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The Lazy/Arrogant Mahanta Speaks - Mar/2010 The H.I. Letter

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  • prometheus_973
    It seems Klemp likes to revisit the past and share generalized info of well known to little known historic figures while giving his approval of this history
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2010
      It seems Klemp likes to revisit the past
      and share generalized info of well known
      to little known historic figures while giving
      his approval of this history and doing his
      own EK rewrite of it as well. Klemp puffs
      himself up like an expert while putting
      his lowly followers in their place. Klemp
      is the Lazy/Arrogant Mahanta.


      HK: "William Shakespeare... All the world's
      a stage" etc. etc.

      "... So what strikes you as important in this
      karmically advanced run at life? Is it the
      respect of other? Is it wealth? Happiness?

      ME: It seems that these are the things
      that Klemp has found important!

      HK: "Ever hear of Suleyman the Magnificent?
      ... And what do you know of the semilegendary
      Emperor Yu of China...? Do you remember him?
      ... BUT it is quite understandable that your
      memory of him is scant..."

      ME: Actually it's not understandable!
      Long-time ECK H.I.s (7ths) should have
      knowledge of all Past Life Physical Plane
      experiences that their "INNER MASTER"
      finds significant. Klemp is placing himself
      above everyone. Any conman can and
      will do the same in order to gain your
      confidence/trust that he is the "expert."
      Thus, there's no need to think... Klemp,
      the Mahanta, will take it from here... oh,
      btw, where's your annual membership
      payment, also, here are some materials
      to buy, and don't forget to pay for the
      advertising of those intros for me and
      sell my products. Klemp gets 50%
      royalties on anything with his name
      on it.

      HK: "The name Akhenaton, a fourteenth-
      century-BC king of old Egypt, springs
      readily to mind, for his introduction of
      monotheism to a polytheistic culture.
      Oh, and how he did jar the foundations
      of that staid, introverted people! BUT
      his attempt at religious reform was
      doomed to failure soon after his death
      in the seventeenth year of his reign."

      ME: What a load of crap! Has Klemp
      been on the Internet lately or reading
      National Geographic? "Springs readily
      to mind" is a real joke! What a liar!
      Current ECKists have to be real dumb
      asses to believe this hype! See how
      arrogant Klemp is! Actually, it's kind
      of funny that he's trying to top Twitchell
      with his bullsh_t! LOL!

      HK: "... Moses and the children of
      Israel gained their belief in the one
      God during Akhenaton's reign. They
      would date Mose's life earlier. BUT
      this theory is largely discounted by
      most responsible historians...

      Today is what really counts! It counts
      more greatly than any number of
      yesterdays and tomorrows."

      ME: So why does Klemp revisit and
      distort the past so much if "today
      is what really counts?" That's because
      Klemp wouldn't have anything to say
      or write about if he didn't use these
      "history" lessons/stories as filler!

      HK: "Ray is in his early sixties [Klemp
      is 67] and recently noted the passing
      of another birthday. It left him a bit

      ME: I won't go into it all but it seems
      that "Ray" sounds a lot like Harry.
      However, Klemp's in denial of his
      aging and that's why he still uses
      that younger looking photo for EK
      Brochures and on The Wisdom Notes
      page, and in The Letter of Light for
      ECK Youth. HK's clinging to his
      imagination. And, as the "Pope"
      of Eckankar, will never step-down.

      HK: "This earthly life is truly a passing
      parade. Nevertheless, it offers a rich
      and varied opportunity for Service and
      Love. Give to life and the living."

      ME: Has Klemp ever read the 1971
      book "Be Here Now?" Actually, "Remember
      Be Here Now" is even better!

      It's sad that Klemp is still selling "Service"
      and is linking this to "Love." However,
      what about helping others like those in
      Haiti? Klemp says, "Give to life and the
      living." What help has ECKankar given
      to Haiti as a Gift of Love? Why didn't Klemp
      mention this? Probably because it didn't

      Klemp is a taker and, in turn, only gives
      back empty words and promises
      so that people will have "hope" and a
      religious belief that will alleviate their
      fears. Basically, Eckankar is like every
      other religion but (originally) had more
      of an Eastern twist designed for the Western

      Klemp is a wannabe to be seen as intelligent,
      and recognized as a writer and spiritual leader
      [in that order], is a narcissist, a liar, a conman,
      and is delusional. In other words he's a lot like
      any other preacher out there. And, his followers
      are pretty much like all other religious followers
      too! Their scripture/dogma may differ some,
      on specifics, but the rest is very similar and
      requires a group think/mindset while promoting
      promises of individual rewards.

      I will say that some concepts, that many religions
      have usually stolen from others, are interesting
      and beneficial in a philosophical sense. These,
      we can all use to help us as individuals. However,
      anything that becomes "organized" always seems
      to (over time) become distorted by our trusted

      Klemp has been playing his role for a long
      time, but it's an easy role! Look at how often
      he is even seen and for how long and under
      what circumstances! He's a recluse and is anti-
      social, mostly, due to arrested development.

      Notice that HK's always upon a pedestal!
      Has he ever sat in on a Roundtable?
      Of course not! Everyone in the Roundtable
      would be in awe of him! After all, 14th Initiate
      LEM/M Klemp is greater than the 2nd or 4th
      Plane "God" (KAL, i.e. Satan, Devil) that all of
      the other religions worship! This is the way
      Klemp wants it. This way he has control and
      power over all those under him while he acts
      God like. This keeps people at a distance because
      if they got to know him better they's see through
      the facade. one would think that ECKists would
      wonder why they have to snail-mail things
      to him (stories, etc.) if he was truly "All Knowing"
      as is claimed. Where's the proof in the pudding?
      It's not with dreams or wishful thinking etc.
      because all religious followers have those!
      So, where's the proof that Klemp is what he
      claims and that those Higher Initiations give
      one a Higher Consciousness? It's not there!
      Look at those anal-retentive RESAs and the
      unspiritual and incompetent leadership, as
      well as, the sex scandals and meanness or
      those cliques that Joan even encourages.

      Oh well, I guess that some people have greater
      needs and that's why Klemp is greater than the
      other Gods!

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