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Re: Gakko from Venus?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Etznab, I can help some. Here s a quote from HK s 1st Lexicon, on page 125, for the definition of Living ECK Master (that was taken from PT s Eckankar
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 14, 2010
      Hello Etznab,
      I can help some. Here's a quote
      from HK's 1st Lexicon, on page
      125, for the definition of "Living
      ECK Master" (that was taken from
      PT's Eckankar Dictionary):

      "... All Living ECK Masters have
      descended from the FIRST ECK
      Master Gakko, who came to this
      world about six million years ago."

      However, Klemp sort of contradicts
      himself by saying that "Malati"
      (pg. 132) is: "The FIRST ECK Master
      of record among the Polarians who
      was sent by the Sugmad to give man
      his FIRST spiritual knowledge of God."

      So, is it that Gakko wasn't the "first
      of record?" Except where's the "record"
      of Malati and of the Polarians? Or, is
      it the Garden of Eden account/myth
      that is recorded? But why did Gakko
      come to this world so long ago and
      from where? What purpose did he have
      if it wasn't to give "spiritual knowledge
      of God?" Or, was "man" really able
      to comprehend this six million years

      I too remember reading somewhere
      that Gakko came from Venus just
      as Rami Nuri (pg. 172) came from
      Venus. It's written somewhere. Still,
      we have Rami Nuri from Venus!

      It's looks like there's a Time-Line
      problem here doesn't it? Maybe that's
      why GAKKO isn't listed with the other
      ECK Masters. Paul does tend to twist
      and distort things. Look at how PT
      made "Gakko" into both a state of con
      and a man. It helps to make everything
      and everyone into the same thing
      and that way the lie is easier to
      remember. ECK and ECKankar is
      another example of using interchangeable

      The First ECK Master to come here,
      Gakko, Six million years ago and then
      there was the First ECK Master (of record),
      Malati, during the time of the Garden
      of Eden with the Polarians. How did
      Adom and Ede (PT's rewrite) become
      the Polarians?


      etznab wrote:

      Does anybody remember the quote where
      Gakko is said to have come from Venus?

      I was researching this the other day &
      spent a long time looking for the quote
      that mentions this. Strangely I don't
      have a record of it in my notes.

      In the Shariyat I saw where Gakko was
      associated with the world of being and
      a state of consciousness, but the Venus
      connection has so far eluded me.

      I've searched the E.S.A. and A.R.E.
      archives, along with the Internet, and
      didn't find the book and page number

      This doesn't mean a quote about Venus
      doesn't exist (I seem to recall having
      seen one someplace in the past) but so
      far I don't remember where that was.

      Can you help?

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