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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: "Scientology and Eckankar were created by the Illuminati"

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  • etznab@aol.com
    I need the exact wording of the quotes in order to google them. And I m not sure it was an exact quote that I saw presented in an earlier post. Etznab ...
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 20, 2010
      I need the exact wording of the quotes in order
      to google them. And I'm not sure it was an exact
      quote that I saw presented in an earlier post.


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      were created by the Illuminati"

      Hello Etznab and All,
      I think that the quote on the subject
      line, involving Eckankar, came from
      another source like this one:


      Just Google the quote and you'll see
      info on the Scientology connection too!

      etznab wrote:

      The site doesn't mention Eckankar does it?


      Prometheus wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I don't really believe that, but a friend
      > and former H.I. sent this to me so I
      > thought I'd put it up for all to see.
      > I noticed that the cultist/scammer
      > David Icke is involved with some of
      > this so read it with a pound of salt.
      > http://www.zeitlin.net/EndEnchantment/Secrets.html
      > Here's some of what this site had to say.
      > BTW - It reminded me of Twitchell's earlier
      > (compiled) works:
      > Anton Parks' Le Secret des Etoiles Sombres
      > (Volume One of the series) might be a novel,
      > constructed to illustrate via a gripping narrative
      > the author's insights into a human prehistoric
      > background - rather a prehuman historic background -
      > gained through his deep linguistic analysis
      > of ancient Mesopotamian languages: Sumerian,
      > Akkadian, Babylonian.
      > However, Parks himself does not believe his
      > books to be works of fiction. Rather, they are
      > a transcription of experiences he had - through
      > an imposed virtual reality projection, or a
      > parapsychological mind meld, or some other
      > process for which we cannot even propose
      > a name - that intruded upon and overwhelmed
      > his daily life for many years.
      > Before reading his books, one needs to know
      > what they are. The best way to begin to understand
      > is through Parks' own description of how he
      > acquired his information. For this we turn to
      > a penetrating interview of Parks conducted by
      > Alain Gossens of Karmapolis.be [K1].
      > The wide-ranging interview also serves as
      > a précis of the trilogy, and as such was an
      > aid in organizing and beginning to write these
      > pages, which also incorporate information
      > from private communications with Anton Parks,
      > and from the books themselves, when they
      > are published.
      > One other important first detail for English-
      > speaking readers: no English-language translation
      > of Parks' books or the interview has been published,
      > but translation of the book series is underway.
      > While awaiting the books' publication in English,
      > although we will not attempt a close translation
      > on these pages, the importance of Parks' work
      > seems so great that we are moved to provide
      > English-speaking readers with a summary and
      > discussion of the basic facts contained in them."
      > [end]
      > It's funny that people get suckered in by
      > thinking that someone else always has the
      > inside track or the magic key to heaven.
      > These "experts" or "enlightened masters"
      > not only have all the answers to everyones'
      > questions, but they can explain how it all
      > originated. People hang onto their words
      > as though there's a magic elixir contained
      > within them if only they can just unlock the
      > puzzel box... even if it takes a lifetime and
      > more!
      > Anyway, next are these sites that I really
      > haven't explored all that much either, but
      > they all seem connected with the same sci-fi,
      > mystical, conspiracy theories and philosophy.
      > http://openseti.org/Opening.shtml
      > http://www.anunna.net/antonparks/main.php
      > http://www.zeitlin.net/EndEnchantment/WarinHeaven.html
      > Prometheus
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