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Klemp's Deceptions - What They Don't Tell AT ECK Intros!

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  • prometheus_973
    I was recently sent a copy of the new Jan. 2010 Tips for ECK Study. One Klemp quote given in this cheerleading pub is from Ask the Master, Book 1 : The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2010
      I was recently sent a copy of the
      new Jan. 2010 "Tips for ECK Study."

      One Klemp quote given in this
      cheerleading pub is from "Ask the
      Master, Book 1":

      "The Co-workers with God work
      quietly, effectively, and humbly."

      Now let's decipher these words
      and the intent behind them.

      Klemp is telling his chelas, and H.I.s,
      to shut-up, don't complain, or question
      your leaders and work "quietly" for him
      (God/Mahanta) as his Co-dependent
      Co-worker. Do this "effectively" by
      bringing in new members which brings
      in more money and new worker bees.
      And, do this "humbly" which means
      don't expect to be rewarded if you
      haven't had the training or connections
      or have topped out as a 7th, except
      of course, in your dreams & imagination.
      This is where many EKists dwell...
      the pretend worlds of religious dogma.

      These long-time ECKists always see
      Klemp promoting his Mastership while
      never seeing their own Mastership! They
      will forever be an Eckankar Leader, and
      a spiritual follower... never a Master.
      Yet, Eckankar still tends to promote
      Spiritual Freedom and Self-Mastery
      in This Lifetime!

      What most ECKists failed to see was
      that Klemp was promoting a "change"
      in terminology. "Self-Mastery" and
      "Spiritual Liberation" now meant "Self-
      Realization," which included Freedom
      of Karma (Spiritual Freedom). This is
      accomplished via the 5th Initiation.

      But, of course, that initiation carrot
      is still being dangled. After all, one
      hasn't succeeded or completed the
      requirements of the 5th Plane until
      one reaches the 6th Plane. By then,
      one wants more power and accolades.
      They want and need to become ESAs
      in order to reach the 7th and become
      a RESA, or a member of the Board,
      and then the 8th in order to be on the
      Spiritual Council. These attachments
      are never ending distractions/tests
      created by KAL and his agent Klemp.

      Another older Klemp book that is being
      promoted in this "Tips for ECK Study"
      is "How to Find God." That's another
      thing that always bothered me. Klemps
      excuse is to use "common language"
      and say "God" versus "Sugmad." Yet,
      he and his Vahanas us "ECK" and "HU."
      When did ECK and HU become "common

      Basically this person is giving examples
      from the book as to how Klemp's profound
      words have helped her. Klemp talks about
      "accepting changes" and "in Eckankar we
      don't look to the past" except when Klemp
      is telling his Seminar stories or mentioning
      Mark Twain, Rumi, farm life, or his brother
      Dwayne, John Doremus, Thomas J. Watson,
      etc. etc. in one of his books or pubs as
      "spiritual" filler.

      The next book that is promoted is "Truth Has
      No Secrets." Here's a profound quote: "When
      love in on the field, fear must retreat." That's
      apropos for the up-coming Super Bowl! But,
      let's face it.... it's recycled. Klemp never had
      this as an original thought and it's nothing
      that Jesus didn't already teach!

      Finally Klemp ends the promotion of his books
      with one last book. "How to Find God" Book 2.
      Klemp states, in bold letters, "Surrender Is the
      Secret to Finding God." Yet, according to Klemp
      in his Autobiography (pg. 385) he is a 14th Plane
      God (and greater) than the 4th Plane God who
      resides over all of the other religions on Earth!

      Klemp concludes: "To reach God-Realization,
      we must learn to surrender to Spirit, where we
      give up everything on the inner--not outwardly."

      Does this mean that ECKists are to "give up
      everything on the inner" like their initiations?
      Are they to "give up" the "Inner" Master/Mahanta
      in order to reach God-Realization?

      BTW- Is God-Realization the same as Sugmad-
      Realization? Is Klemp just using "common language"
      by saying "God-Realization" or is this referring
      to the 4th Plane God and his "Realization?" Klemp
      never means what he says does he? His choice
      of words don't seem to be very important to him.

      If one really needs to "give up everything on
      the inner" why then would ECKists continue
      to need the lower plane "outer" worlds of the

      Here's an add for more EK Stories for HK to use-

      "Do You Have a Story to Share? How have the
      ECK books and study materials changed your
      understanding of yourself as Soul? Helped you
      apply the ECK teachings in your daily life? Tell
      us how you use the ECK materials on your way
      home to God. Send your stories to Eckankar,
      Att: Tips for ECK Study."

      Eckankar's Catch-22 for EK chelas and H.I.s
      is that the search/journey for "the way home
      to God" never ends or is successful via a group
      effort. It's a Merry-Go-Round run by KAL/Klemp
      where every ECKist is reaching for the brass ring
      of more and more initiations yardsticks to God.
      Every religion promises similar things via their
      own dogma. It's nothing new! ECKists who think
      otherwise are spiritually immature (weak) and
      need religion. It's no wonder they hang on Klemp's
      worthless promises and words!

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