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Re: Klemp is Vain and Dishonest. How Long Does He Have Left?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Drew and All, I agree with you. Perhaps the Eckists reading this will see the points we are making and will eventually connect-the-dots. IMO, we have to
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 4, 2010
      Hello Drew and All,
      I agree with you. Perhaps the Eckists reading
      this will see the points we are making and will
      eventually connect-the-dots. IMO, we have to
      do a self-analysis of what it was that made us
      so susceptible to yet another religious teaching/

      It seems many of us were looking for a Path
      versus a religion and then Klemp changed the
      name and the structure of the org, but otherwise
      it seemed the same... at first. That's probably
      why many stayed rather than leave. After awhile
      one just gets use to the changes and is brain-
      washed to think that it's all good.

      Besides, if they made it through the mess
      with Darwin it would take a lot for most H.I.s
      to question Klemp's abilities. And, many Eckists
      have nothing to replace their religion with...
      it's comfortable. These people (H.I.s) need
      a religion of one form or another. Plus,
      there's the social connections that would be
      broken if an Eckist were to leave. Thus, many
      H.I.s just give lip service to the org/church.
      After 30 plus years of volunteering many H.I.s
      have retired from the chaos and stress even
      though they are pressured into doing something

      Yet, most know that the 7th initiation is where
      it ends, therefore, why work your ass off? For
      a RESA position which requires even more work?
      No, most long-time 6ths and 7ths see things
      differently than Klemp does and don't follow
      his RESA ORG Guidelines. This is the little bit
      of "freedom" that they are still able to exercise.
      It's a cat and mouse game where they do just
      enough to stay in good graces with the RESA.

      What's funny is that you don't have to be intelligent
      or well read (even with EK/HK books) to fit-in
      at an EK Center. Just talk about the Mahanta's
      luv baby! Luv is all u need! It's so simple and
      so universal. So, once again... why do H.I.s still
      need a LEM? It is difficult, at first, to leave the
      EK fold but if someone really wants "spiritual
      freedom" that is the only way. The group con
      has to be left behind in order to see the Real.


      Drew van Rijk wrote:

      Does it really matter that Klemp is vain and dishonest?
      We already know that!

      What is good about it is the fact that others still trapped
      in eckankar might get a chance to realize it!

      It is NOT a sad situation for current HI's that the good
      ship eckankar is headed to the bottom, it might be only
      then that they will released from the shackles of this group.
      Klemp will die in office, that much is clear, for the position
      is lucrative, feeds his ego and best of all, requires little effort
      on his part. He has been unable to write ANYTHING of
      significance in years, relying on re-telling the experiences
      of others as has been pointed out by all of us.

      But for many of us, eckankar was a necessary step in our
      own unfoldment, so it has it's purpose despite it's deceptive
      and corrupt past, I know part of the lessons to learn for
      eckist's was to realize that we have to think for ourselves
      and be free of ALL 'masters" and personalities that claim
      they have the keys to the kingdom, for we in fact have them

      Prometheus wrote:

      I'm still concerned that Klemp
      is being Vain and Dishonest.
      Look at that more youthful looking
      picture of himself that he still
      has out there! It's on the Wisdom
      Notes page, in the Letter of Light,
      and in EK Brochures. Really, is
      this Bait and Switch? If Klemp
      can't be honest with his looks
      then what else isn't true? Why
      would a "Mahanta" find it necessary
      to use deception in regard to
      his age and appearance? Why
      aren't updated and current photos
      used everywhere?

      What is the purpose of having a
      Living EK Master? It's to give a
      current-day spin on old teachings/

      Why, then, aren't current photos
      of the LEM used? It's publicity!
      Eckankar wants to make itself look
      youthful in order to seem current
      and to appeal to the youth! But Klemp
      won't step aside! He has a Death
      Grip on The Rod of EK Power!

      And, of course, he's Vain and is
      in denial of his rapid aging and
      mental slowness. He's hard headed
      and stubborn too... like most of
      those from his generation.

      HK's anti-Baby Boomer and anti
      Gen-X too! He's even said so! It's
      sad for current H.I.s because the
      Titanic (Eckankar) is headed for a
      collision while the Captain (Klemp)
      is oblivious due to being mentally &
      spiritually asleep. They can only hope
      that his Karma will catch up to him
      more than it already has and he'll
      soon croak so that there can be a
      "new beginning" while they're still
      living in this field of action. Sad....
      but True!

      Actually, it's even sadder that ECKists
      (who won't deny that they are "advanced"
      Souls) need any "outer" religion at all.


      Other "Paths" Are Much Better Than the ECKankar Religion
      avonblue wrote:

      Klemp couldn't write his way out of
      a paper bag if he had to. It's either
      rehashed Twit talk or other's stories.
      No original thought. No inspiration.
      Can you imagine being the stereotypical
      seeker, climbing the highest peak to
      seek the knowledge of the great master,
      only to find Klemp and his double talk
      waiting for you at the top? ARRGGGHHHH!

      <prometheus wrote:
      > I found an interesting book recently.
      > It's called "Reinventing The Body,
      > Resurrecting The Soul." Now I know
      > that ECKists will have a problem this
      > book right from the start because he
      > says "The" Soul instead of just "Soul."
      > However, this is just a case of semantics
      > because Deepak Chopra knows that
      > we are Soul and are not separate from
      > Soul.
      > "Three ways to end conditioning. ..
      > REFLECTION-- taking a second
      > look at old habits, beliefs, and
      > assumptions. .. Reflection involves
      > standing back and taking a look
      > at yourself, as if in a mirror...
      > CONTEMPLATION- -focusing on
      > a thought or image until it expands
      > as far as it can... Contemplation
      > involves holding one thing in the
      > mind and letting it unfold...
      > MEDITATION-- finding the level
      > of the mind that isn't conditioned. ..
      > Meditation involves the search
      > for a level of awareness that isn't
      > conditioned. .."
      > Of course there are many more
      > details given in this book on these
      > spiritual techniques given here.
      > My point is that this information
      > far surpasses anything Klemp has
      > expounded upon. Sometimes HK
      > is merely putting an updated spin
      > on Twitchell's "borrowed" and
      > "compiled" writings (plagiarized) .
      > A rose is still a rose by any other
      > name as is a turd!
      > One more thing, it seems that
      > Twitchell/Klemp switched around
      > the definitions for Contemplation
      > and Meditation in order to place
      > meditation on a lower rung. Once
      > again it seems to be a matter of
      > semantics. But, Twit was noted
      > for switching things around in
      > order to have his teachings appear
      > unique, different and better. Klemp
      > is just following Twit's lead to show
      > uniformity. However, the EKKankar
      > definition for Contemplation is very
      > similar to Deepak's definition for
      > Meditation! However, any ECKist
      > will tell you that "contemplation"
      > is more advanced than "meditation. "
      > Reading Deepak's definition for
      > "meditation" takes one beyond
      > anything I've seen in the EK teachings!
      > The truth is, ECKists are confused
      > as to what is what. They just know
      > that Klemp has said that meditation
      > is one thing and contemplation is this
      > other thing and is better and more advanced.
      > Oh, btw, ECKists should never refer to
      > the EK contemplation as a meditation.
      > This will get you pulled from doing Intros
      > and all kinds of things. It could prevent
      > an ECKist from getting an initiation. EK
      > Jargon has to be used... like with saying
      > "Soul" versus saying "the" Soul!
      > BTW, I noticed another book by Deepak
      > that caught my attention. It's titled,
      > "The Third Jesus." Why can't Klemp
      > come up with more interesting subjects,
      > titles, and spiritual information? He's
      > a poser!
      > Prometheus
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