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Re: Worship of Personality- Eckankar Style (BTW)

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Avonblue and All, Yes, it always amazes me how people, in general, tend to listen to these (male) spokespeople/preachers/clerics of/for God and think
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 9, 2010
      Hello Avonblue and All,
      Yes, it always amazes me how people,
      in general, tend to listen to these (male)
      spokespeople/preachers/clerics of/for
      "God" and think that they and their words
      are "Holy." As Soul aren't we all Holy
      and Divine? As Soul aren't we all equal?

      Therefore why not go directly to the
      Source and bypass the hearsay etc.?
      Isn't this the True message that the
      business of religion tends to hide
      with its slight-of-hand tricks. Of course!
      And, ECKankar is no exception.

      However, ECKankar has the Initiation
      game where everyone, except Klemp,
      is striving, hoping, and desiring for
      that next level up. Being "higher" on
      the initiation ladder is supposed to
      equate with having a higher consciousness
      and this means one is closer to God
      and to Knowing everything and being
      Immortal, and free from fears etc.
      But, like all other religions, ECKankar
      must have a male leader. That's not
      very enlightening for a "New Age Religion."
      And the reasons for having only a
      male leader is kind of lame... and silly.

      Anyway, ECKists cannot leave or do
      things on their own because they are
      not yet worthy to do so. ECKists need
      to be 12th Initiates (and that won't happen)
      in order to go their own way and follow
      their own "spiritual" path. It used to be
      at the 7th initiation, but there were
      strings attached to that promise.

      The Truth is ECKists are there now,
      regardless of initiation rank, if they
      would only realize it. But, One has
      to quit religion for the sake of Self.
      This truly is "Being a Law Unto Oneself."
      Soul does not need to rely upon hearsay,
      spokespeople, what others have claimed
      to be the Word of "God."

      Go directly to the Source yourself in
      this Here and Now. This has always
      been the true and only Message given
      to people by God.


      avonblue wrote:
      Prometheus said:
      This is why ECKists
      aren't supposed to question the ECK Teachings
      beyond their 2nd initiation, or else one
      will be Black Listed on Initiations and/or
      shunned. ECKists aren't permitted to
      sort out the facts from the myth or from
      the distortions and lies that Twitchell handed
      down to D.G. and to Klemp.

      Exactly - the minute you question or doubt (qualities of a rational mind) you're
      told you must not be doing your spiritual exercises regularly (in other words
      you are an inferior spiritual being) - which is just more brainwashing and a
      continuation of the cycle of deception. Or your told "doubt is good" it allows
      you to dig deeper and immerse yourself more into the "teachings". I like the
      concept of free thinking and choice.

