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The 12/2009 Mystic World - The Wisdom Notes

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  • prometheus_973
    The Wisdom Notes 12/2009 [Excerpts] Klemp talks out of both sides of his mouth, as he both regresses and digresses, and states that he (as the LEM): `teaches
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2010
      The Wisdom Notes 12/2009

      Klemp talks out of both sides
      of his mouth, as he both regresses
      and digresses, and states that
      he (as the LEM):

      `teaches that all wisdom is gained
      by changes in consciousness
      through contact with the ECK.'

      "This is according to [Twitchell's
      40 year old] The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad,
      Book 1."

      However, Klemp also teaches
      Co-dependency and attachment
      to an Outer and Inner Master...
      himself! Therefore, this attachment
      and focus leads to other restrictions
      of freedom via: the RESA Hierarchy;
      Laws; Rules; Zoas; Guidelines; Initiation
      Numbers; Membership Requirements;
      Coin and Service Expectations.

      Next, Klemp states, "wisdom comes
      through living. Experience is ever the

      Klemp, then, states that this experience
      (from the ECK) "imparts... all kinds
      of knowledge."

      Klemp, now, backpedals, does a 180
      and confuses the issue by saying, "BUT
      knowledge is not wisdom. It simply provides
      one with guidance on how to act."

      This sort of dialogue is typical of conmen
      and religious leaders. It's a shell game!
      It's this, but it can also be that. This is
      why ECKists second guess Klemp so
      often! His empty words offer chelas
      whatever they want it to mean. Words
      are not important for Klemp and have
      no true meaning except for his manipulations.
      This is why there is so much redundancy
      in his "message." It's all about detachment
      and surrender while retelling (past) old
      stories by other authors. Yet, HK claims
      that ECKists should live in the present.

      Now, Klemp inflates the egos of his chelas
      and H.I.s in order to attach them to more
      vanity and then ends with a disclaimer (a
      Catch-22). HK: "A conscious experience,
      in the spiritual sense, is largely the domain
      of ECK chelas. WHY? Through the Spiritual
      Exercises of ECK and chanting of their secret
      ULTIMATE GOOD." Thus, if it's "good" then
      they can sing praises to the Mahanta (Klemp)
      and if it's "bad" it's either karma or a "test
      of faith." Either way, it's all good for Klemp!

      Next, Klemp states, "an example that
      COMES TO MIND is a story once told by
      radio show host John Doremus." Basically,
      a man buys a birthday gift of two dozen (24)
      roses. His note he enclosed read, "One rose
      for every sweet year of your life." And the florist,
      unbeknown to him, threw in an extra dozen
      roses because he was such a good customer.
      The man got into some trouble for that when
      his girlfriend counted 36 roses. My o my, isn't
      that a hoot! ECKists are ROTF and laughing
      their asses off with Klemp's recycled joke.

      Klemp takes this funny story, spins it, and
      switches it around by saying, "... no matter
      how important human love is, it is not the
      kind that can approach the true love of God."

      Next, Klemp does another 180 and states,
      "ON THE OTHER HAND, many experiences
      with human love certainly can teach one
      compassion, which then gives him or her the
      capacity to truly love God."

      BTW- Where was Klemp's "compassion,"
      for Darwin Gross 972nd LEM/Mahanta?
      How does that work for Klemp? And, what
      about passion? Can ECKists have a "passion"
      for anything, or is passion just a negative
      Astral feeling? Besides, doesn't Eckankar
      teach that one should be "detached" from
      human love and those "feelings?" Sure!
      Therefore, why is Klemp claiming that
      compassion, which leads to wisdom, is
      something that ECKists can learn/earn.
      Do ECKists really think that those phony
      initiations can give them higher consciousness?
      Yes, they really do and look at how insecure
      they have become. They need Klemp to
      point out the obvious.

      In ECKankar "feelings" are seen as negative
      traits. It's no wonder ECKists are so confused
      and imagine and/or believe whatever they want,
      or whatever they're told. Klemp keeps them
      off-balance dazed and confused with his feel
      good simple-minded stories. How is HK's
      "ECK-speak" any different from what others
      have said before? Klemp merely restates the
      obvious by redirecting and manipulating the
      words, thoughts, and meanings of others.

      Next, Klemp mentions "Thomas J. Watson,
      former president of IBM" and what he once
      said "Wisdom is the power to put our time
      and our knowledge to proper use."
      Klemp does a critical review of Watson's
      words by saying, "He was, I THINK, groping
      for another word. `Genius` would have been
      more apropos." Klemp's thinking is askew.
      Wisdom is not the same as genius. Wisdom
      is acquired through trials and tribulations while
      geniuses (with higher mental IQ scores) are
      born into the world. Thus, the difference between
      over-achievers and high-achievers. Actually,
      in many cases, ones genius is a detriment
      to acquiring wisdom. BTW- Is Klemp indirectly
      referring to himself as being a "genius?" He
      did pay to be placed in, "The International
      Who's Who of Intellectuals" (ninth edition).
      What's Klemp's IQ score? I'll bet he can't
      get into Mensa!

      Klemp goes on to mention Twitchell's 1970
      Shariyat Book One, twice more, in order to
      fulfill the EK "Principle of the Threes." Is
      this a form of White or Black Magic? Really,
      when Klemp intentionally uses this EK
      Principle of the Threes isn't that either
      Black or White Magic? If it (the threes thing)
      just occurred naturally then it would have
      more significance as Golden-Tongued Wisdom

      Anyway, the first quote is: "Profound
      wisdom... does not reveal itself at first
      glance because it is not a matter of
      surface knowledge, BUT a deep realization
      of the inner self."

      The second quote is: "Knowledge alone
      is not wisdom. A catalog of facts and
      opinions by itself does not constitute
      either literature or perfected works of
      any nature."

      Next, Klemp shows his true nature.
      Darwin Gross gave him initiations
      6-12 and made him the LEM. Yet
      Klemp states that, "In looking back
      at all the people who ever had a strong
      influence upon shaping my spiritual
      life, only one do I consider a man of
      wisdom, Paul Twitchell." Klemp hasn't
      even mentioned Darwin's death to the
      EK Membership.

      Isn't it strange (or not) that old pale
      and grey Klemp is doing some
      reminiscing and is building up the
      plagiarizing conman, Twitchell, while
      at the same time insulting Darwin's
      memory. Besides, one would think that
      (torchbearer) Rebazar would stand out
      to Klemp. Instead, Klemp insults all
      other "living" former Mahantas by saying
      that "only one (Twitchell) do I consider
      a man of wisdom."

      Klemp goes on to give Twitchell more
      accolades and ends by saying, "Let
      us (versus me) just say that the Spiritual
      Exercises of ECK are the beginning of

      Why does Klemp say "us?" That's not
      apropos! So, Klemp's "Wisdom Notes"
      message seems to wind up with him saying
      that the EK Spiritual Exercises are merely
      the beginnings of wisdom. What's the
      next step after that and what's the highest
      step to take before achieving "wisdom?"
      Surely after 28 years as the LEM/Mahanta
      Klemp would have some really profound
      things to say, unless, he's a fraud. Let's
      face it... to the world Klemp is just a third
      rate conman/preacher. He's no Rumi who
      wasn't all that anyway!

      BTW- I noticed that Klemp used 5 BUTS
      in his message. He giveth and then in the
      next breath taketh away! Always leave them
      dazed and confused and second guessing.
      Distraction is Klemp's true religious message.

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