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Re: The Judas of ECKankar

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Mish and All, You re right! When tired old gray Klemp dies Eckankar will soon follow. Klemp s 8-12 initiations aren t valid because he discussed the LEM
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 16, 2010
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      Hello Mish and All,
      You're right! When tired old gray Klemp
      dies Eckankar will soon follow. Klemp's
      8-12 initiations aren't valid because he
      discussed the LEM position twice, with
      Darwin, in the Sound Proof Dark Room
      where he worked at the ESC. Thus, no
      Light or Sound (ECK) was involved with
      those initiations and plans.

      Klemp was the real Black Magician from
      day one!

      Look at what HK's done to excerpt more
      controls without giving advanced spiritual
      teachings. Then again, Klemp is incapable
      of giving anything "advanced." All HK does
      is reedit and repackage what Twitchell has
      already written/plagiarized while digging
      up obscure characters from the past and
      acting like he knew them personally! LOL!

      Klemp's whole life is a joke and Twit is
      probably SIHG&LHAO at his antics!


      mishmisha wrote:

      What I find interesting and disturbing are the 10 years that
      Darwin served as living eck master/mahanta being basically
      erased from eck history. Where exactly did that leave the
      followers during Darwin's reign? What do the initiations obtained
      during Darwin's time amount to? If Darwin was truly a black
      magician, wouldn't it stand to reason that anyone who received
      an initiation from him . . . that those initiations were invalid,
      including the ones he gave to HK?

      The purging of Darwin is so very cult-like isn't it!! And also a
      prime example of fanaticism. Look back to the purges that have
      gone on through centuries of time . . . the upheaval and destruction
      of monuments and churches, book burning . . . or in eckankar's
      case Darwin's books tossed in dumpsters and his photos
      removed . . . .

      Fortunately, eckankar is really just a small animal compared to
      other regimes/movements. Hardly anyone on the street has
      ever heard of it. And it doesn't seem that the youth are grasping
      on to it . . . eckankar is getting old just like the majority of its
      members . . . and when they are gone . . . what does one expect
      to see happen to this silly religious org? I think it will die with
      Klemp. He's not made the right moves to keep it going. He
      hasn't really shared the leadership which might have made it

      Oh, well, who really cares about eckankar? LOL!


      <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Twitchell was Kirpal Singh's Judas,
      > Gail & Darwin were Paul's, and
      > Klemp was Darwin's. Who will be
      > Klemp's? Was it Ford or will it be
      > someone currently at the ESC?
      > Apparently the Apostles were merely
      > the vessels for the flow of Spirit, but
      > this included Judas as well. I'm sure
      > that there were "stories" about the
      > miracles that he preformed, but these
      > have been suppressed and destroyed
      > out of fear. The fear is that the simple-
      > minded followers would not under-
      > stand the information and would become
      > confused and might lose their way.
      > Who are Klemp's Apostles? The RESAs
      > and former RESAs and/or the EK Board
      > members? Why aren't they telling "stories?"
      > And, Why aren't more people mentioned
      > by name in order to validate the stories?
      > Who were the early EK Apostles/Saints?
      > Shouldn't they be listed by name and
      > put on a gold plated plaque at the ESC?
      > Where is ECKankar's History or is Klemp
      > still doing his rewrite?
      > This is why Klemp has destroyed and
      > suppressed books from both Paul and
      > Darwin. Paul's "Difficulties of Becoming
      > the Living ECK Master" is one such book.
      > Klemp will never reprint this book because
      > it shows Twitchell in his true light as
      > a narcissist and "spiritual" snake oil
      > salesman.
      > And, Why doesn't Klemp offer past issues
      > of The ECK World News (the Twitchell years)
      > or The Wisdom Notes from 1971-1981 ?
      > HK's fearful that ECKists might see through
      > his distortions of Darwin! Yes, he's an angry
      > petty and fearful old man! This is why HK's
      > never mentioned Darwin's death. His justification
      > is that Darwin might still have influence
      > over some of his H.I.s and RESAs, but the
      > truth is that Klemp is mean spirited and
      > unforgiving. This is proof that Klemp can't
      > be what he claims to be. Really! Think about
      > it. Why can't Klemp (the Mahanta) forgive
      > a dead man?
      > What's worse is that many ECKists emulate
      > Klemp. Look at Klemp's supposed EMR/EMF
      > health problems that first appeared circa
      > 1991 when David Lane's info became available
      > on the Internet. Many ECKists have suddenly
      > discovered that they too have health problems
      > attributed to EMR/EMF. This is how mass hypnosis
      > and mass hysteria work. The sad and scary thing
      > is that some ECKists are one step away from
      > drinking the "cool aid" in order to be with Rami
      > Nuri on Venus!
      > Prometheus
      > *************************************
      > ECK Stories versus Bible Stories
      > Are the Shariyats the word of God?
      > Twitchell states that Book One came
      > from Fubbi and Book Two came from
      > Yaubl. But the "Stories" come from
      > Klemp and/or from what level of
      > initiates? Why doesn't Klemp have
      > his own Apostles?
      > Klemp: "You already know The Advantages
      > of Our Story-Based Approach: 'Here Is How
      > the ECK Helped Me.' People can understand
      > that." [March 2010 Wisdom Notes]
      > The Christian Bible has stories from
      > two books, the Old Testament and
      > the New Testament. However, Eckankar's
      > two Holy books, The Shariyat-Ki-
      > Sugmad Books 1&2 don't have any
      > "stories." However, Klemp wants
      > ECKists to continue with the "Story-
      > Based Approach" that he created early
      > on as a sales method. However, how
      > can ECKists verify that their "stories"
      > came from "God" when sharing them
      > with the general public?
      > And, what ever happened to those
      > Old EK Testament Stories/Testimonials
      > when Darwin was the LEM/Mahanta?
      > Aren't they valid?
      > Prometheus
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