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Re: The Cassiopaea Connection to TS/HCS

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  • ctecvie
    Hello Prometeus, ... he ... I m not really interested in this book. He did me a great favor in getting me out of Eckankar, but that s it. I think we all have
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 24, 2005
      Hello Prometeus,

      > Yes, this whole subject and attitude on the part of Ford and
      > specific members of his inner circle is quite disturbing. I still
      > want to buy his new book when it comes out, but I'm thinking that
      > and I really aren't on the same wavelength or even close on some
      > issues!

      I'm not really interested in this book. He did me a great favor in
      getting me out of Eckankar, but that's it. I think we all have
      gained enough wisdom to know what is good for us and what not. This
      doesn't mean of course that I don't take inspiration from good
      sources. There are so many wonderful books full of wisdom out there,
      just waiting for us to read them! The reason why I'm not so much
      interested in Ford's book is that I feel it would be the same as
      with the Eckankar books - just recycled knowledge. Well, perhaps I'm
      a bit harsh now, but that's the way I feel about this book.

      > Ford has permitted his Canadian HCS representative and her husband
      > to dominate his sites with their own sci-fi, conspiracy, scare
      > tactic, cultish agendas, and to attack those who disagree with
      > There is no room for a difference of opinion, although, Ford's own
      > site guidelines are supposed to protect people from attack and to
      > allow a difference of perspective.

      People are not attacked so openly in my opinion. It's no name-
      calling and such, but it's a bit subtler. But of course if you can
      read between the lines - which would be hard for newcomers - then
      you can see those attacks. At the beginning I was quite impressed by
      the Canadian HCS representative (not so much by her husband), but
      now I can see where she comes from, and this doesn't impress me

      > But, it really amazes me how gullible and ignorant these people
      > be especially when they had been involved in Eckankar for 25 and
      > years. However, if one is either blind or incapable of critical
      > thinking then one can be fooled easily. These same people still
      > think Twitchell was okay and truthful, but can't stand Klemp!

      I really don't get it why!

      > Didn't
      > they read Ford's "Confessions" or did that information not sink
      > What part of "Paul Lied" don't they understand?! Common sense must
      > be a rarity in their part of the world, or does A.D.D. run rampart?

      Perhaps "Paul"? ;-)) Common sense is not very common among eckists.
      But I think once we are out, we can re-learn that - it's rather easy!

      > A question people may ask is, "Why is Ford permitting the
      > of sources (Cassiopaea.com and Trance: Formation of America) that
      > are tied to Cults with anti-Semitism (Neo-Nazi) overtones and are
      > more insidious than Eckankar?" I think that Ford feels that he
      > these people to be his HCS contacts in Canada, to be the Youth and
      > Creative Arts representatives (reps) for HCS, and to be the source
      > of many long-winded, informative(?), and controversial postings on
      > his BBs.

      The thing is, people find those posts informative and interesting! I
      don't understand this, but then, I can't understand everything, can
      I? ;-)

      >Let's face it, controversy gets more attention and "hits"
      > to his sites. Therefore, Ford gets more publicity for his books
      > philosophy.

      But Prometheus - where do you see controversy at the moment?!
      There's none! They are all a big happy family - I guess the rest who
      don't agree have withdrawn.

      > But, he also undermines this same philosophy with his
      > irresponsible laissez-faire attitude. Too much freedom without
      > responsibility produces negativity and chaos which corrodes
      > through lies, half-truths, myth, fear, and general misinformation.

      He's a child of Eckankar - I think you can see that quite easily now!

      > Anyway, I too am very disappointed with Ford. He does have a
      > tongue, and seems very genuine and charismatic. This other side of
      > him, however, is making me wonder if he's not just on an ego trip
      > while being the Puppet-Master of those who go onto his BBs. So, I
      > think I'll look at what he has to say in his new book, but I'll do
      > so with this new insight of the author.

      Yes it's good to have this background. Hope you will give us some
      information once the book is out and you have read it!

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