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The "Go-between" Mahanta is Omitted

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I just read an article, in the 09/2010 H.I. Letter, by an ESC staffer. This ESC staffer was thinking about an old classmate and decided she d do an
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2010
      Hello All,
      I just read an article, in the 09/2010
      H.I. Letter, by an ESC staffer.

      This ESC staffer was thinking about
      an old classmate and decided she'd
      do an Internet search for her after 40
      years. She found her online called and
      left a message and received a return
      call. They then began to write (email?)
      each other and caught up on the things
      they had been doing over the years.
      The H.I. mentioned that she moved
      to Minnesota to work for her "church,

      What's funny about the article is that
      this H.I. never mentions that she spoke
      about the Mahanta to her friend. Instead,
      she mentions "HU" and the "Holy Spirit,"
      (versus the "ECK").

      So, is this H.I. (Amy Berk) being just a
      little bit deceptive with her old "newcomer"

      Why did she omit two specific ECK terms-
      "ECK" and "Mahanta?"

      It seems she's using the old HK "common
      language" ruse/deception, by substituting
      "Holy Spirit" for the ECK.

      BTW- Is "HU" common language to those
      of us who are non-Chinese? Because she
      mentions the HU.

      But, why is using the word "ECKankar"
      okay and considered "common language"
      when it contains ECK?

      Why can't "ECK" be used since it is
      also used as a shortened version of
      ECKankar? Or, maybe the two different
      definitions/uses would confuse people?

      Actually, if one listens to PT's old talks
      he uses the shortened word of "ECK"
      when referring to ECKankar. That's how
      it came about in the first place. This
      was the original meaning for "ECK"
      (ECKankar) until Twitchell eventually
      used it as a unique substitution for
      the term "Holy Spirit."

      However, the biggest omission was
      that this H.I. didn't say that she spoke
      about the MAHANTA. Why is that? Is
      mentioning the demi-god Klemp an
      embarrassing topic for her, or is there
      a more devious (vahana/missionary)
      reason for this omission?

      What's really funny/ironic is that directly
      under this article is this encapsulated quote
      from HK's "The Holy Fire of ECK, Book 3"
      that Klemp has been promoting for sale:

      "Divine love is all-embracing and compelling.
      The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master's love
      can enlighten, inspire, and heal.... Such is
      the nature of true love."

      In her article this H.I. also mentions that
      her friend and her friend's mother had been
      going through difficult times because "her
      mom will be going through chemo and
      radiation treatments." The HU CD and Book
      helped as did the spiritual techniques this
      H.I. shared... But where is the mentioning
      of the Mahanta who's "love can enlighten,
      inspire, and heal?" Very strange that HK's
      alter ego isn't mentioned!

      On another note, I have to wonder why
      certain articles are selected over others.
      In this article the HU CD and Book are being
      promoted for sale, as is the "Eckankar
      Journal," and the "HU, the Most Beautiful
      Prayer," and directing newcomers to their
      local ECK Centers, as well as, giving them
      "spiritual techniques" to use.

      Thus, this H.I. Letter becomes an instruction/
      sales manual for H.I.s. and in and of itself
      is a sales catalog with suggestions on
      what H.I.s need for spiritual growth, and
      to promote ECKankar to the public. Most
      long-time H.I.s have discovered by now
      that Klemp's books are a waste of money,
      time, and space on their bookshelves.
      His books contain either embellished or
      common stories by deluded and/or naive
      ECKists or wannabes and simply repeat
      info Twitchell had already shared 40 years

      If ECKists want to read more impressive
      "spiritual" stories just Google "miracles"
      or whatever.

      There is one more thing (an omission?) that
      I noticed. This H.I. (Amy) said that after the
      (phone) call... "We began writing and catching
      up with our lives." Now, are we supposed to
      believe that she actually wrote snail-mail
      letters (like IROs) versus writing via emails?

      Is it that ECKankar (Klemp) doesn't want
      to promote Internet use (emailing) more
      than he already has with Amy's Internet
      search to find her long lost friend? Thus,
      it seems ECKankar is giving the impression
      that writing snail-mail letters is a better
      option since it would also help (along with
      EMF/EMR fears) to keep ECKies away from
      their computers and Googling sites such
      as this one (ESA) via doing an "Eckankar"

      However, the Catch-22, for Klemp, is
      that his "The H.I. Letter" is an instruction/
      inspiration/sales manual for his H.I.s.

      H.I.s are being encouraged, via this
      article, to do Internet searches for old
      classmates and to update and inform
      them about their church, Eckankar.

      Thus, in this present and future, H.I.s
      have been encouraged to use the Internet
      and the Search option to track down old
      friends and classmates. This will give them
      the opportunity to explore new areas and
      topics which they, in the past, would have
      not been exposed to by avoiding Internet/
      computer use. This error on Klemp's part
      could help H.I.s to expand and see through
      their narrow-minded religious focus as well.

      Perhaps, this article was the Holy Spirit's
      way of circumventing the Black Magician's
      (Klemp) hold on certain H.I.s who are ready
      or are preparing to have an Aha! moment
      prior to this next ECK Worldwide Seminar?

      It just occurred to me that this H.I. (Amy)
      might be, subconsciously, saying that No
      Mahanta or Go-between Master is needed
      and that Soul can go directly to the Holy
      Spirit instead and skip the Middleman/Mahanta.

      Of course Klemp would counter this by saying
      he is One with the Holy Spirit, but so is Soul!
      That's the catch that he doesn't mention.

      H.I.s don't need a Baby Sitter after 30 years
      or do they? I guess that most do or are told,
      by the Baby Sitter (Klemp), they still need him.
      Now Why would their Baby Sitter tell them that?
      BTW- How much is the Baby Sitter being paid?
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