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Jan. 2010 - Youth in ECK Letter of Light - Q & A (3 of 3)

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Here s the last Q & A from the January 2010 Youth in ECK - Letter of Light by Harold John Klemp (HJK). However, since #3 has multiple questions and
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 13, 2010
      Hello All,
      Here's the last Q & A from the January 2010
      Youth in ECK - Letter of Light by Harold John
      Klemp (HJK). However, since #3 has multiple
      questions and answers it seems that Klemp
      couldn't maintain the "White" Magic of using
      the "Principle of the Threes."

      Notice, too, there is No Name listed for this
      person and that it sounds more like he's
      preaching, on a soapbox, against the U.S.
      military. Thus, he had no intention of joining
      the military and this was just a ruse in order
      to get his anti-U.S. message out there. Is
      this Klemp? He does use a lot of "BUTS!"
      No, I don't think it was Klemp, however,
      he definitely used Klemp to get his opinion
      out there.


      Q: "I am considering joining the military
      to earn my way in this world.

      1) BUT how can joining this kind of entity--
      one that, in essence, trains one to take the
      lives of others, subjugate and encroach on
      people and their property--lead to spiritual

      2) I understand the human right to defend
      what is held dear, BUT where lies the fine
      line between defense and encroachment?

      3) OR, more importantly, the line between
      spiritual advancement and spiritual deterioration?

      4) What real reason can one with a heart
      of gold have to pull a trigger in any scenario?

      It leaves me very conflicted."--A Pilot-in-

      ME: "Heart of gold?" Is he living in the Land
      of Oz? Apparently! And Klemp's the Wizard
      Behind the Curtain!

      Here're Klemp's Answers:

      HJK: "Other young ECKists thinking about
      signing up for military service may harbor
      the same reservations as you, especially

      ME: Why "especially pilots?" Pilots don't
      see the faces of the people or the aftermath
      of the violence. They are above it all and
      are removed from it. Klemp, hidden away
      and sitting on his lofty perch, is also removed
      from the reality of what's really taking place!

      HJK: 1) "Interview school counselors to learn
      what options are open to you. Do they include
      openings for candidates who rescue, rather
      than destroy, others?"

      ME: I don't think a "school counselor" can
      answer that question. One would have to
      approach a military recruiter with that question
      and, definitely, have it in writing and be
      listed as a Conscientious Objector. I would,
      also, have an attorney look over the agreement
      and be present at the signing. In case one
      didn't make it through "pilot training" at
      least with the "conscientious objector"
      clause would still be key in determining
      one's future assignment. Although, it won't
      get you out of basic training and qualifying
      on the target range.

      HJK: 2) "Also speak with military recruiters.
      What guarantees do they offer that you will
      actually end up with that sort of duty that
      you want? This applies to all branches of

      ME: That's why one needs to have it spelled
      out and have "conscientious objector" included
      in the agreement and have an attorney look
      it over and be present at signing! Recruiters
      can offer all kinds of "guarantees" but that
      doesn't mean that others, on up the chain-
      of-command, will honor those guarantees.
      "Promise them anything" is a common bait-
      and-switch tactic used by recruiters in order
      to make their numbers so that they can keep
      their cushy jobs. Klemp, of all people, can
      relate to that!

      HJK: 3) "Let's say, by some chance, you end
      up in an area that is not of your choosing.
      Take it as a golden opportunity to learn
      spiritual detachment. Look always to the
      Mahanta [HJK]."

      ME: See, this is why one has to have
      "conscientious objector" written into
      the recruitment agreement!

      isn't it funny, or typical, that Klemp threw
      in the "golden opportunity" comment since
      this person mentioned in question #4:
      "What real reason can one with a heart
      of gold have to pull a trigger in any scenario?

      Klemp doesn't do a very good job at
      answering specific questions. It's kind
      of a One Size Fits All approach.

      HJK: "No experience is ever lost, so
      seek out the good in all things and
      all people." [end]

      ME: And what's "good" about killing
      people? Sometimes it might be necessary
      but it's never good!


      postekcon wrote:

      Re: Jan. 2010 - Youth in ECK Letter of Light - Q & A (2 of 3)

      Good comment Prometheus.

