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HK Revises His 1998 Lexicon

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  • prometheus_973
    Klemp s newly revised Lexicon is already passe . What s odd is that Twitchell s Eckankar Dictionary was over- seen and printed by the 972nd LEM, Darwin Gross,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2009
      Klemp's newly revised Lexicon
      is already passe'.

      What's odd is that Twitchell's
      Eckankar Dictionary was over-
      seen and printed by the 972nd
      LEM, Darwin Gross, in 1973,
      and 25 years later, in 1998,
      Klemp revised it and renamed
      the Eckankar Dictionary to:
      "The Cosmic Sea of Words,
      The Eckankar Lexicon."

      In his 1998 redo Klemp made
      additions to PT's Eckankar Dictionary,
      such as the "12 Spiritual Years
      of Celebration," (among other
      additions) changed some text,
      and omitted some important ones
      as well.

      Now, 11 years after the revised
      Dictionary/Lexicon HK decides
      to do more tweaking via a new
      cover-up and "Shifting of Gears"
      involving the "Truth" of Paul's
      original message.

      Here's the promo:

      "Sri Harold has newly updated
      and EXPANDED this must-have
      companion to the spiritual works
      of ECK. With over 200 NEW ENTRIES,
      including new and updated graphics,
      your explorations of more than 1900
      key spiritual terms and concepts
      will provide you with endless inspiration...
      Every ECK chela and serious seeker
      will want this key reference to the
      Eckankar works." (242 pages, $16.00)

      However, isn't it interesting that
      HK's 1998 ECK Lexicon has 250
      pages while his newly revised
      book has only 242 pages, but
      "200 new entries!" How many
      original entries, and which ones,
      have been omitted? Why?

      Maybe ECKists should make a
      comparison with this newly "revised"
      book to both the 1973 EK Dictionary
      and the 1998 EK Lexicon in order
      to see, for themselves, what's been
      omitted and changed in order to
      "know" the why!

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