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Re: Will Harry Announce Joan As An ECK Master?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Mish and All, It isn t so strange that females in Eckankar can t become the LEM when one looks at the role of females in other religions. Eckankar s view
    Message 1 of 9 , Nov 22, 2009
      Hello Mish and All,
      It isn't so strange that females
      in Eckankar can't become the
      LEM when one looks at the role
      of females in other religions.

      Eckankar's view of females having
      "negative" atoms versus males having
      "positive" atoms is an excuse for male
      domination that's outlived its time.
      The "negative" atom thing seems rather
      silly if it weren't for the fact that it's
      used as a tool to make women subservient.

      First, why would ECKists believe in
      these EK male/female principles that
      exclude Souls from becoming the LEM
      because they chose to be females.

      Really, this is just another manipulation/
      myth/story/lie! And, what basis does
      it have in reality or in science since
      it involves the "atoms" of the physical
      body! Observation tells us that males
      have the "negative" view of the world
      and that females are more "positive"
      and create while males destroy in
      order to expand their dominion.

      Thus, if Joan was to be the next LEM
      Harry would have announced it at the
      seminar. It's had to believe that he
      hasn't announced a replacement.

      PT (in 1971) told of a 15 year old
      boy who would be the next Mahanta.
      Klemp was 30 at the time! Anyway,
      if you believe Twitch this means that
      Klemp isn't the Mahanta, and the next
      real Mahanta is around 53 years old
      at this time.


      mishmisha wrote:

      Hi, Liz, Ingrid and All!

      This seems like a bit of a reunion . . .
      good to see you popping in! You have
      been missed . . . I haven't been posting
      often either. I've been enjoying other
      pursuits too . . . but ESA is always a
      fun place and I do continue to read it.

      I believe Harry is going to be carried
      out eventually. I think the little man
      is too afraid to step down or pass on
      the power because he just might be
      thinking of the huge book burning that
      could take place once he's out . . . all
      those silly little nonsense books of his
      could make for one really nice heaping
      blaze!! Marshmallows anyone? LOL!

      What would be really funny . . . would
      be Joan taking over the position and
      being the one to erase Harry like Harry
      did Darwin!! Underneath that smiling
      exterior of hers, there just might be
      a seething and ticking time bomb . . .
      a great opportunity for retaliation for
      all the crap she's put up with living
      with the almighty living eck master!
      And then she becomes the first female
      l.e.m. Rebazar could back her up on
      the inner!


      prometheus wrote:

      Hello Liz and All,
      Yes, the "inner" visions and
      dreams via the ECK-Vidya
      doesn't work with knowing
      what the Klempster (the inner
      master) has in store for Eckists
      since he speaks with a forked-
      tongue as a KAL agent.

      Harry has his followers living
      in the past and distorts history!
      Example: Fubbi & Rebazar helped/
      directed Columbus to find "protein"
      for Europeans, but conveniently
      over-looks the negativity and
      devastation it caused to the
      indigenous people. What do
      Mexican and South American
      Eckists really think of this story?

      Then, HK distorts the future
      with promises of more (inner
      and outer) initiations and of
      a "heavenly" afterlife. Yet, the
      H.I.s and chelas are supposed
      to be "detached" when his RESA
      Hierarchy (bosses) don't practice
      the same detachment! Catch-22!

      HK, also, uses and manipulates
      the old lies and plagiarisms of
      Twitchell, which copied Ruhani
      Satsang, and has given Eckankar
      a Lutheran (lower plane) twist
      with the EWS, etc. etc. Who are
      Eckists "worshipping" at the ECK
      Worship Service (EWS)? Is it a
      mental form of KAL?

      And, Klemp can't write anything
      profound or on the level of Rumi
      (who worshipped a 4th Plane God
      according to Klemp's "Autobiography")
      so he takes the "simple-minded"
      (KISS) approach. He uses chelas'
      common everyday, make-believe,
      and distorted stories for his
      "modern-day" teachings and
      seminar talks.

      Basically, Eckists just fill-in
      the blanks and second-
      guess via their imaginations.
      However, the Catch-22 is that
      Eckists aren't supposed to be
      "second-guessing" the Mahanta


      Liz- California is a tough place
      to move to during these times.
      The cost-of-living, housing, jobs
      and the traffic congestion have
      been issues for decades and it's
      worse now! Still, I really love it...
      it has everything! I hope things
      work out for you regardless of
      where you end up.

      Thanks to both you and Ingrid
      for coming back into the site
      to post. Hopefully, you will both
      have the time to post more comments,
      perspectives, and insights.


      On another note, it is strange
      that Harry hasn't made Joan a
      12th initiate (ECK Master). After
      all, look at Kata Daki! She's a
      12th Initiate (ECK Master) and
      has never been an "outer" Lower
      Plane LEM (due to the her negative
      female atoms)! Thus, Joan could
      become a 12th without becoming
      the LEM.