      If the actual wording of the technology question
      is examined, it's clear this question was never
      composed by someone educated 21st century,
      but by someone educated 20th century!

      Neither does the content of the question fit
      teen profiling! What teen is unable to operate
      gizmos to best advantage?

      In conclusion, this Q&A scenario is pure fiction!

      <prometheus wrote:
      > Hello Postekcon and All,
      > Klemp tells this young Vahana,
      > "Begin to Shut-Down Group C."
      > This grouping includes the
      > "occasional contacts" of this,
      > brain-washed and deluded,
      > 19 year old ECKist.
      > However, is this the "spiritual
      > message" to be sharing with
      > the ECK Youth or with Vahanas
      > in general? Shouldn't ECKists
      > keep connections open to all
      > people even though they don't
      > often see or speak to them?
      > Would Klemp's family, including
      > his daughter and his three
      > grandkids, end up in "Group C"
      > according to his own criteria?
      > I think so!
      > Klemp is undermining those
      > who want to maintain a
      > Golden Heart and a line of
      > communication with all Souls.
      > Instead, Black Hearted Klemp
      > places these Souls into categories
      > (groups) without giving a valid
      > criteria, as a guideline, for this
      > EK Youth to follow. It's either an,
      > arbitrary, A, B, or C grouping
      > based upon the confused opinions
      > of this 19 year old.
      > Actually, this grouping (A,B,C)
      > sort of resembles a caste
      > system, and, as I said, there's
      > no guidance via a detailed criteria
      > for these divisions! Are some
      > of those in "Group A" criminals?
      > I wonder, does Klemp place
      > ECKists into three categories
      > (A,B,C groups) as well? Probably!
      > What criteria would be used
      > for each "group?" Then again,
      > each Circle of Initiation is a
      > "group" within the EK Initiation
      > Caste System.
      > Does Klemp have ECKists "grouped"
      > (A, B, C) within each initiation?
      > Do the RESAs "Group" chelas and H.I.s?
      > Will the ESC show an ECKist their file?
      > I'm thinking that HK (the Mahanta)
      > does "group" ECKists since he seemed
      > to be conveying his own grouping (A,B,C)
      > method that he uses for Eckanakr! It
      > seems Klemp has his chelas, and H.I.s,
      > divided into "three groups" A, B, or C.
      > Wouldn't this make one's Circle of
      > Initiation, somewhat, irrelevant?
      > And, after all, Klemp never suggests
      > having this young ECKist place people
      > into "Groups" that correspond to their
      > consciousness, values, opinions, honesty
      > or anything that's actually relevant to
      > the positive qualities of friendship.
      > Klemp is too petty, narcissistic, and
      > oblivious to the "real" of present day
      > life. Thus, he's unable to give pertinent
      > advice and guidance to anyone.
      > Prometheus
      > postekcon wrote:
      > A teen having problems because technology
      > is advancing too fast!
      > A teen complaining technology is interfering
      > with their personal space!
      > A teen writing assistance from an emr-ridden
      > lem for 'help' organizing an 'inbox'!
      > -No further comment! LOL!
      > -Postekcon
      > prometheus wrote:
      > >
      > > Here's Klemp's 2nd (technology related)
      > > Q & A from the 01/2010 Youth in ECK
      > > Letter of Light.
      > >
      > > #2 of 3
      > >
      > > Q: "With technology consistently advancing
      > > and people becoming more easily connected
      > > through cell phones, the Internet, etc., the
      > > expectations of these people using these
      > > forms of communication are increasing.
      > >
      > > How can young Vahanas keep their personal
      > > space?"
      > >
      > > --Elliot, age 19, Saskatchewan, Canada
      > >
      > > [My caps are added below]
      > >
      > > HK: "A sour fact of life is that we can't
      > > always have our cake and eat it too.
      > >
      > > To enjoy peace of mind is largely in your
      > > hands.
      > >
      > > Decide which contacts are Most Important
      > > to you. Put these into Group A.
      > >
      > > The Sort-Of-Important ones go into
      > > Group B.
      > >
      > > The rest belong to Group C, which
