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Klemp Blames the 10 Year Old Messenger and Not the Message!

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  • prometheus_973
    In the October, 2010 Youth in ECK Letter of Light there are Questions for the Master. One question is from a ten year old girl (Lili) asking if she will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2010
      In the October, 2010 Youth in ECK
      Letter of Light there are "Questions
      for the Master."

      One question is from a ten year old
      girl (Lili) asking if she will be okay?

      Ten year old Lily told her friend
      Sarah's family about Eckankar.
      She was probably instructed to
      share her love for the Mahanta
      by her parents because Klemp
      is pushing the vahana thing. Sarah's
      parents told her that she can't
      play with her friend Lily anymore
      because of what Lily told Sarah's
      family about ECK.

      What's funny is that Klemp blames
      Lily for telling people about ECKankar.

      HK: "So in the future, you need to tell
      people only as much as as they can
      handle about ECK."

      ME: And how much is that Klemp you
      dumb ass? Maybe zero would be good!

      HK: "You may want to keep it very
      simple for some. 'It's about loving
      God, our family, friends, and our-
      selves. We are all God's children.'

      ME: Well, that's a lie isn't it? What
      about the 14th Plane Mahanta?
      What about the Initiations and the
      required annual membership donation
      fee in order to maintain those initiations?

      It's Not "about loving God, our family,
      friends, and ourselves" as Klemp is
      saying. Those in a family who are non-
      Eckists are not truly "loved" by the
      Eckists! The Eckists will act detached
      and will not display any feelings/emotions
      of love. They are unfeeling and uncaring.
      It's all about one's karma and being
      detached. Plus, isn't this what all religions
      say? How does that make ECKankar
      special? It doesn't! Is this what ECKists
      really want to be saying?

      But, as Klemp said in his 09/2010 H.I.
      Letter, Ask the Master:

      "People, one and all, are spiritually in
      their rightful place. All have earned their

      See, where's the love, compassion, and
      empathy? It's not there! This 10 year old
      kid did what she was instructed/brain-
      washed to do and yet the problem is not
      with her, but with the Message of ECK.
      She probably talked about the Mahanta's
      love and about the HU and about seeing
      him in her dreams, etc., etc. and how he's
      always there everywhere!

      Well, isn't this the message of ECK? Isn't
      Klemp portrayed as to having God like
      qualities? Klemp is actually seen as being
      "higher" than the 4th Plane "God" that all
      religions worship. Why not tell people the
      truth about their beliefs? Instead, Klemp
      wants Eckists to trick people by side-
      stepping the real issues and beliefs of
      their religion. It's all a wishy-washy, and
      watered down approach to truthfulness.

      Klemp's a phony prophet who never takes
      responsibility for his actions. It's always
      the chelas' fault regardless of their age.

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