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Re: Cassiopaea and Laura Knight-Jadczyk

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  • ctecvie
    Hello Mish, ... websites ... promoting ... Thanks very much for your efforts! This is very good! ... and ... caught ... Cassiopaea ... I can t understand
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 24, 2005
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      Hello Mish,

      > In regards to Cassiopaea and Laura Knight-Jadczyk--and
      > other "informative, alternative" groups who put all kinds of spins
      > on what is and has happened in the world, I will offer some
      > you can google to find out more, in order to have an informed and
      > discerned idea about these groups/people and what they are
      > on the Internet. Much of it is disinformation, in my opinion.

      Thanks very much for your efforts! This is very good!

      > I am posting this information in order to counter the "pushing"
      > promotion of www.Cassiopaea.org continuously on Ford Johnson's HCS
      > and Truth-seeker websites. A couple of individuals are really
      > up with this group, and almost all of their posts contain the
      > disinformation, negativity, and speculations about world
      > conspiracies, yada, yada, almost continuously. A link to
      > is being placed on the HCS site for members. Too bad really that
      > Ford Johnson has debunked Eckankar but will allow the Cassipaean
      > cult to take over his site and vision.

      I can't understand either why he allows this stuff on his sites and
      has put up the link!

      > I am really at a loss why people fall for such groups. I am
      > at a loss at why Cassiopaea is being allowed to be promoted on The
      > Higher Consciousness Society.

      I'm at a loss, too. Ford would have all means to prohibit such
      things, and he doesn't do anything. As for the people who fall for
      such groups - this is easier to understand for me. Many ex-eckists
      haven't really left Eckankar. Either they remain stuck in their
      anger or they are not angry at all. Both is not healthy, but if I
      had to choose from one of them with no other possibility, I would
      say that being stuck in anger is better than the other option. At
      least, I would be wary of those groups whereas if I don't vent my
      anger at all, I would be prone to be fooled much more easily.

      > I did forward some of this information
      > to Ford Johnson, raising my concerns about his organiziton being
      > compromised and corrupted by such things, but his response was off-
      > setting. He was "loath to play the role of censor for this would
      > disingenuous if not dishonest especially for such a group of
      > evolved souls." Well, frankly, I am not seeing the ones promoting
      > Cassiopaea and other such rubbish as being highly evolved souls.

      All I can say is that the mere fact of having been in a group like
      Eckankar and being in a group like HCS now doesn't make anybody a
      highly evolved soul. There are other criteria for this. A membership
      is a membership and nothing else.

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