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The Expense of Being an EKist

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Postekcon and All, Yes, Eckankar does make most of its money from material sales while promoting service as a spiritual reward. There s the catch. If
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 21, 2010
      Hello Postekcon and All,
      Yes, Eckankar does make most of its
      money from material sales while promoting
      service as a "spiritual reward." There's the
      catch. If an EKist seeks rewards then he/she
      can't be "detached" and this fact and condition,
      therefore, invalidates the higher spiritual reward
      from being received by an unworthy person who
      is, in fact, attached to lower mental plane concepts/
      traps. Service and coin are lower plane conditions
      put into place by the lower plane LEM and his
      church (Eckankar).

      What's really ironic is that most Eckists spend
      more money on their pilgrimage to the EK
      Temple in Chanhassen, MN.! When one looks
      at the cost of air fare and the hotel expenses
      and all of the other expenses associated with
      attending an EK Seminar these expenses out
      weigh all others expenses and donations to
      the ECK Org/Church! BTW- Why doesn't Klemp
      travel anymore? Why do EKists have to forgo
      their vacation days saved up for Minneapolis?
      What happened to Orlando? That would be a
      nice change and warmer too! Klemp doesn't
      give a sh_t about his chelas and H.I.s. Harry's
      selfish and narcissistic. Let's face it... Eckankar
      has become awfully dull with Klemp in charge
      for all these years.


      postekcon wrote:

      Eckankar is modeled an a simple mlm formula, where the affiliate fee [suggested
      membership donation] is reasonable. But where the real money is made for the org
      is where the 'affiliate' must purchase and frequently update [always at personal
      expense] all the promotional materials. However, with eckankar.org, the
      affiliate is doubly tricked into the purchase of all these extraneous materials
      for promotion purposes, for it is suggested to them this constitutes their
      'service' to spirit!

      jonathanjohns wrote:
      > I thought I would add some additional comments to my original post.
      > First Point.
      > The fact is, many individuals on YouTube use a copyrighted music file a
      backing track for a video, they then add some beautiful photos of their own such
      as the ocean, mountains, etc. Some of these videos are quite amazing and are a
      beautiful form of self-expression. Some of these videos get pulled from YouTube
      by the copy write owners, but many do not.
      > Likewise, a member of Eckankar could do the same thing. They could take an Eck
      song from one of the official CDs that Eckankar sells and make it into a
      beautiful video, then post it on YouTube. But I didn't find a single instance of
      this on YouTube. There are two reasons for this:
      > 1. Eckankar aggressively protects all of it's copy-written material because it
      wants only the "official line" from Eckankar headquarters to be present on
      > 2. Eckankar aggressively protects all of it's copyrighted material because it
      doesn't want to lose any income as a result of people giving it away for free.
      > Second Point.
      > Ever hear an Eckist tell a personal story on YouTube? I looked, and I didn't
      find a single instance. I've discussed this previously on other posts on the
      Internet, but Eckists are afraid to give their own personal stories and
      experiences regarding Eckankar. Currently, there are two videos on YouTube which
      masquerade as a personal story told by an Eckist, but it is pretty easy to see
      that these two videos are just slick "Madison Avenue" videos produced at
      Eckankar headquarters:
      > Reincarnation Past Life Dream Interpretation via Eckankar
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nOvyUDObQI
      > Out-of-body Experience with my deceased brother OBE Eckankar
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK9Teg3vly8&feature=related
      > Third Point.
      > So what kind of Eckankar videos are there on YouTube? It's mostly VERY SHORT
      videos with the current leader of Eckankar, Harold Klemp. Almost all of them are
      less than five minutes long. They give you a very short glimpse of Eckankar,
      just enough to get you "sucked in" but not enough to really give you a decent
      amount of information so that you can actually do a worthwhile evaluation of
      Eckankar. Eckankar gives so little information out to the public on YouTube that
      any reasonable person would get the impression that Eckankar has a lot to hide.
      > Fourth Point
      > Eckankar has 5 minute videos of Klemp's talks on YouTube. I'm not certain, but
      I believe his talks typically run about 30 minutes. Contrast that with the
      following website dedicated to Paul Twitchell's teacher Kirpal Singh:
      > Recorded talks of Kirpal Singh (Click on link to listen, right-click to
      > http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/audio.htm
      > Audio books of Kirpal Singh (Click on link to listen, right-click to
      > http://www.ruhanisatsangusa.org/audiobook.htm
      > In case anyone wonders "Do they really allow free download?" Here is a direct
      quote from the audio book page:
      > "The 'books on CD'("audio books") in our collection have converted to MP3
      files and can be downloaded here."
      > So there is no doubt. It is all free!
      > It has been awhile since I checked out Eckanakr's website, but I don't recall
      seeing any free downloads of talks or audio books. Ka ching, ka ching!
      > So it's pretty clear, when it comes to spiritual knowledge:
      > Paul Twitchell's followers (Eckankar): Copyright, protect, and restrict. Sell
      everything, no exceptions.
      > Kirpal Singh's followers (Ruhani Satsang): Give away freely.
      > I get sick of hearing members of Eckankar saying "But Eckankar doesn't cost
      that much." My reply to them is "Well it seems to me that you could be doing a
      whole lot better."
      > Fifth Point
      > Back when I was a "contented" member of Eckankar I always wondered "Why
      doesn't Eckankar convert all of Paul Twitchell's tapes to MP3 format, put them
      all on a CD and sell the CD for a reasonable price?" I realize now that there
      are two reasons for this: (1) Eckankar could no longer sell you one cassette
      tape for $8, and (2) Eckanakar doesn't want to preserve Paul's original tapes
      because there were too many times that he stuck his foot in his mouth or he just
      didn't agree with Klemp's modern-day "Christian-based approach" to selling
      Eckankar. And in case you are wondering, yes, I was very naive back in those

      <jonathanjohns wrote:
      > >
      > > A few weeks ago I guess I was almost having pity on Eckankar. Perhaps I was
      thinking things like "Maybe I've been too harsh on Eckankar" and "Maybe
      Eckankar isn't as bad as I think they are."
      > >
      > > So I decided to do an experiment. I was going to give Eckankar a fair
      chance. I decided to go over to YouTube and do a search for some Eckankar
      videos. Then I was going to watch the videos and do a completely fair evaluation
      of the content. Don't ask me why I was so generous because I don't know why. But
      I thought it would be a good idea to just "start from square one." Forget all of
      my personal issues with Eckankar and thoroughly dedicate myself to giving them a
      fair chance.
      > >
      > > The first thing I did was search for some Eckankar music. When I was a
      member of Eckankar I heard some "Eck songs" that I liked, and I was curious to
      see whether I could find a few of them on YouTube. For one thing, I was curious
      to see what my reaction would be when I listened to the songs. Would I cry?
      Would I feel nostalgic? So I did the search. This is my results:
      > >
      > > First search string --> Nothing
      > > Second search string --> Nothing
      > > Third search string --> Nothing
      > > Fourth search string --> Nothing
      > >
      > > I honestly don't remember what I used to search, but I am pretty good at
      searching for things on the Internet.
      > >
      > > But my search results did prove one thing: There is no Eck music on YouTube!
      Well, at first I was kinda stumped. Why? Then it came to me... the sound of "ka
      ching" resonated in my head. Yes, it was all about money. It had to be! Eckankar
      doesn't give anything away - you have to pay for it. Which does prove one thing.
      That Spirit DOES give freely, except when it comes through Eckankar.
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