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Life (years) After Eckankar :- ))

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, As you can see there s not much happening here on ESA. I m doing other things that are more fun and interesting than outing Klemp, and his RESA
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2010
      Hello All,
      As you can see there's not much happening
      here on ESA. I'm doing other things that are
      more fun and interesting than outing Klemp,
      and his RESA police/mind-control goons.

      I recently thought about an old EK rule. It stated
      that eckists were not to sell their wares at EK functions.
      Klemp stated that if an eckist had to rely upon fellow
      eckists in order to make a living then they should
      probably find another vocation. Then again, the co-
      founder of Eckankar, Gail Twitchell, sold her vitamins
      to eckists and used many of them as her sales staff.
      I'll bet Klemp bought plenty of those vitamins back
      in the day. Double standards seem to be common
      place for those who are (still) under the influence.
      Now, it seems that Klemp is using eckists to sell his
      books! First vitamins and books and now books
      and other materials. Quite a spiritual evolution!

      Anyway, I really got bored pointing out the same
      old EK crap that Klemp has spread around for
      years and years. Basically, these are the same old
      stories but with different titles, dates, places, and
      names. Why aren't eckist bored with it all? Maybe
      they are! Then again, look at all of those years,
      time and money (and initiations) they have invested!
      It's tough to let go of those fake initiations. Some,
      former eckists, still think that they meant something!
      I'm puzzled as to why former eckists think that
      there's "real" value from having something fake/

      Religious belief is very easy and convenient
      isn't it. That's what amazes me about eckists
      who believe that they are "advanced" Souls.
      Why haven't they achieved "mastership" and
      "spiritual freedom?" There's only one reason
      that (they believe) they haven't. It's due to Not
      having that magical initiation number listed on
      one's Current ECK I.D./Membership Card. The
      number? Well, it has to be 12! Mastership in
      the Vairagi Order is "eligible" to 12ths. Since
      1965 there have been 3 "men" who have reached
      the 12th initiation.

      Now, many eckists do use the "imagination" to
      pretend that they have achieved great spiritual
      heights on the "inner planes," but that's wishful
      thinking and rationalizing. It's an Eckankar Pipe
      Dream that Twitchell created for a group of people
      with a New Age mindset while Gross and Klemp
      merely inherited and profited from the game.

      I admit, it did feel good (deluding oneself) about
      "knowing" the "truth" and having all of the answers
      while others stumbled around without answers and
      prayed to God as though "he's" their servant. Then
      again, Klemp has taken on the role of God! And, HK
      claims to be at least 10 times greater than Jesus and,
      yet, look at what Klemp has NOT accomplished
      compared to what 2nd initiate Jesus has! LOL!
      It's mysterious how "God/Klemp" works!

      Those ECK seminars are a real joke too! It's
      a social gathering where everyone gets all
      puffed up with self-importance (as above,
      so below). Nothing is learned except for new
      methods of spreading the redundancy of the
      same old crap. The two Shariyats were written
      around 1970 and Klemp can't even write a
      Shariyat 3 & 4! How pathetic! Yet, he claims
      to be an "international Intellectual" and a
      celebrated "award winning" author. WOW!
      So, where are (at least) the Causal and Mental
      Plane Shariyats?

      Anyway, enjoy reading/rereading the Links.

      Join as a "member" to read the Files.

      Yes, you will be monitored on postings
      until you have proven that you can be
      trusted to contribute something worthy
      to the group. Money making advertisements
      and sales don't qualify per se, especially,
      if you Have Not shared anything else about
      your "eck" experiences or insights. Old timers
      could share insights and observations about
      a number of things including Gail and Paul
      or Tom Flamma, Patty, Millie, Klemp and

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