      BTW- Why do those negative
      "female" atoms affect Soul?

      Aren't those Souls with the
      Higher Plane "consciousness,"
      i.e. Initiations (yard-sticks)
      above gender and the Lower
      Plane karmic effect of KAL?
      Those with "negative atoms,"
      should be eligible for the LEM
      position too!

      BTW- Why do the ECK Masters
      have a "gender?" They are pure
      Soul aren't they? And, why only
      one "female" ECK Master?

      Maybe Harry will announce
      Joan's promotion, in an ECK
      pub, later on.


      ewickings wrote:

      LOL yes well from what I hear,
      those all trusting and aware ekkies
      were waiting with bated breath to
      hear whether Klump passed the Rod,
      or spoil the... errr fun! Wouldn't you
      think these much higher earth beings
      called ekkies, would know if the Klump
      was giving up his throne, and whether
      or not RT was the interm grand master
      until the next looney toon was ready
      to handle the power...

      On a side note, I was just peeking in
      to see how everyone was doing! Great
      to read you all and see that this group
      is still doing a great job!

      I've been job hunting, was in CA
      a couple times interviewed for
      a paralegal possition. Found I am
      not cut out for CA living... been
      doing a lot of creative writing,
      short stories and poetry. Oh and
      experimenting in virtual reality
      worlds... so much like traveling
      those ekkie god worlds, don't ask....

      Anyway, big hugs! Hope everyone
      is living in the real world these days
      and enjoying what it has to offer.


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello Liz, Ingrid, and All,
      > Nice hearing from you two!
      > I guess that I could have paid
      > for the broadcast of Klemp's talk,
      > but I just didn't want to waste the
      > money or contribute to his salary.
      > Generally HK uses other people's
      > embellished or simplistically common
      > stories to make a "spiritual" point
      > and, of course, there's always at
      > least one "Nigerian" story.
      > Let's face it... Klemp's NO Buddha
      > or Jesus and yet he claims via his
      > "Autobiography" (pg. 385) to be
      > 10 levels greater/higher than their
      > Gods.
      > So, is the story about the plane
      > flying past Minneapolis due to
      > Klemp's talk putting them to
      > sleep as well?
      > There was an earthquake in
      > RT's neighborhood? Had he
      > already "manifested" himself
      > to Minneapolis by then? I didn't
      > hear anything about him giving
      > a talk... as usual.
      > Prometheus
      > ctecvie" wrote:
      > Liz!!! Welcome back!!! Long time no hear -
      > hope you are well! :-)
      > There was an aircraft just before the
      > WW that shot over Minneapolis instead
      > of landing there - and of course the
      > ekkies ascribed it to the eck and little
      > harry! LOL!
      > Good to see you back,
      > Hugs
      > Ingrid
      > ewickings wrote:
      > So what happened this year at the WW?
      > All I heard was, Harry looked really sick,
      > and there was an earth quake near Rubber
      > Tires Hut... Speculation was at the time,
      > maybe the rod was passed, but I'm thinking
      > they will have to pry that from Klumps dead
      > boney fingers.
      > Well.... off I go to scan the messages.
      > It's been ages since I have popped my
      > nose in here. Etznab you have been
      > a very busy guy I see! How have you
      > been? Big Hug! :)
      > Liz
      > prometheus wrote:
      > Will Joan be announced as a 12th?
      > It could happen at this 2009 EK
      > World wide Seminar! Harry set it
      > all up for Joan in "Those Wonderful
      > ECK Masters" back in 2005.
      > I would imagine that if little old
      > shrinking, wrinkled and grey Harry
      > is to step down as LEM (someday)
      > that he'd want to make Joan a 12th
      > Initiate and ECK Master, beforehand,
      > even though she could never become
      > the LEM, unless, she had a sex change
      > operation of course!
      > Prometheus
      > p.s. Why hasn't Rebazar written his
      > own Herb or Healthy Foods book?
      > After all, when someone can live for
      > 500 years, in the same physical body,
      > and without aging a day they should
      > be sharing this "How To" information
      > with the current LEM/Mahanta, as
      > well as, other followers of Eckankar
      > and with the world! Klemp doesn't
      > have to "channel" Rebazar in order
      > to write the book since RT's still
      > living on this Physical Plane, on
      > earth, right? Maybe Rebazar can
      > dictate the book to Doug Marman
      > or Don Ginn or Phil Morimitsu and
      > Eckankar can edit and publish it?
      > So, where's the book? When will it
      > be released? Will it have an EMR and
      > a rapid aging cure for Klemp? Will
      > it help cure stupidity (for Eckists) too?
      > Believe It Or Not - We Want to Know!
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