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Klemp's Armageddon Message of Fear to H.I.s

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  • prometheus_973
    These are excerpts from Klemp s 09/2010 H.I. Letter. Ripples of large and small earthquakes sweep across the earth, and fear grips people. A fireball meteor
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 31, 2010
      These are excerpts from Klemp's
      09/2010 H.I. Letter.

      "Ripples of large and small earthquakes
      sweep across the earth, and fear grips

      "A fireball meteor crashes into the
      atmosphere and burns up, while buildings
      rattle from its sonic boom.."

      "Then, too, methane gas suddenly fills
      a West Virginia mine, while on the other
      side of the globe, another coal mine has
      collapsed in China, taking many lives."

      "On the heels of these disasters comes
      another of a series of powerful earthquakes,
      this time in western China and Tibet."

      "Not to forget the eruption of an Icelandic
      volcano. It ... has threatened the solvency
      of financially shaky companies, both in
      Europe and elsewhere."

      "In the political arena, which is generally
      unstable, it is now more volatile than ever."

      "Man has launched dozens and dozens of
      satellites into space that now bombard the
      earth with radio waves."

      "... the comings and goings of these
      many signals punch through our planet's
      magnetic field, and ours, little or no
      thought is given to possible consequences
      for us."

      "And what part, if any, does the Large
      Hadron Collider play in the earth's temblors?"

      "... BUT you, with the Mahanta's help,
      can reach a fuller understanding of how
      to make sense of the seemingly random
      events taking place.

      What do they mean?

      Rest assured, these events have great
      spiritual significance for you."
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