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Re: Are Eckists absent minded or 'spaced out'?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Sfarthi, I ve seen this same phenomena happen in Transcendental Meditation (TM). However, in many cases the 20 minute time for meditation was
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 4, 2010
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      Hello Sfarthi,
      I've seen this same phenomena happen
      in Transcendental Meditation (TM).
      However, in many cases the 20 minute
      time for meditation was deliberately
      extended due to people taking "advanced"
      courses and from taking the Siddha
      "Program." All of these additional courses
      extended the meditations to one
      hour and beyond. However, regular
      TMers who attended special weekend
      retreats also became lethargic, spaced
      out, and lost their motivation due to
      extended meditation time. I saw this
      happen with TM "Governors" as well.

      [FYI: A "Governor" rules part of an Astral
      Region, and this is mentioned in PT's
      works and I think in Klemp's first Lexicon
      which was copied from PT's Dictionary.]

      What happens is that ECKists and others
      retreat into a fantasy world which they
      mistake for a higher reality. It's much
      the same with drug users except this
      extended meditation produces a more
      natural high using the mind's ability to
      produce chemicals for the desired results.

      Unfortunately, these results also produce
      delusional thinking along with a generalized
      imbalance of behaviour. In truth, these
      people are depressed with their lives and
      and the extended meditation/contemplation
      times are used as escape mechanisms.
      The same can be applied to those who
      sleep more than 8 hours per day... while
      those who sleep 6 or less hours are caught
      up in the world... too much IMO.

      Balance is the key to almost everything.

      Since your SO is a 5th or 6th or whatever
      she has been in Eckankar for at least 20-
      30 years and should "Know" better. This
      is just more proof that Klemp (her God/
      Mahanta) has No clue as to what his H.I.s
      are doing or else he would have given her
      "inner guidance" (a nudge?) on her "outer
      contemplation" time/requirements.

      I do understand how extending the
      contemplation can happen. It used
      to take me 10-20 minutes just to
      settle my/the mind. Now, all I have
      to do is to sit quietly and close my
      eyes and I'm there. This also requires
      only a few minutes to "recharge" etc.
      and I'm never "zoned or spaced out"
      afterwards. As Soul I've done this on
      my own and for my Self and have
      been taught/guided by Spirit/Soul.

      Followers need religion. The Old World
      and New Age scammers, like Klemp,
      will always be there with their special
      invisible Mahanta/God like powers etc.
      [as well as the other (clerical) spokespeople/
      interpreters for God's "message"] and
      with their heavenly promises via God/
      Sugmad Himself!

      However, people need to take responsibility
      for their lives and if something doesn't
      feel or seem right then it probably isn't!
      The fault isn't with people, per se, it's
      with religion and those (politicians and
      clerics) who manipulate others via guilt,
      shame, and distortions of truth. The key
      is to keep the masses dumbed down
      and to intimidate them and to keep them
      silent from asking too many questions
      or from questioning "authority." But,
      whose "authority" does one question?


      sfarthi wrote:

      My SO is a long time Eckist, I think level 5 or 6 or something. She used to 'contemplate' 30 minutes a day and at some point that increased to 60 minutes and now it seems like she has trouble fully reconnecting with the 'real' world. Loses things frequently and seems confused at times and is not the same person she used to be. Can that have anything to do with these 'altered' mental states that Eckists pursue?
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