      prometheus wrote:
      > BTW- It should, also, be pointed out that
      > ECK H.I.s are "higher" than the "God" of all
      > religions since this GOD is no higher than
      > the 4th Plane! Now, explain to me why these
      > H.I. "Gods" cannot communicate completely
      > on the "inner" with the "highest" God... the
      > LEM/Mahanta? Why are these ECKist Gods
      > so limited? Is ECKankar a Big Fat Lie? Yes!
      > Really, think about it. Klemp states in his
      > "Autobiography," on page 385, that the
      > God of all religions is a 4th (Mental) Plane
      > God and most H.I.s are 5th-7th Plane.
      > Now, H.I.s should ask themselves, after
      > their heads deflate, how do I, as well as,
      > Klemp demonstrate this Level of Awareness
      > that is "beyond" God's Consciousness?
      > Okay, wake up! Here's the Catch-22.
      > ECKists cannot experience "God Consciousness,"
      > permanently, unless they become 8th Initiates.
      > So, the 4th Plane God's Consciousness
      > can only be experienced permanently
      > when they become 8th initiates! However,
      > remember that this 4th Plane God is KAL,
      > i.e. the Devil, Satan.
      > BTW- Isn't Sugmad also referred to as "God"
      > in the EK Teachings? Sure! So, 8ths can experience
      > SUGMAD (God) Consciousness on a regular basis?
      > I don't think Klemp would allow this interpretation!
      > HK's too selfish to put even 8ths on that level.
      > It's too close to where he's standing is on the
      > mountain.
      > FYI- I happened to look up "ECK Masters"
      > (12th initiates) in Klemp's 1st Lexicon and
      > read that these guys "have reached a state
      > of consciousness of relative perfection."
      > Yet, isn't this said of our (4th Plane) God?
      > Didn't 14th Plane Klemp once say that he
      > too "wasn't perfect?" Confusing isn't it?
      > That's the whole point! This is why ECKists
      > aren't supposed to question the ECK Teachings
      > beyond their 2nd initiation, or else one
      > will be Black Listed on Initiations and/or
      > shunned. ECKists aren't permitted to
      > sort out the facts from the myth or from
      > the distortions and lies that Twitchell handed
      > down to D.G. and to Klemp.
      > ECKankar is all make believe and comfortable...
      > it's the Easy Way!
      > Prometheus
      > Hello Avonblue and ALL,
      > Klemp is a hypocrite. I saw and heard him
      > chastise a woman at a Spiritual Laws Seminar
      > in Toronto once because during a Q&A she
      > "adoringly" asked him a question. Klemp
      > wanted to make it clear to everyone there
      > that he was Not to be worshipped. His words
      > to her were cruel and overreactive. I felt
      > sorry for her she was crushed. I'm sure
      > Klemp saw this as using "tough love," but
      > in truth he violated the: "Is it True; Is it
      > Necessary; Is it Kind" spiritual rule (of the
      > Buddha) that many ECKists attempt to follow.
      > Then again, at EK Seminars just watch
      > how ECKies hang onto Klemp's every
      > word and laugh and giggle at his nervous
      > and poorly made attempts at humor.
      > ECKists act as though they are in a trance
      > or under a spell... from a Black Magician.
      > And, Klemp eats it up! He loves the silly
      > laughter... all the way to the bank.
      > Yes, ECKists still worship him, but it's
      > because he is the "Mahanta" who is 10
      > Planes of Con. HIGHER than the "God" of:
      > Islam; Christianity; Judaism; Hinduism;
      > et al because these are 4th Plane religions.
      > Klemp states this, of other religions, on
      > page 385 of his "Autobiography." PT
      > stated it as well in the Shariyat. Thus,
      > if "GOD" (Kal, devil, satan) is of 4th Plane
      > and HK as LEM is of the 12th and as
      > Mahanta of the 14th Plane then why
      > wouldn't he be worshipped? BTW- When
      > is Klemp going to start to act like a 14th
      > Plane GOD? Why does "GOD" need snail-
      > mail IROs or "outer" Seminars, etc.?
      > Really, Klemp (even as the 12th Plane LEM)
      > is not only much more "Higher" and spiritually
      > evolved than Muhammad, Jesus, Krishna,
      > Buddha, etc. but also more spiritually advanced
      > and evolved than the "God" these Prophets,
      > and Masters worshipped.
      > Yet, Klemp states that he doesn't want to
      > be "worshipped" even though he has created
      > an "ECK Worship Service" (EWS). However,
      > Who/what is "worshipped" at an EWS? It's
      > Klemp! He states that he is one with the
      > ECK and is the ECK!
      > See, Klemp is using Black Magic and Brainwashing
      > techniques on ECKists. Is this a Catch-22, or
      > some kind of a Paradox? It's really just a manipulation
      > and a lie. Then again, in some ways it is a Catch-
      > 22 for ECKists. Klemp wants to have it both ways,
      > but it's the ECKists' getting screwed. This delusional
      > thinking is just accepted without question. After
      > years and years of overlooking the obvious contradictions
      > one finally gives in and "surrenders" their intellect
      > and rational thinking. This is the "Leap of Faith"
      > that HK has spoken about and it's the same one
      > that the 4th Plane religionists must take in order
      > to accept those lies as well.
      > Prometheus
      > avonblue wrote:
      > I always found it ironic the way eckankar claims its followers are taught to
      > worship the personality of the master but instead to recognize the inner
      > consciousness of whomever this being happens to be in the physical. Yet with
      > increasing frequency since the Twitch/Gross era, numerous photos of Klemp have
      > been produced and marketed to the ekkie public. Furthermore, as has been noted
      > by others repeatedly, the photo(s) of Klemp are all of the
      > pre-gray/balding/thinner man. I recall numerous conversations and discussions
      > in classes, seminars, literature where eckists (or Klemp himself) would
      > those not able to make the "spiritual" jump from Paul to Darwin or Darwin to
      > Klemp, claiming they were worshipping or "attached" to the man, not
      > the inner consciousness beyond the physical form.
      > In MIchael Largo's new book, "God's Lunatics" he's created an encyclopedia of
      > the ridiculous and comical to the horrific and maniacal search for god as
      > expressed in every conceivable religious practice throughout the ages (he even
      > cites eckankar with Venusian origins). Most interesting is his description of
      > the Cult of Personality or Celebrity Worship.
      > He claims Khrushchev was the first to use the phrase "cult of personality" in
      > reference to his disapproval of Stalin's massive media campaign to elevate
      > himself to a god. He tells how Hitler, Mao, Saddam, Kim-Jong-II and others of
      > this ilk who "made their omniscient presence a part of daily life through the
      > proliferation of their image." These images, he states, were accompanied by
      > message of their goodness, wisdom and power and this influence was impossible
      > escape.
      > Does this sound at all familiar? I find it very revealing of the cult ethics
      > this organization openly utilizes but never professes to. Having been there I
      > know how difficult it is to see the trickery when you're caught in the
      > brainwashing and taught over and over to "trust" the "master" or trust your
      > inner guidance. Of course the inner guidance eckists believe they have has all
      > been expertly crafted from their very first days of participation. How?
      > Remember being taught to avoid the writings of other teachers/practices and
      > read ek literature in the beginning as it will "confuse you" and slow your
      > progress? If you shun, doubt, disregard the "master" you risk becoming lost in
      > the astral worlds... , really? So we're supposed to accept a farm boy from
      > Wisconsin was sent here to guide us back - that we have no ability or inherent
      > wisdom ourselves? If we don't accept eckankar over any number of crackpot
      > philosophies out there we'll have to return again and again until we do? Wow -
      > I actually believed some of this stuff!!!
      > More interesting but beyond the scope of this post is what neuroscience has
      > revealed about the mind and it's functional ability and deficits as well as
      > quantum physics has revealed about the seen and unseen physical universe over
      > the last 10 years or so. Seems all the stuff of religion and spirituality is
      > emerging science after all. All the inner powers and gifts that eck claimed to
      > offer was there all along. Take a little time to investigate even the layman
      > books on these subjects - it's fascinating. Of course that's if you can get by
      > the other ek credo that looks at the mind, and rational thought for that
      > as just a lowly bodily function.
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