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Out with the Old/in with the New! Wasted Time & Effort in EK!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish, I think that the biggest waste of money, while in Eckankar, was for air travel and hotel stay. Plus, I used up months (over time) of vacation days to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 6, 2010
      Hi Mish,
      I think that the biggest waste of money,
      while in Eckankar, was for air travel and
      hotel stay. Plus, I used up months (over
      time) of vacation days to "volunteer" at
      the EK seminars.

      The biggest waste was of time and energy.
      And, I put myself through a lot of stress
      in dealing with deadlines (goal-lines),
      as well as, arrogant and stupid people.
      Dealing with the "part-time" Eckists was
      as bad as dealing with the fanatics who
      thought they were above the rules and
      guidelines. These "chosen ones" imagined
      themselves to be "higher" on the inner
      than outer and part of Klemp's chosen
      few/crew. Therefore, they acted as though
      they were above Lower Plane restrictions.
      Some of these ECKists that I had to deal
      with were very passive/aggressive and
      manipulative. Some were Bi-Polar and
      I met RESAs, and other EK Leaders, who
      were narcissists like Twitchell and Klemp.
      These people can't take suggestions that
      differ from theirs. They're very territorial
      and have to always be right. Some of these
      RESAs, also, steal good ideas and make
      them their own. It's really quite pathetic,
      but one has to remove them from their
      pedestals in order to "see" it all with a
      newly found clarity of perception. I've
      seen my suggestions end up in Vahana
      Tips from "The RESA Star."

      Other bad decisions, via Eckankar,
      is buying into the relationship karma
      thing. This is why so many Eckists end
      up divorced. It was just "karma" being
      played out! Thus, this becomes a mantra
      and excuse for not taking responsibility.
      It's a green light to seek out others that
      one might have "unfinished" karma with
      in order to be resolved. And, for H.I.s,
      there is no longer any Karma, thus, no
      repercussions from any actions (neg/pos)
      for they are now operating on the (5th)
      Soul Plane, or higher, and a Law Unto
      Themselves. This religious delusion
      hampers them from learning, living,
      and growing. This is Klemp's (KAL's)


      Mish wrote:

      Hi, Everyone!

      As we are starting a new year and since it's symbolic of out with
      the old and a time of new beginnings- a former member of ekult
      has suggested a topic for ESA. Maybe we can share and/or make
      a list of the worst mistakes or decisions we made while under the
      influence of the cult teachings and the so called protection of the
      self proclaimed godman, Klump. It might be interesting and a good
      cautionary tale for others. I'm sure many of us made some very bad
      decisions during time in ekult and might still have problems because
      of them. I'll bet there are others out there, too.

      I'll start first my saying that it still gnaws me about the time and
      money I wasted. But worse than that I am astounded that I fell for it
      and believed for awhile that Klemp was someone special and superior
      to all others. This delusional thinking just floors me as logic has
      always been a more sensible route for me until I hooked up with
      eckankar. It is sort of like a bad dream but yet I know I did it . . . and
      what it taught me is that any one of us could behave stupidly or be
      taken in by delusion. I am so glad that I got out before I was really
      brainwashed. I am glad to be back in the real world, enjoying my
      family and friends and using my time as I choose within the bounds
      of normal responsibilities.

      I feel badly that some of the eckists I met and grew to like are still
      in that bubble world. I try to think that is it okay because it is their
      choice but on another level, I feel like they are sick and trapped . . .
      they are giving up so much, like a healthy and happy life. It makes me
      feel sad so that affects me when I think about it.

      I wish all of you a very Happy New Year and time for constructive
      reflections as we enter the new decade!!

      Best wishes,

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