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ECKankar's LEM/Mahanta: Guilty of Spiritual I.D. Theft

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  • prometheus_973
    Harold Klemp is guilty of Spiritual Identity Theft. He has told ECKists that Soul=Soul but doesn t practice what he preaches. Plus, Higher Initiates,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2010
      Harold Klemp is guilty of Spiritual
      Identity Theft. He has told ECKists
      that Soul=Soul but doesn't practice
      what he preaches.

      Plus, Higher Initiates, supposedly,
      have a higher awareness/consciousness
      than the Lower Plane Ruler, KAL, (i.e.
      God, Satan, Devil). But, was this all
      lip service and another empty promise?

      After all, Why do longtime ECKists
      need the/an Outer LEM when they
      have the Inner ECK Masters to guide

      Haven't H.I.s "Mastered" the Lower
      Planes? That's what the EK Teachings
      Claim! No more past life Karma, either,
      for H.I.s! But, Why the dis-eases like
      (anger related) Cancer for H.I.s if that
      was really true?

      Why are H.I.s Required to be Members
      of ECKankar? Shouldn't this be voluntary?

      The answer is: If ECKists Do Not Renew
      that Annual Membership $$$ they can,
      and will, Lose BOTH Outer and Inner

      But Why are ECKists Required to pay
      an Annual Membership to retain BOTH
      their Outer and Inner Initiations?

      Really, Why is it that Both Initiations
      (Outer and Inner) are connected to
      an Outer Donation Fee?

      Shouldn't this EK Membership "donation"
      be Non-Intimidating and Not be
      Connected to Initiations? Sure! But
      that would give ECKists more Spiritual
      Freedom. Thus, they (especially H.I.s)
      would regain their Spiritual Identity
      as Soul... and as Lower Plane Masters!
      But that isn't really the case is it?

      Klemp has to maintain his hold on
      ECKists. He's afraid that if he took
      off the Monetary Initiation Restraints
      that many ECKists would no longer
      Need him... (the LEM, or ECKankar)
      as much.

      That's another thing. Why isn't HK,
      as the LEM, looked to more and
      questioned on policy in the Outer
      Physical Plane Leader of ECKankar
      when he has stated that he's "Not
      Perfect?" Instead, he uses his RESA
      Police to keep ECKists silent via
      intimidation tactics.

      Why doesn't this donation/initiation
      policy require a real explanation?
      It's because ECKists are Brain-Washed
      to passively accept anything HK tells
      them... they hang onto his every word
      but never analyze (in depth) what he
      is really saying.

      I know that Klemp uses the "No Free
      Lunch" explanation, but that is talking
      about lunch and handouts (i.e. welfare).
      How does paying for Initiations and
      the retaining of Initiations have any-
      thing to do with Spiritual Welfare?
      It doesn't!

      Today, ECKists are trained to jump
      through as many hoops as it takes
      to earn that carrot/initiation.
      Therefore, how can Klemp say that
      Not Paying Money, versus Service,
      amounts to Spiritual Welfare?

      Actually, Klemp can do and say
      as he pleases because ECKists
      cannot question policy and expect
      to receive another Initiation. 7ths
      can't be too vocal either because
      they can always be demoted.

      Klemp has No Respect for his
      followers. He sees them being
      gullible and needy. Look at how
      he addresses questions posed to
      him. He side-steps the real issue
      and distorts the whole topic or
      question in order to manipulate
      and bend the facts and the truth
      and to distract ECKists from the
      real issue and from seeing the
      Whole Truth.

      So, Harry, Why do ECKists have
      to pay membership money to
      maintain, BOTH, the OUTER
      and INNER Initiations?

      I'll answer that for him. It's both
      the "Carrot" and "Stick" approach
      to controlling ECKists and to pulling
      in money. Klemp feels he needs
      to use Both of these Negative,
      Lower Plane, tactics to maintain
      his control.

      It has nothing to do with "Spiritual
      Freedom" or Growth... just the
      opposite! ECKists are slaves to
      ECKankar (religion) and are Lost
      Souls thanks to Klemp's fear mongering
      and his attachments to power,
      money, and adoration.

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