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Harold Klemp: The Early Years As LEM

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  • prometheus_973
    I was cleaning out some old papers and EK junk and saw some blue & white 1983-89 Mystic Worlds. These were the years when Klemp wore contact lens versus his
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2010
      I was cleaning out some old papers
      and EK junk and saw some blue & white
      1983-89 Mystic Worlds. These were
      the years when Klemp wore contact
      lens versus his big ugly glasses.

      I wonder why he changed his looks
      and went back to wearing glasses?

      I also noticed that his articles seemed
      to be more inspired and required
      somewhat more brain matter/energy
      to write, as well as, to read.That, too,
      seemed to change over the years and
      Not for the better either!

      HK seems to have reinvented the
      K.I.S.S. approach from the top down.
      It reminds me of how advertisers
      and NEWS shows approach and
      talk down to their audience on
      a high school sophomore level,
      or lower! Maybe 8th grade!

      It is true that our educational system
      has been dumbed-down. Why else
      could an idiot like G.W. obtain a
      Masters Degree at a prestigious
      school and then get elected President!

      Eckankar, too, has become dumbed-
      down. Currently, many longtime Higher
      Initiates don't even trouble themselves
      with analyzing let alone discussing the
      details and hidden meanings of the EK

      Besides, it's forbidden to disagree
      and this is taught to new Arahatas.
      However, everyone on Klemp's boat
      has to agree with the Captain or else!
      The first three choices, below, are
      what many Eckists, over time, have
      chosen for themselves. Unfortunately,
      the fourth choice is to stay is Eckankar
      since it's the easier way.

      1) Quite Eckankar and all religions.
      Become your own path and take/make
      your own Journey.

      2) Quite Eckankar and join another
      religion for that social interaction
      but don't buy everything.

      3) Remain in Eckankar, but be your
      own person. Don't buy into all of
      the hype nor follow "Guidelines"
      specifically or the RESAs to the letter
      of the law. The "spirit" of the law
      is more relevant. After all, they
      are only there to "guide" those
      who haven't learned and don't
      already "know." If Soul equals Soul
      then there should "only" be a Lower
      Plane (imperfect) Hierarchy!

      4) On the other hand those Eckists
      who stay must Act and Do as
      expected/required. This means
      unquestionable Belief and Faith
      in their scriptures (Holy Books),
      as well as, an unquestionable
      acceptance of the Words, Instructions,
      Guidelines, Discourses, etc. and
      anything else Klemp (and his
      appointed leaders) have to say.

      One has to maintain silence and
      a mindless and uncritical, yet happy
      and positive, "Yes Man" attitude
      when around Eckists. They must
      give Klemp credit for everything
      "good." The "bad" is either their
      fault (Karma) or a spiritual "Test"
      that they have failed (their fault
      again). And, Eckists need to talk
      and think constantly about the
      Mahanta's "love" in order to
      complete and maintain the brain-
      washing. Instead of Jesus the Eckist
      has substituted Klemp, the Mahanta.

      But, I wonder, What Would Jesus
      Do if he came back to the physical
      plane and became the LEM/Mahanta?

      Would he (Jesus) do as Klemp has
      done for all of these years?

      Would Eckists, or people in general,
      expect more from Jesus?

      Yet, Klemp claims to be, at least,
      Ten Planes Higher in Consciousness
      than Jesus!

      Again, compare the two, Jesus and Klemp
      on the Outer Plane of this Here and Now,
      and every time 2nd Initiate Jesus comes
      out far ahead of Klemp! Mark Twain comes
      out far ahead of Klemp! One has to wonder
      since communications is World Wide!

      What's wrong with 14th Initiate Klemp?

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