      > > includes the Not-At-All contacts
      > > AND the Occasional Ones.
      > >
      > > Begin to Shut Down Group C.
      > >
      > > For ECK contacts, can you Set Aside
      > > a Certain Day to have ECKists reach
      > > you? Tell your ECK friends the Situation.
      > > They Should understand.
      > >
      > > Obviously, there is No Way to give you
      > > an Easy, One-Size-Fits-All solution,
      > > since conditions will change.
      > >
      > > An Overly Busy Life calls for Superb
      > > Organization. It is all part of Spiritual
      > > Unfoldment." --Harold
      > >
      > > Prometheus
      > >
      > >
      > > prometheus wrote:
      > >
      > > Klemp once again uses the EK Principle of
      > > the Threes (representing the Trinity) and
      > > lists three "Questions for the Master."
      > >
      > > #1 of 3
      > >
      > > Q: "Time is going by so fast for me.
      > > How can I enjoy life when it is going
      > > by so fast? Sam, age 12"
      > >
      > > HK: "Some say, time flies when you
      > > are having fun.
      > >
      > > However, many today are having
      > > no fun at all, because they are
      > > overwhelmed by all there is to do.
      > > Computers, TV, the Internet, and
      > > other forms of communication and
      > > entertainment have become commonplace."
      > >
      > > ME: That's a strange question for a kid
      > > to ask. I wanted to grow up fast and had
      > > set goals to accomplish. After Junior High
      > > School I wanted to be in High School then
      > > I wanted to be 16 so I could get my driver's
      > > license etc, etc. Then I wanted to be 18
      > > and leave home and go to college and travel.
      > > Also, I had all kinds of fun at age 12 and
      > > pretty much lived in the moment. Maybe
      > > EK Youth are hampered by their nutty parents
      > > and the Eckankar cult/church that promotes
      > > Mahanta Co-dependency.
      > >
      > > HK: "Few people now take time to be
      > > alone.
      > >
      > > To slow down time means to look at
      > > what things eat up your time.
      > >
      > > Do you really wish to slow down time?
      > > Then this is the moment to make some
      > > hard choices. What are you willing to give
      > > up?"
      > >
      > > ME: This is a 12 year old ECKist Harry's
      > > speaking to. More than likely he's doing
      > > his daily 20 minute contemplations and
      > > is already taking "time to be alone!"
      > > Maybe there's another reason this kid
      > > doesn't want "time" to go by so fast. He
      > > might not want to grow-up because that
      > > would mean more grown-up responsibilities.
      > > It could be that he's experiencing pressures
      > > to get more involved with the ECK Youth
      > > and become a Vahana, etc.
      > >
      > > HK: "No matter your answer, you will
      > > learn something important about you."
      > >
      > > ME: What if his answer is to give up
      > > his religion, thus, give up Eckankar?
      > > Is that okay? Klemp says, "No matter
      > > your answer," but is HK being truthful?
      > > I doubt it!
      > >
      > > HK: "The spiritual principle at work
      > > here is that everything has a price
      > > tag hung on it."
      > >
      > > ME: I can see why Klemp's mind is
      > > fixated upon money, but doesn't that
      > > analogy just confuse the issue for
      > > a 12 year old when you start out
      > > saying "The spiritual principle at
      > > work here..."
      > >
      > > HK: "In other words, what are you
      > > willing to pay for what you want?"
      > >
      > > ME: Does the pitch of "coin and/or
      > > service" come next or is that for
      > > later when he gets older? Or, is it
      > > to have Co-dependency upon the
      > > Mahanta regardless of the outcome?
      > >
      > > HK: "So plays out the Law of Balance.
      > > It is yet another name for the Law of
      > > Karma."
      > >
      > > [Q: "How can I enjoy life when it is
      > > going by so fast"]
      > >
      > > ME: WOW! I'm glad that Klemp (the
      > > 14th Plane Mahanta) could give such
      > > helpful advice to this 12 year old EKist!
      > > Klemp answered his question so specifically
      > > and with such spiritual insight! I'm sure
      > > that HK's answer will comfort the boy.
      > > Not!
      > >
      > > Prometheus
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