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Ask the Master - June/2010 The Mystic World

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I thought I d give this its own thread and add some additional observations. It s funny how ECKists just accept Klemp s bullshit and don t look at
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2010
      Hello All,
      I thought I'd give this its own thread
      and add some additional observations.
      It's funny how ECKists just accept
      Klemp's bullshit and don't look
      at the deeper/overall ramifications
      and perspectives. ECKists (religionists)
      are very narrow-minded, but that's
      why it works so well.

      For instance, the ECKist writing this
      "Ask the Master" question is having
      Klemp verify that he instructed ECKists
      to go into the "Inner" Planes and
      "invite" people to ECK functions...
      like the EWS. Klemp states it like this:
      "You are extending an invitation for
      a guest to visit your home..."

      However, are ECKists permitted to
      go to a stranger's house and to their
      door in order to "invite people to their
      home?" Are ECKists permitted to hang
      a brochure on the door knob? Are
      ECKists permitted to phone people
      they find in the phone book? After
      all, if someone is listed that means
      it's okay to call them right? No, of
      course not! Are ECKists permitted
      to approach strangers on the street
      and invite them to an ECK Worship
      Service (EWS)? No, again!

      Why don't ECKists see through
      this flim-flam? It's because they've
      been indoctrinated over years and
      years to accept anything Klemp
      tells them because he is "the Master"
      and they aren't and will never be
      except in a pretend future world.
      And, because ECKists want and
      need to believe this crap in order
      to live in this world and make sense
      of their life. This is How and Why
      Religions work so well. It is a mental
      numbing/dumbing down of one's
      faculties in order to alleviate (mostly)
      the fear of death and to explain the

      For some strange reason Klemp
      thinks it's okay to have ECKists,
      supposedly, go into the consciousness
      (or dreams) of strangers and impose
      their will, thoughts, beliefs, and
      desires disguised as an "invitation."
      Sure, the unsuspecting strangers
      can say No if asked directly (consciously),
      but are they even aware that this
      "inner" meeting and/or conversation
      took place?

      Plus, isn't it strange that Klemp
      has his chelas and H.I.s doing his
      dirty work for him? Then again,
      who's accumulating the Karma
      for violating the Law of Noninterference
      and for using Black Magic and
      psychic attacks or manipulations
      upon unsuspecting strangers...
      It's not the Teflon Mahanta!

      Of course, this "inner invitation"
      thing et al is all hypothetical.
      It amounts to religious voo-doo
      and dogma, as well as, psychic
      superstition and imagination
      that ECKists, or anyone, have
      the ability to influence someone
      on the "inner." Subliminal messages
      are one thing, but for any ECK
      chela to be able to go into anyone's
      subconscious via the "inner"
      planes is pure fantasy.

      However, this is one of the traps
      of religion. It's a pretend world
      where the "inner" and "outer"
      desires of deluded followers are
      manifested with mostly negative
      but sometimes positive results.
      It's both a trap and a test for Soul.
      Those who see through the trap
      pass the test in order to continue
      Soul's truer/higher Journey and
      Destiny. It's about Spiritual Freedom,
      Responsibility, and Self Mastery.

      Thus, we now return to Klemp's
      negative (and delusional) instructions
      to his chelas and H.I.s... that it's
      okay to invade someone else's

      Klemp's plan: This whole thing is
      simply another way to perpetuate
      the scam of religion and of ECKankar
      and of the Mahanta's Powers and
      Authority... that "there are inner
      workings taking place." It's like
      religious magic... but it's tricking
      people and is yet another distraction
      and a slight-of-hand bait and switch.

      Klemp is the real Black Magician
      as he points his finger at others
      for stealing some of his thunder.

      What kind of a Mahanta is he?
      Well, he's a phony of course, but
      HK has to maintain his control
      of the wannabes that are standing-
      in-line and still paying that annual
      membership donation/fee... unless
      they're life members... who are
      still required to renew annually...
      another control tactic of Klemp's
      that is accepted because ECKists
      are not permitted to question HK's
      policies... it's called Second Guessing
      the Mahanta... and that's bad!

      But, isn't Klemp on the outer, lower
      planes just like the rest of us? He's
      the imperfect LEM! Thus, why can't
      his policies and opinions be questioned?
      It's all about maintaing power and
      control and the illusion. On one level
      he rationalizes his role by telling himself
      that he's giving back and giving people
      what they need... hope. On another
      level Klemp enjoys playing his role
      and of being worshipped and placed
      upon a pedestal and having the power
      over others that he uses and abuses.

      As a kid and young man Klemp was
      a whinny loser until he, eventually,
      positioned himself at the ESC under
      the 972nd LEM, Darwin Gross. HK
      then suckered Darwin into thinking
      that he was a team player and could
      be happy with being the second banana
      in the act. Darwin hadn't known that
      Klemp was previously in a Mental
      Institution and learned how to "play-
      the-game" in order to be released
      early. This "game playing" experience
      benefitted Klemp in tricking Darwin
      to trust him with their agreement
      that was discussed in the photo
      Sound Proof Dark Room at the ESC
      where Klemp worked. Why doesn't
      this room, where transition plans
      were made, that blocks out Light
      and Sound Not bother ECKists?

