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HK's Front Page Article (part 1) - The H.I. Letter 12/2009

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I thought that this would be interesting for all to read and to comment on. My bracketed [ ] comments and caps are added. BTW this is PART 1 of 2:
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 6, 2010
      Hello All,
      I thought that this would be interesting
      for all to read and to comment on.
      My bracketed [ ] comments and caps
      are added. BTW this is PART 1 of 2:

      The H.I. Letter December 2009

      HK: "Dear Brothers of the Leaf,
      An ECK principle states that good
      health is an aid to spiritual unfoldment."

      ME: [I don't think that this is an "ECK
      principle" per se. But, one does feel
      more positive and happy about life
      when they have good health. However,
      isn't poor health (like cancer) seen
      as a test of faith for the ECKist/religionist?]

      HK: "With that in mind, let us consider
      how to better our health, and thus enjoy
      living in a more satisfying way.

      A couple, ECK Higher Initiates, approached
      me in a food store. The wife mentioned
      a problem with constipation [oh sh_t!],
      a common complaint that goes with
      the graying of hair [like with the Klemps'].

      I told her of a certain liquid magnesium.
      It is ten to twelve times more effective
      than the capsules she was using. And
      later, I heard [her fart and] that it was
      giving her relief.

      Yet constipation told a deeper, more
      fundamental condition, which was
      related to nutrition.

      As the ECK would have it, I met the
      couple two weeks later."

      ME: [They were stalking you, dummy!
      Is Klemp the spokesperson for all New
      Age methods and supplements such as
      Laetrile? He suggested that his oldest
      brother, Duane, go to Mexico for Laetrile
      treatments for cancer. HK couldn't help
      him anymore, then, than he can help chelas
      now! Actually, many of HK's suggestions
      and practices (avoidance of M.D.s and
      of current, valid, and accepted medical
      treatments) does more harm than good.]

      HK: "So I recommended a local radio
      program that addresses health issues.

      The Usual Hosts are a NUTRITIONIST
      and a DIETICIAN, both longtime practitioners
      in their respective fields. And both are
      dedicated to helping people overcome
      ailments of all kinds."

      ME: [Is Klemp naive or stupid to be
      giving recommendations? As LEM/
      Mahanta with ALL KNOWLEDGE
      available to him... why doesn't he
      have his own radio show? Why do
      unpaid Vahanas have to do all the
      work? He's getting paid for doing
      what, all day long? Let's hear a
      live conversation, views, and a
      Q & A segment for non-ECKists!
      Harry's just lazy and is not what
      he claims to be. The proof is in the

      HK: "More than 90 percent of ALL
      health issues, THEY SAY, are due
      to poor nutrition.

      THEY STRONGLY discourage the
      use of chocolate and coffee, for both
      are linked to jumpy nerves, and even
      to migraine headaches. The problem
      is the Caffeine in them."

      ME: [Yet, Klemp overlooks the fact
      that DARK Chocolate is good for
      heart health, and caffeine doesn't
      affect all people the same. Besides,
      there is always DEcaffeinated coffee!
      Klemp has such a limited focus!]

      HK: "Soft drinks, too, are FROWNED
      upon,both for Caffeine as well as

      ME: [Well, limit drinking these to one
      or two DIET (sugar free) Caffeine FREE
      soft drinks per day! And, use a straw
      to prevent staining your teeth!]

      HK: "Divide the latter by four to find the
      amount of sugar that the carbohydrates
      convert to, in teaspoonfuls. For example,
      a Drink or Processed Food with twenty-eight
      grams of carbohydrates soon changes
      during digestion, into seven teaspoons
      of sugar, which may produce all kinds
      of problems for young and old alike."

      ME: [Klemp has become quite the expert,
      by proxy, but should this stuff (health info
      available to anyone on the internet) be
      in the H.I. Letter? Most EKies will interpret
      this to mean that Klemp (the LEM/Mahanta)
      is "frowning upon" using soft drinks and
      chocolate. I will have to say that about 30
      years ago, while attending a Darji Potluck,
      one EK Leader suggested that Chocolate
      be banded from future potlucks. It seems
      that Klemp is finally up-to-speed, for him.]

      HK: "A LICENSED Nutritionist must go
      through A More Thorough Training
      Program than does a Dietician."

      ME: [Yet, Klemp stated earlier that
      the radio program he's recommending
      is Co-hosted by a "Dietician!" Thus,
      half of the comments and health advice
      are being given by a less qualified person.
      Klemp likes to have it both ways. Those
      who are no longer mesmerized by him
      can see beyond his double talk!]

      HK: "Should you be looking for a nutritionist,
      be sure that the individual is licensed."

      ME: [Is being "licensed" a guarantee
      that they really know what they are
      talking about? No! Klemp's an idiot!]

      HK: "I understand that in some places,
      nearly anyone can claim to be a nutritionist."

      ME: [And, nearly anyone can "claim to
      be" a LEM/Mahanta!]

      HK: "At a recent meeting of the ECKANKAR
      Board of Trustees, we handled the business
      first. Then they asked if I would speak to

      ME: [Hmmmm. Maybe they wanted to be
      given some real "spiritual meat" for a "change"]

      HK: "So the ECK lit up for me the topic of
      nutrition, and its vital relationship with good

      ME: [The Board could have read about it
      in this H.I. Letter article or tuned into the
      radio program, except, Klemp now thinks
      he's an expert (of sorts) and wants to tout
      his newly found knowledge.]

      HK: "A Board Member asked for more
      information and the aforementioned radio

      I GENERALLY steer clear of recommending
      doctors and the like, because you can usually
      find a qualified practitioner right in the local
      area. BUT this member lived far from a licensed

      ME: [Beyond Radio/Computer EMF waves?]

      HK: so I passed along their company's
      Internet address. It is www.weightandwellness.
      com. BUT note, advice that helps others may
      hurt you."

      ME: [Or, handing out advice may hurt Klemp
      more since he broke the Law of NonInterference
      by printing this, unsolicited, health advice!
      However, let's not forget that Klemp is directing
      his H.I.s to risk their health by tuning into the
      Radio EMF Waves and to the EMF that their
      computers generate. They have to be careful
      because it's obvious that they don't have HK's
      (LEM/Mahanta) protection!]

      HK: "THEY are EXPERTS in their fields.
      Helping people find better health is their
      main concern." END of Part 1

      ME: I'd say that their "main concern" is
      making money just as it is with Klemp!
      And, the Dietician nor the Nutritionist
      are Medical Doctors or have a Ph.D in
      a health related field. I'm trying to figure
      out why Klemp is claiming that "THEY
      How's that work? Don't "they" just second
      guess other so-called "experts" and
      look at studies of a narrow and bias
      focus with old information that supports
      their philosophy. Hey! That's what Klemp
      does! It's no wonder he relates to them
      as he does!

      Below is the site Klemp was talking
      about. What's interesting is reading
      the bios of these people and looking
      at their pictures! For being "experts
      in their fields" most certainly don't
      look like they've been walking the
      walk! Very unhealthy looking! Hey!
      Klemp doesn't walk the walk either!
      Look at his health!


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