings" except in dreams,
      > > or in other imagined and/or mistaken situations.
      > >
      > > Really, why hasn't Rebazar or Rami Nuri
      > > ever given a talk at an ECK Seminar?
      > >
      > > It seems that ECKists are so passive
      > > (they view it as being "detached") that
      > > they simply don't care about the Truth.
      > > They are very comfortable with another
      > > false belief that happens to be New Age
      > > and "Eastern." Unfortunately, ECKists
      > > have too much time, money, energy,
      > > and status (initiations) involved with
      > > the EK org/religion to make a change.
      > > What would they replace it with? Most
      > > people need to follow others or some
      > > sort of "group" belief. And, what's funny
      > > is, many ECKists don't follow the EK
      > > Guidelines (rules and procedures) of
      > > the RESA Structure.
      > >
      > > Many long-time H.I.s oppose the RESA
      > > Structure, as well as, most of the restrictions
      > > established by the RESA Guidelines where
      > > every "i" needs dotted and every "t" needs
      > > crossed before a decision is made and action
      > > is taken. Getting things done in ECKankar
      > > is a very slow process. Of course, some RESAs
      > > don't follow these controlling "Guidelines"
      > > (Klemp's Scripture) all that closely. These
      > > RESAs are usually Not asked to serve for
      > > another three year cycle when it is discovered
      > > that they have been cutting corners and subverting
      > > Klemp's authority. Playing the game is very
      > > important (ass kissing too) and acting "as if"
      > > for whatever is key to maintaining the illusion/
      > > delusion of this religion.
      > >
      > > When one makes comparisons we have: Twitchell
      > > with two Shariyats, and Stranger By The River;
      > > Gross with an emphasis on music and the arts;
      > > Klemp with his RESA (police) Structure and Guidelines.
      > >
      > > Prometheus
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