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Re: Promotion of Eckankar - Part 3 of 3 - Christianization of Eckankar

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Jonathan and All, It s true, I haven t read Klemp s HU, the Most Beautiful Prayer. I m not sure if I remember this post either. Allow me to comment on
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      Hello Jonathan and All,
      It's true, I haven't read Klemp's "HU,
      the Most Beautiful Prayer." I'm not
      sure if I remember this post either.
      Allow me to comment on it below.

      jonathan wrote [J]:

      Since the early days of Eckankar, and mostly since Harold Klemp has
      taken over, it has been busy reforming and redefining itself in order
      to lure in new members. Basically, they are removing anything from
      the introductory literature and talks that could possibly offend
      anyone. This plan includes what I call the "Christianization of
      Eckankar." What I mean by this is that Eckankar is redoing itself so
      that on the surface of things it more closely resembles Christianity.
      Of course, after the new member has been in.

      [P]- I agree, IMO, Klemp made his first move to
      recreate Eckankar to look more like Christianity
      when he created the RESA Hierarchy. It's also
      true that HK used the "common language" pretense
      to attract disillusioned Christians versus those
      with Metaphysical and Eastern backgrounds.

      [J] -Eckankar's current plan:

      1. We're going to make Eckankar look like Christianity.
      2. We're going to get them to join Eckankar because it "looks
      familiar" to them.
      3. Then we'll slowly brainwash them for several years before we teach
      them the real thing:
      A. Eckankar is patterned after the religions
      Hinduism, Sikhism, and Sant Mat.
      B. Eckankar is based on worship of a human being
      (whoever the Living Eck master happens to be at the time).

      A. Eckankar introduces the ''Worship Service''
      A lot of current members of Eckankar who joined rather recently would
      probably be surprised to know that for about the first twenty years
      of Eckankar there was no "Worship Service." In fact, this is
      something Eckankar made up as it went along. Back when this first
      happened I had no inkling as to why Eckankar had done this. Back in
      those days, I can remember asking people "Whay does Eckankar have a
      Worship Service anyway? Eckists don't worship anything." I naively
      assumed that people would actually give me an answer. But they
      didn't, and I just "blew it off."

      Let's look at the facts. Eckists don't worship Sugmad (Eckankar's
      word for God). We were taught that God is way beyond any need for
      anyone to worship it. And on the surface of things, we were taught
      that we shouldn't worship the Eck master. So I repeat my original
      question "Why is there a worship service in Eckankar?" It took me a
      long time to figure it out, and I think it must have bee during the
      last month of my time in Eckankar that I finally figured it out.
      Eckankar is trying to appear like Christianity. And for the shameful
      reason of appearing like Christianity so they can lure people in.

      In another post I mentioned that a few months before I left Eckankar
      somebody finally informed me that the Worship Service is for new
      people. That is simply more evidence that what I am saying about the
      Worship Service is true.

      B. HU, the most beautiful prayer
      "HU, the most beautiful prayer" is a new booklet that Harold Klemp
      wrote and was first distributed to the members of Eckankar in late
      November of 2008. Frankly, the lack of spiritual principles in this
      booklet is one of the most despicable things I have ever witnessed in
      Eckankar. I read part of this book. This is a brief summary of some
      of what Klemp said:

      "The right way to pray is to sing a song of love to God."
      "The wrong way to pray is to tell God what to do."

      He completely ignores the third choice which is to ask God for
      spiritual wisdom or guidance. Or the fourth choice which is to ask
      God to fix things or give you things.

      [P]- Correct! This just goes to show that
      anyone entering a book in the 2009
      Next Generation Indie Book Awards
      becomes a finalist! It's good PR and
      is a marketing ploy to sell more books.

      He tells the story of a girl named "Heidi" who learns that her
      relative in another place, a little boy, is in a coma. What she then
      did was to go on the inner and ask the little boy and his parents to
      join her in a HU on the inner planes. She then sang the HU while
      remaining neutral. The next day, she learned that the little boy came
      out of the coma. Supposedly, he asked the nurse "Are you Heidi?"

      P- Already, Heidi has violated the EK
      Law of Noninterference when she went
      into their "inner" dreams or consciousness!
      This was an intentional act where she was
      seeking a "positive" (White Magic) outcome.
      This is what the typical follower of God (KAL)
      would do. IMO, Sugmad would neither want
      or require her to do such an act of White Magic
      and then claim that she was "neutral." Having
      empathy is closer to Divine Love than being
      without feelings and being "neutral." Or, was
      it Klemp who put his two cents worth in and
      his words into her mouth to point out that
      Heidi was remaining "neutral?"

      It's obvious that there was a desired outcome,
      or else she never would have done what she
      did. Plus, what do we have really here? It's
      another minor miracle attributed to one
      religion being better than the others. And,
      it was pointed out that Eckankar is better
      by an innocent (pure) and truthful young child.

      However, every religion has stories like this
      and that's the rub for ECKists! These other
      religions worship a 2nd or 4th Plane God who
      is referred to in Eckankar as Kal (i.e. Satan,
      Devil). Just read Klemp's Autobiography page
      385 and look in the index of the combined
      Shariyats for Satan and Devil and you will
      see these names refer to the KAL (God).