      All of this and yet ECKists cling
      to the lie. Why are these ECKists,
      who claim (secretly) to be "advanced"
      Souls, so desperate and needy?
      It's somewhat puzzling. But, the
      higher one goes up the success/
      initiation ladder the longer they
      have to assimilate. The indoctrination
      takes away their individuality
      because to be successful they
      have to become narrow-minded
      followers... and, like in the military,
      the good soldiers (H.I.s) never
      question orders... even the stupid

      Thus, H.I.s have trapped themselves
      by finding purpose and busy work
      in order to feel good since they don't
      have any real spiritual/inner growth
      in consciousness. The EK initiations
      are not yardsticks to consciousness
      when Klemp has to chastise these
      same H.I.s that he's promoted.

      Religion is simply wishful thinking
      and a placebo. But enough of this
      rant. Maybe some of it got through
      to a handful of ECKists and they will
      share their concerns with others.
      Perhaps common sense will win out
      and there are a few ECKists reading
      this still capable of connecting the dots.


      Klemp: "Both Can Be Positive"

      In the June 2010 Mystic World
      Ask the Master is this Q&A by
      an Unknown ECKist:

      Q: "In your story of the ecotour
      guide from your 2008 talk "The
      Tensions of Living," YOU GIVE
      PERMISSION to invite seekers
      on the inner (or that is how
      I understood it).

      And I have been doing that. For
      me, it seems like I am opening
      my heart with this inner invitation."

      [P]: Why do ECKists need permission
      from Klemp for doing the obvious
      or for doing anything? Are they
      that afraid and unsure? Yes! And
      if they aren't Klemp will get them
      back on track!

      Besides, this is an old technique
      (inviting non-ECKists via the inner).
      But, it doesn't work! Most Satsang
      Societies have always had poor
      newcomer attendance results.
      If Klemp was a true Mahanta/God
      he would be bringing them in.
      But, look at the number of Newcomers
      at any ECK Worldwide Seminar
      (about 100 or so people and
      many of these are repeats or
      relatives). Whose fault is that?
      Never Klemp's!

      Plus, this "feeling" that comes
      about by opening the Astral
      Heart Charka is normal/natural
      when one becomes introspective
      and empathetic.

      Q (cont.):
      "In the June 2007 Mystic World,
      you write that "the inner is for
      the inner, and the outer is for
      the outer."

      Can you help me understand?
      Is it an opening of my heart?"

      [P] First, the "inner" is Not for the
      inner only and the "outer" is not
      for the outer only. According to
      EK dogma doesn't the Astral,
      Causal, and Mental Planes all
      function as both Outer and Inner?
      Isn't this true of the consciousness
      from higher planes as well? However,
      I have to admit that these "Planes"
      with numbers and names, rulers,
      etc. seem like just another religious
      trap with imagined/mental fantasies.

      I do feel sorry for this young,
      naive, and confused ECKist having
      to ask Klemp for an ekplanation
      and doing so via a snail-mail letter.
      Apparently Klemp feels the need
      to share his correspondence/instructions
      with other equally confused ECKists
      via the Outer versus the Inner.

      Klemp's answer [my caps and bracketed

      "The first [the 2008 talk] opens a door,
      while the second [the 2007 article] addresses
      the Restrictions that Some would Impose
      on others.

      Both can be positive."

      [Recap: 2008 talk, permission given to
      invite people on the inner; 2007 article,
      inner is inner, outer is outer.]

      [P]: Is everyone just a bit confused?
      Is it that "both" the "outer" and "inner"
      can be "positive" as well? Plus, isn't
      being "positive" a lower plane desire
      and perspective since one is not being
      neutral? Aren't ECKists supposed to
      be neutral and detached versus seeking
      "positive" outcomes?

      Why do ECKists need to invite people
      on the inner? Let Spirit (the ECK) do
      it for It's Mahanta, or let the Mahanta
      invite them! Isn't inviting newcomers
      on the inner just another form of prayer
      and of manipulating people on a psychic

      Klemp: "However, the misuse of the
      second is more common. In this, an
      individual generally acts mainly on the
      outer, saying in effect, to another,
      'I got this on the inner that you should...'
      It is a control factor."

      [P]: So having ECKists get specific "outer"
      instructions from Klemp for what they
      can and can't do on both the Outer and
      the Inner Planes isn't "a control factor?"

      Klemp: "The speaker is posing as a
      demigod, at the expense of another.
      It is like saying, 'I have a direct line
      to the Mahanta; you don't. Not to
      worry, though. I'll be your go-between
      with the Master.' Call it Black Magic,
      for that is all it is."

      [P]: Apparently Klemp is the only one
      qualified to be a "demigod." LOL!
      See, this is what religion does. There
      always has to be a "go-between" for
      Soul and/or Spirit/God. And, see how
      Klemp throws out the term "Black Magic"
      to scare, threaten and control those
      ECKists who are discovering their own
      divinity outside of HK's religious confines.

      Klemp: "The first surely demonstrates
      an opening of your heart. You are
      extending an invitation for a guest
      to visit your home, and the recipient
      feels free to accept or to reject it."

      [P]: Apparently the ECK Law of Non-
      interference doesn't apply to Vahanas
      or to bringing in newcomers ($$$).
      True, people can reject the invitation
      but aren't they influenced and tricked
      unjustly and covertly (and without
      permission) in their dreams on the

      BTW- Why doesn't the All Knowing
      and All Powerful Mahanta do his part?
      Is it because of HK's Catch-22 rule
      that failure and low turnouts can only
      be blamed on others for their lack of:
      faith; belief; trust, consciousness; or
      for some other wrong doing?

      The Teflon Mahanta (Klemp) always
      seems to escape responsibility.

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