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Another Case of Substitution?

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  • prometheus_973
    Taking creative license, of this [Catholic] St. Jude Novena, depicts how Twitchell, and others, have done the same and have taken and rewritten religious
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 6, 2010
      Taking "creative license," of
      this [Catholic] St. Jude Novena,
      depicts how Twitchell, and others,
      have done the same and have
      taken and rewritten religious dogma
      and info from other ancient religions
      and sources. These "spiritual leaders"
      have all altered and copied the
      inspirational and spiritual experiences
      and thoughts and words of others
      for their own purposes.

      Substitution is really easy and
      saves time! This is how the Bible
      and the EK Shariyats were written.
      Twit basically said, as others have,
      "why recreate the wheel."
      Just paraphrase, plagiarize, and
      do word/name substitution and
      use the imagination in order to
      write/rewrite religious dogma.
      Note how similar and believable
      the following comes to what the
      EK Chela is taught via Eckankar's
      dogma and PR. Enjoy-

      A S.E. for a Divine Request - During Desperate Times

      What is a Spiritual Exercise (S.E.) for a Divine
      Request? Chanting HU, for direction, is the
      reciting of powerful prayers (for EK Master
      intercession) and includes devotions of coin
      and service, for a special request over Nine
      Consecutive Days [Three Times Three].
      Traditionally, a S.E. could also include praying
      (directly/indirectly), fasting, and contemplation.

      Do I have to be in Eckankar to make this S.E. Divine Request?

      Do I have to be religious?

      No! You only have to be someone having
      a difficult time coping with one (or more)
      difficult problems in your life that do not
      seem resolvable on your own. You're human!
      It's alright to be overwhelmed sometimes.

      How often and for how long should the S.E. be chanted?

      Traditionally, the prayer (chant) is said for 9 days.
      The 9 days signifies the 9 days the early EK Masters
      prayed (chanted) together during the time of the
      Adi-Mahanta when they experienced the powerful
      presence of the Holy Spirit. However, there is no
      hard and fast "rule" for chanting; it is best if you
      adopt a rhythm for chanting that is comfortable
      for you and allows you to open a dialogue with God.

      What prayers should I say? How do I say them?
      The HU is Universal, but chant any of the names
      of the EK Masters. Chanting is the same as contemplation
      and prayer.

      Your goal when praying via a chant is to focus your
      heart, mind, and body on communicating with the ECK.
      Praying is best done alone and in a quiet environment.
      Start by closing your eyes, then describe your special
      need, and make a heartfelt request for the Mahanta or
      the ECK Masters to intercede on your behalf to help it
      be realized.

      Your prayer can be as simple as "Fubbi, please help
      me with (insert your request)", or if you prefer, choose
      one from the Those Wonderful ECK Masters where you'll
      find a collection of inspirational characters/masters.
      You should then follow your directional prayer by saying
      3 Sugmads, 3 Mahantas, and 3 Rebazars while doing
      3 push-ups (do 3 sets). These can also be found in
      the 1964 Tiger's Fang Manuscript, Chapter 12.
      Although not required, many people also find that
      contemplation and/or some type of fasting during
      the 9 days provide extra comfort and strength when
      saying the prayers.

      To help you stay focused and truly enhance your
      prayer experience, we suggest you consider one
      of our beautiful EK/HU pendents. You can see our
      collection in our Gift Shop. Another prayer aid is
      our Personal ECK Master Calendar, which you
      can find in our catalogue on our site.

      Remember, for your S.E. request to be granted,
      you must promise to publish your request.
      You can go to the Publish Your Message/Story
      section to do this now.

      What should I expect to happen?

      A S.E. prayer to an ECK Master has never been
      known to fail for those who maintain a strong
      posture of faith that God is ALWAYS working
      Behind the Scenes for us.

      For some people, by the end of the 9 days,
      they will see some visible, concrete proof
      that their request has been granted.

      For others, they may receive something
      that is not what they asked for, but turns
      out to be what they REALLY needed at this
      point in their lives.

      And for others, they may experience a newly-
      found feeling of hope and peace of spirit, that
      brings with it the sense that they ARE NOT

      The beautiful power of the Mahanta is that
      people can have their requests answered in
      ways or times they may not have expected.

      The important thing is to believe that you
      WILL experience a change, and don't despair
      if you do not receive an instant answer.
      Often the path to finding true healing of
      mind, body, or spirit is a process that will
      only be fully visible and appreciated after
      an extended period of time.

      Praying to the ECK Masters is the first step in that process.

      Whatever you do is…


      [Never Give Up, Always Surrender]
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