      BTW- I wrote this before reading what was
      mentioned below. Apparently we both see
      the same problems with Klemp's stories
      and teachings.

      [J] When I first read this story I didn't immediately see much of a
      problem with it. But later I started to have second thoughts about
      this whole procedure that Heidi did. I disagree with it for the
      reason that it seems to be a very subtle way to intentionally control
      the outcome of a situation. That's not prayer, that's black magic.
      And the fact that little children in Eckankar are being taught this
      technique is disturbing indeed.

      The problem has mostly to do with one question: "Did she in fact
      remain neutral or did she want a particular outcome to take place?"
      My contention is that she wanted a particular outcome to take place.
      That means that she was, in fact, influencing the outcome of a
      situation regarding someone else without their prior permission. That
      is expressly forbidden in Eckankar and is actively called black magic
      by Eckankar.

      But it seems that Eckankar has found a way around this. And for two

      1. So Eckankar can call the HU a prayer and therefore make Eckankar
      more acceptable to Christians, and

      2. So Eckankar can teach its chelas a way to influence others, all
      the while convincing them that they are not doing that.

      In the case of Heidi, a truly spiritual person would have simply
      said "Thine will be done" and then given it to Holy Spirit. She would
      have been much better off simply giving it to Spirit rather than
      wandering into this situation with her HU chant.

      [P]- I agree! "May Thy Will Be Done" is the neutral
      approach. After all, when one uses the HU it was
      supposed to be without direction/purpose. Meeting
      someone on the "Inner" and directing them to HU
      is giving purpose and is controlling the outcome
      which can produce karma. This is all Lower Plane
      stuff. Now, Klemp is calling the HU a "Prayer" and
      the definition of prayer is anything but "neutral."
      Thus, when the young girl was teaching the HU
      Prayer, on the inner, to these people it was so that
      they could also request a desired outcome. What's
      funny is that Eckists don't realize that it's KAL that
      they are praying (HUing) to!

      [J]-This new procedure that Harold Klemp has invented is using
      the HU to achieve a desired outcome while at the same time you
      are pretending that you are not doing that. Despite the individuals
      best intentions, I feel that most people will have a desired outcome
      even if it is only at the subconscious level. But please remember that
      the subconscious mind energy is more powerful and the conscious
      mind energy so we are really playing with fire here.

      Do you really think that I believe that she didn't want a particular
      outcome? Clearly, she wanted the boy to wake up, or she wouldn't
      have even become involved in the process of using the HU in this
      new manner in the first place. The fact that she got involved in this
      procedure was because she wanted the boy to wake up.

      And if you want more proof, would Harold Klemp have told the
      story about Heidi if the boy had died? The more than obvious answer
      is "No."

      So there is an unspoken message here for all members of Eckankar.
      You are now allowed to use the HU to influence others. What's next?
      Expect the following to come to an Eckankar Center near you. Ten
      Eckists arrive and they all are concerned about say a war in a
      particular country. People are being killed; it's terrible. So they
      decide to, as a group, chant/sing the HU. But beforehand, they all
      invite all of the participants in the war to sing the HU with them on
      the inner. Anybody but me see a problem with this?

      [P]- I always thought it rather strange that
      Klemp wouldn't allow EK Centers to conduct
      simultaneous HU Chants that would correspond
      to the Sunday Morning HU Chant/Song conducted
      at ECK Seminars. The word back from the ESC
      was that this "directed" the HU. Of course it didn't,
      direct it anymore than directing people to show
      up in a big hall at 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning.
      But, you can't argue with city hall (or the ESC)
      as the saying goes! Now, it would seem that
      anything goes, but don't hold your breath. HK
      will do it his way and will flip-flop on the issue.
      He's the EK puppet master!

      [J]- Lastly. A "nondirected prayer?" The whole purpose of prayer is for it
      to be directed. It is an active procedure, not a passive procedure.
      This whole new concept of Harold Klemps is just spin-doctoring the HU
      chant/sing in Eckankar into a new and very disturbing procedure.

      Medical doctors don't treat their own family members due to concerns
      that they will be biased when making decisions. In other words, the
      fact that they are treating someone that they care deeply about could
      adversely affect the objectivity of their decisions. But in the case
      of Eckankar and "HU, The Most Beautiful Prayer," they are going to
      trust little kids to be able to overcome that situation.

      Eckankar's new policy seems to be "Acquiring new members no matter
      what the cost to the original principals of Eckankar."

      And once again, Eckankar is borrowing a concept from Indian
      religions/culture. "Bhajan (BUDGE-in) is a Sanskrit word for a Hindu
      devotional song. The purpose of the song is to praise God (Ik
      onkaar), or honor God(Ik onkaar). On Jan 7, 2009, I spoke with a
      Hindu from North India. I specifically asked her "Is it considered to
      be a prayer too?" She said "Yes." But after talking to her, it was
      clear to me that the Hindu singing the bhajan or listening to the
      bhajan focuses on the words in the song; they are not having separate
      thoughts of their own. Basically, the words are saying things
      like "God, you are great."

      Prometheus, I know that you commented on this "HU, The Most Beautiful
      Prayer," but I wrote 95% of what I have here back at the very
      beginning of December, 2008, about two weeks before I left Eckankar.
      I don't think that you read any of the book, so I think you might be
      very interested in this story about Heidi.
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