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More Nonsense From ECKankar's Holy Books

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  • prometheus_973
    The Mahanta needs bodyguards! In The Combined Shariyats 1&2 on page 458 is this quote: No preacher nor priest can or does have the same spiritual rank as the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2010
      The Mahanta needs bodyguards!

      In The Combined Shariyats 1&2
      on page 458 is this quote:

      "No preacher nor priest can or
      does have the same spiritual
      rank as the Mahdis (5th Plane
      Initiate), and They Are The ONLY
      ONES other than the Mahanta
      to expound the teachings of the

      ME: So, 4ths on down Should
      Not go against Holy Scripture
      and "expound the teachings
      of the ECK." How's that work
      for all of those lower initiates
      "sharing" their stories and acting
      as Vahanas and Arahatas, etc?

      although this is hardly necessary,
      BUT as usual THEY ARE ALWAYS

      ME: I guess that's why certain, privileged,
      H.I.s have always sat in the front row
      at Major EK Seminars. I was once told
      that on Friday night the Mahanta was
      very tired from his flight and with meetings
      and that this shielded him from negativity.
      BUT, why was someone who was greater
      than the 4th Plane God (that everyone else
      worshipped) Not able to protect himself
      nor renew himself?

      Next, on pages 459-460 of the Combined
      Shariyats are these quotes:

      "Man is subjected to...

      Three Illnesses which are Manifest and
      Three which are Hidden."

      The Three Manifest Illnesses are:

      1) "Birth and Rebirth"
      2) "the Struggle With the Mind"
      3) "Absolute Ignorance"

      "It is evident that None of these
      Ills can be resolved by merely
      reading books or trying to follow
      a pseudomaster."

      ME: Of course we only have PT's
      word that he isn't a pseudomaster
      as well. That's part of his scam.
      Doubt at first, but soon you are
      expected to believe everything

      The Three Hidden Illnesses are:

      1) "Vanity"
      2) "Anger"
      3) "Lust"

      "It is also evident that None of these
      Ills can be cured by book reading, or
      trying to follow the adjuncts of any
      sacred scriptures of a religious nature."

      ME: Here, Twitchell has taken it a step
      further and has recounted what he has
      just stated. This is how ECKists are kept
      off balance and tend to open themselves
      to any and everything told to them. PT
      stated that "None of these (hidden)
      illnesses of vanity, anger, and lust can
      be cured by "trying to follow the adjuncts
      of any Sacred Scripture of a Religious
      Nature." And yet, PT will next mentioned
      the "cure" (the Mahanta) in the next
      sentence of this Sacred ECK Religious
      Text... The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book 2.

      "It is only the Mahanta, the Living ECK
      Master who is able to bring about a healing
      for any of these ills that man may have,
      both outwardly and inwardly"

      ME: However, the Mahanta can't protect
      himself from negativity! He needs H.I.s
      to create a Psychic Wall to Protect him!
      And, HK can't do physical healing as Jesus
      reportedly did. Why is that?

      Next, is the last paragraph of Chapter 11
      of The Shariyat Book Two.

      "Only those who are seeking the sublime
      in the Sugmad are able to find the Communication
      between themselves as Vehicles or Instruments
      in the Spiritual Community of the Higher

      ME: So, it seems one doesn't need
      a numbered initiation level. Besides,
      there are lower initiates "higher,"
      in consciousness, that high initiates.
      It isn't to be spoken about even in
      Satsang because H.I.s have such vanity!

      "IF they seek the ECK through the
      Mahanta, the LEM, It shall be found
      and they shall gain life everlasting."

      ME: That sounds like what every other
      religion promises! There's always that
      Catch-22 for Soul. But why does Soul
      have to become an eternal "follower."
      At some point in time Soul needs to
      let go of religion, but it's difficult not
      to have those religious social ties.

      And, what's sad about being a member
      of Eckankar is that there is no room for
      differing opinions. Klemp is seen as
      Higher than God and his words are
      absolutes! Yet, we see here in the
      Holy Books of ECK that words and
      scripture aren't supposed to be
      important. Also, Klemp has stated
      in the past that he's NOT PERFECT.

      Still, ECKists are Not Permitted to
      have different opinions that what
      is written in EK Scripture.

      So, what's the eksplanation for that
      Virgin Birth Requirement for the
      Mahanta? LOL!

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