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06/2010 H.I. Letter - HK Speaks on Reincarnation

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemps now shares another person s story about the birth of her son and two dreams that preceded his birth. Sharon was married to Tony and Tony s father s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2010
      Klemps now shares another person's
      story about the birth of her son and
      two dreams that preceded his birth.

      "Sharon" was married to "Tony" and
      Tony's father's "Soul" supposedly came
      to each of them in a dream. He pleaded
      to Sharon that he be allowed to reincarnate
      into their son's body. Sharon "wanted nothing
      to do with him. It was even an affront
      to have him ask such a favor."
      What or who gave Sharon the
      ability to choose? This is Karmic!
      Sharon could have been this guy's
      father in a past life!

      It seems Tony's father wasn't a nice
      guy and had "several large faults" such

      1. He had "many wives."

      2. He known for his "harshness."

      3. The "dictatorial power so freely
      exercised as a military man in his
      own home."

      FYI- HK had two wives, is harsh
      to returning cheals, is dictatorial,
      and was in the military.

      Anyway, Sharon says that she gave
      in to her former father-in-law's
      pleas when he stated "his desire
      to meet the Mahanta in this lifetime"
      and he could only do this through them
      as their son.

      BTW- Isn't this screwed-up for this
      poor kid. His parents will always be
      judging him and seeing him as Tony's
      father. What if he's not. Besides, as
      Soul, he's not that past person. But,
      his parents might shape him into
      that person. They won't be objective
      towards the kid and see him as
      unique... they've already pigeon-
      holed him with certain negative

      Tony, however, had a different sort
      of dream about his, now, one year
      old son John prior to his birth.

      John came up to Tony at a major
      EK seminar "begging to talk" but
      Tony sensed "bad vibrations"
      coming from him and told him to,
      basically, F-off! Upon reflection,
      a year later, he recalled that Sharon
      was more receptive.

      What's confusing is whether this was
      "John" (as a different Soul) or Tony's
      father that approached Tony at the EK
      seminar, or it could have been an ECK
      Master or Tony's own Soul speaking
      to him via his mind and dreams. In
      any case it shows that Tony isn't a
      very open or friendly person and tends
      to make negative judgments about
      people. Too bad Klemp didn't point
      that out! Maybe because he's the

      After all, Klemp praises good old "Tony"
      by saying he works hard and has several
      positions of great trust (at the ESC).

      Tony apparently told Klemp that
      one night he was looking up at the
      stars and "felt no limitations of any
      kind. He was free!"

      "That was his gift. Someday; spiritual
      freedom will be the homeopath's, too,
      for it comes with meeting the Master."

      My "Gift" was finally seeing through
      the lies, thanks be to Ford, and seeing
      My own divinity far beyond Klemp's
      limiting religion and scam.

      According to HK all that's necessary
      to attain "spiritual freedom" is to meet
      Klemp? But, the homeopath won't attain
      it until her death, or until she becomes
      a 6th initiate. 6ths and 7ths are supposed
      to experience "spiritual consciousness."
      But, "spiritual freedom" is only for EK
      Masters or 12ths right?

      I've looked up at the stars and blended
      in with them and have felt no limitations
      and that was before, during, and after
      Eckankar! So what! All Souls/seekers do

      This whole story smells fishy. It's
      just a remake of dreams/events in
      order to promote Klemp (the Master)
      and his vocation as Eckankar's #1
      boss. HK is really just a figurehead
      who uses promotional videos of
      past seminars and books with other
      people's old stories. There's nothing

      For instance, on the back page of
      this June 2010 H.I. Letter is a photo
      of a H.I. Satsang group in San Juan
      Capistrano, California celebrating
      their 20th anniversary in May 2008!

      This picture is over two years old!
      Some of these people may have
      died by now! But, actually, this is
      typical. It takes that long for a pic
      to get selected and printed.

      Have you noticed how long it takes
      to get anything done in Eckankar?
      RESAs definitely don't live in the
      moment. This was how it was when
      I left and it hasn't changed. This is
      probably why HK and company have
      to give so many pep talks and lie about
      how things really are in Eckankar.

      Basically, a H.I., under Klemp,
      could have left the org as an active
      EKist in 1995 and come back today
      and would fit-in as though they had
      never left. They would just need to
      have maintained the annual membership.
      Nothing has changed... yet Klemp is
      always talking about "change."

      Funny, isn't it!

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