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Re: Promotion of Eckankar Part 2 of 3 Madison Avenue Approach to Eckankar

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Jonathan and All, Klemp changes the rules as he sees fit. At one time these charged words like HU and ECK were kept from the general public because
    Message 1 of 18 , Feb 22, 2010
      Hello Jonathan and All,
      Klemp changes the rules as he sees fit.
      At one time these "charged words" like
      HU and ECK were kept from the general
      public because they could harm people
      by creating an imbalance that would
      have negative effects upon them.

      Thus, only "initiated" members of
      Eckankar were instructed on how to
      use these "charged words," and were
      "protected" from harm by the master.
      However, now that I think of it a
      "Charge" is either negative or positive
      in order to have an effect. Therefore,
      using a "charged word" seems like it
      could be used for either Black or White
      Magic. This is why they were kept
      hidden from the general public.

      It was kind of like "sharing" one's
      inner spiritual experiences with the
      master. Eckists were told Not to Share
      these because some Eckists didn't
      have inner experiences and this sharing
      could make them jealous or feel ashamed
      that they weren't making progress.

      And, some people would pick apart
      the experience or reinterpret it making
      the one who had it feel more confused
      or that their interpretation of it was
      inaccurate or that the dream of the
      Astral Plane. It was like "casting
      your pearls before swine." Yet, Klemp
      changed this policy as well! And, he
      did this as a promotion method.

      I wonder how many people (non-Eckists)
      are instructed Not to "direct" the HU,
      and what that means. Now, Klemp is
      saying that to HU is to pray. I'm not
      so sure that Eckankar will be received
      as well, in libraries especially, to give
      intros. First, Klemp redefines Eckankar
      as a Religion of God and now the HU
      becomes a Prayer! True, there's a lot
      of other religious crap like Hierarchies
      and Worship Services etc., but it really
      seems to me that Klemp is digressing
      back to his Lutheran roots, and he's
      taking others with him!

      One more thing. I'm thinking that
      when ECKists are being "neutral" and
      are doing that Sunday Morning Seminar
      HU Chant/Song that Klemp is backstage
      "directing" it for his own purposes!


      jonathan wrote:

      I'm resurrecting a thread that I started about a month ago on February 5, 2009.
      It was my first post explaining what I call "The Madison Avenue Approach to
      Eckankar." By this I mean the use of slick marketing to promote Eckankar. In
      that original post I detailed eight subcategories which I labeled A through H.
      About two weeks ago I thought up one more example of marketing which would be
      subcategory I.

      I. Remember the time Harold Klemp told a story about the little girl at the
      playground who taught her friend the HU? This was a long time ago, perhaps more
      than ten years ago. At any rate, the little girl, I believe she was six years
      old, taught her little friend the HU. And I believe Klemp indicated that there
      was some sort of upliftment or beneficial effect on the other child.

      Klemp's use of this story kept bothering me and about two weeks ago I finally
      figured out what was going on. In my opinion, the HU is actually a very powerful
      spiritual technique. It is not child's play. I I would go so far as to say that
      it messes a lot of people up by throwing them off balance especially if they
      overdo it. It is very powerful at opening the upper chakras and this can cause
      problems for some people. But perhaps even more importantly, I think a lot of
      Westerners have an adversion to it because it seems like something from an
      Eastern religion.

      What's Eckankar to do? Why tell a story about a six year old girl teaching the
      HU to her little friend. What is actually happeneing with this story is this.
      Children respresent innocence. And so if the HU is so innocent that a little
      girl can teach it to one of her friends, how can anyone dare view the HU as
      potentially dangerous or as something to be at all suspicious about? So Klemp's
      use of this story is merely a clever marketing ploy. And it uses innocent
      children to accomplish this goal!

      Let me give you another example. Let's say a big drug company is selling a
      dangerous drug. How could they fool their target audience by portraying this
      drug as harmless? Why make a television commercial, talk about the drug and its
      supposed benefits, but have the video showing a little girl dancing along in a
      field picking flowers or flying a kite. Sure, the video has nothing to with the
      drug, but the true purpose of the video is quite clear. This is actually
      "Advertising 101." It's something that even someone with the most basic
      knowledge of advertising experience could think up.

      Those of you who have followed my posts know that after this original "Madison
      Avenue" post I related a story in Klemp's new (2008) book "HU, The Most
      Beautiful Prayer" about a girl named Heidi. She used the HU to help heal a
      little boy. So this is another example of this. If little children are doing it,
      what can be wrong with it? What can be dangerous about it?

      It's all just another shameless example of how Eckankar uses marketing to fool
      people. And trust me, a lot of people ARE fooled because the average person does
      not possess the experience in life to see through these things. And how can a
      corporation like Eckankar do anything more shameful than this? To use innocent
      children to promote their religion?

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