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Re: The H.I. Letter 09/2010- Ask the Master (an analysis)

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Klemp s answer to the question posed to him is very strange. Yet, as expected, HK s reply is very self-serving. I ll respond to both Q&A below.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 18, 2010
      Hello All,
      Klemp's answer to the question
      posed to him is very strange.
      Yet, as expected, HK's reply is
      very self-serving.

      I'll respond to both Q&A below.

      The Wishy-Washy LEM/Mahanta
      Side-Steps the Issues and then
      shows a hawkish side to his nature.

      "You have spoken about ECKankar
      becoming a worldwide religion."

      [ME]: What this really means is that
      having One EK Member Per Country
      gives Klemp the bragging rights that
      ECKankar is a "Worldwide Religion."

      "I'm wondering about the many people
      who have been touched by the Mahanta
      BUT who live in developing countries where
      even the Reduced Suggested Donation
      for Membership is still prohibitive,

      OR people who live in countries where
      ECKankar Cannot be Practiced Openly
      and the Discourses are Not readily available."

      [ME]: I would say that Islamic countries
      along with North Korea and inland China
      would be the countries that ECKankar
      couldn't be practiced in openly. Iran
      has become especially difficult and I
      know for a fact that there are a few
      ECKists there.

      Q: (cont.) "My understanding is that the
      ECK Initiations are only available through
      ECK Membership.

      This seems like a dilemma, and I would
      be grateful for any insights you can give
      about this. I know that you are working
      spiritually with all who come to you for

      How can someone in this situation receive
      an Initiation IF they cannot afford membership
      OR IF they live where they cannot practice

      [ME]: They can't! Only the Outer initiations
      count because ECKankar is a business/org.
      This is why initiations are tied into the paid
      annual membership donation fee. It's a
      control method and a money maker that
      ensures a "donation."

      However, ECKists need to separate the
      Outer LEM, the Outer ECKankar Org, and
      the Outer Membership Requirements from
      the Inner Mahanta myth.

      Anyway, I'll first give some of HK's
      excerpts from his history lesson where
      he sets-the-stage and then give his
      real response next:

      KLEMP (HK):
      "Let us consider the rise of traditional
      religions in history. Nearly all the major
      ones were adopted by empires to fulfill
      some need of the latter.

      The early Greeks and Roman kingdoms
      blah, blah, blah....

      China's first emperor adopted the legalist
      school blah, blah, blah

      Christianity rose to the status of a major
      religion when blah, blah, blah

      These religions all served the states'
      needs... blah, blah, blah.

      Buddhism was strongly pacifist.. blah,
      blah, blah."

      [ME]: Why doesn't Klemp mention Islam?
      This is a religion that oppresses women
      as well as non-believers. Maybe it's too
      touchy of a subject for Klemp and he's
      afraid that he might show up on their
      radar if he does make a comment. HK's
      already paranoid since he still requires
      Metal detectors at the EK Worldwide Seminar.


      KLEMP (cont.):
      "So where does that put ECKankar?

      It is neither pacifist nor a warmonger.

      Supporting a war To Preserve Our
      Political Freedom is Certainly a Possibility.

      BUT to impose our ideal and political
      system upon another country is
      problematical, isn't it?

      [ME]: But it's okay to impose Religious
      Beliefs upon another country! Klemp
      is so two-faced, but isn't that how
      PT defines the KAL! Maybe he was
      looking into a mirror.

      HK: "A nation is like an individual.
      Its Right to have a Free Choice In
      Such Matters is Its Own Business."

      [ME]: So, a nation has the freedom
      of choice to impose its views upon
      other countries just as people do!

      HK: "However, should a nation threaten
      OR try to Bully us, we will take Strong
      Measures to ensure OUR Freedom."

      [ME]: So it's okay to "take strong
      measures to ensure our freedoms."
      What kind of "strong measures?"
      Does water boarding count? Does
      using remote control bombs that
      cause "collateral damage" with
      civilians count as "strong measures?"
      Klemp needs to be more specific
      and less vague.


      [Q: "How can someone in this situation
      receive an Initiation IF they cannot
      afford membership OR IF they live
      where they cannot practice openly?"]

      HK: "People, one and all, are spiritually
      in their rightful place. All have earned
      their circumstances. When they have
      learned all that is necessary, a way
      will open to let them reach an even
      higher state of consciousness."

      [ME]: If "all have earned their circumstances"
      then what's the point of having Vahanas/
      missionaries? Let Karma and Spirit (the ECK)
      take care of things! Why do ECKists need
      a LEM or ECKankar if Klemp isn't going to
      do his part? It's obvious that the Initiations
      are merely a money making tool.

      HK: "Not everyone will have access to
      the outer ECK initiations beyond a certain

      [After the first initiation, in the dream state]

      Nonetheless, the Mahanta is ever with them."

      [ME]: This sounds like the Mahanta (God, HK)
      is with everyone... always. So why do ECKists
      have to communicate via snail-mail in order
      to get an outer approval for everything they
      receive on the "inner" when others without
      the outer EK initiations do not need the outer
      approval? Do African ECKists need to write to
      Klemp in order to have outer approval for what
      they receive on the inner? Klemp seems to have
      given them carte blanc!

      HK: "ECKankar is on track to become
      a major world religion BY ITS OWN
      DEFINITION. The groundwork is going
      on now.

      Thank you for your deep concerns." {end}

      [ME]: Like I said, having one ECKist per
      country makes ECKankar a "worldwide
      religion," but being a "MAJOR world religion"
      is a pipe dream. Look at other religions
      of the world and their leaders. What has
      Klemp done, as a religious leader, to
      promote ECKankar? HK's a recluse! Sure
      he "writes" tons of feel good books using
      "stories," but other than building a few
      buildings and creating the RESA police
      structure how has ECKankar really "grown"
      in the 28 years that Klemp has been in
      charge? The truth is it hasn't!

      As long as ECKankar has it's double
      standards with this "Outer" and "Inner"
      view, with Klemp in charge, it will remain
      a small sized cult which has lost its

      Both the "Mahanta" worship and the
      Initiations (with positions of authority)
      have become the primary Outer focus
      with ECKists. And, the Imagination is
      used to fulfill (and fill-in) both desires
      when one or the other is lacking. It's
      much the same as it is with any religion
      and there's the trap, as well as, the test.

      Why do advanced Souls (as ECKists
      imagine they are) need an Outer Lower
      Plane Master and an Outer Organization?
      Klemp has just said that those isolated
      in other, unfriendly, countries don't!

      p.s. I added some caps... and bracketed
      comments (for clarification).
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