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Re: Those Invisible/Pretend ECK Masters

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Non and All, I agree! We re on the same page! The Astral Plane UFO sightings are similar to Chanting HU and Visualizing via the Astral Plane Tisra Til
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 17, 2009
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      Hello Non and All,
      I agree! We're on the same page!
      The Astral Plane UFO sightings
      are similar to Chanting HU and
      Visualizing via the Astral Plane
      Tisra Til (6th Chakra) in order
      to meet (see) the Vi-Guru (HK)
      in his Light Body.

      This is the same practice that
      Ruhani Satsang and Radhasoami
      use in order to meet their Vi-Guru
      (Inner Master).

      Twitch copied everything and
      Klemp continues the fraud, but
      HK never elevated the visualization
      from the Tisra Til to the Crown
      Chakra after 28 years! Klemp is
      more like the Living Redundant
      EK Master. For instance, just look
      at the same old, but repackaged,
      material that he offers for sale:

      "The Call of Soul" by HK
      (paperback, 122 pages, with CD)
      (4) $9.00 (10/pack) (37) $60.00

      "The Master's Talks in The Year
      of Thanksgiving--2008-9"
      (8 1/2-by-11-inch booklet, 21 pgs.)
      (1) $7.00

      "Workbook for the Master 2 Discourses"
      (8 1/2-by-11-inch wire-bound book,
      195 pages) (with CD) (8) $25.00

      BTW- When was this discourse written?
      I'll bet it's around 20 years old! Hasn't
      consciousness changed (evolved) since
      then? Wasn't this, basically, for a 4th
      initiate back then? Thus, this information
      is, now, for the consciousness of a
      2nd initiate!

      Illustrated ECK Parables--

      "A Gift for the Master" (1) $10.00

      "One Small Thing for Love" (2) $10.00

      "The Song That Makes God Happy"
      (1) $10.00

      "Illustrated ECK Parables CD 2"
      (1) $15.00

      "HU, the Most Beautiful Prayer"
      (5/pack with CD) (20) $50.00

      Second Edition, Expanded
      "A Cosmic Sea of Words,
      The Eckankar Lexicon"

      (large paperback, 242 pages)
      (6) $16.00

      Updated Reprint
      The Holy Fire of ECK, Book 1
      (H.I.s only)
      (233 pages) (5) $16.00

      Why did it need updated?
      Is this just a ploy to get
      more money since an Arahata
      needs the "updated" version
      for H.I. book discussions!

      Six Full-Length Talks by
      Sri Harry Now on DVD--

      "The Foolish of God" $18.00

      "Gifts Stranger than Fiction"

      "If God Is God, Then Who are You?"

      "Inside a Circle of Friends" $18.00

      "The Law of Love" $18.00

      "What's It All About" $18.00

      Now Wallet Size
      "The Master's Gaze" $5.00

      "2010 Planning Calendar" $4.00

      More Broadcast Videos (Excerpts)
      Now on DVD--

      "Bless This Day" $15.00

      "Five Spiritual Laws of This World"

      "Sunshine and Sparkle" $15.00

      "The Right Choice" $15.00

      "Walk With Me, Mahanta" $15.00

      Of course these Vahana (PR) materials
      are paid for by the EK Chelas and H.I.s
      via the ECK Centers (Satsangs) or directly
      from out-of-pocket purchases (donations).
      The ESC (Klemp) pays for nothing!

      "2010 Eckankar Journal" $6.00
      (10/pack) $42.00

      "The Message of Eckankar"
      (six CDs) $35.00

      "Next steps in Spiritual Exploration"
      Card (20/pack) $4.00

      "Glossary of Eckankar Terms"
      (20/pack) $2.00
      (100/pack) $10.00

      Klemp is also selling audiocassettes,
      CDs and DVDs of his 2009 ECK Springtime
      Seminar talk-- "The Secret Path to Heaven"

      (audiocassette) $10.00
      (CD) $15.00
      (DVD) $18.00

      An Excerpt from "The Secret Path to Heaven"
      in (DVD) is $15.00

      So, we can see how Klemp is generating
      his income in a recession. Eck Leaders
      are expected to keep up-to-date by
      reading/listening to the new stuff and
      rereading the old revised crap that is
      of a lower less "evolved" consciousness!
      It's No wonder that the EK Initiations
      are still "slowed down!"


      "Non" wrote:

      And seeing one of these ECK Masters
      is very similar to claiming to see a UFO.

      It seems that all religions will have stories
      about seeing some saint or special God
      person, like Jesus as a sign or a vision
      or a sense or a waking dream blah blah.

      It is just really an example of the human
      tendency to often see what you expect to

      I do believe that there are instances of
      mystical experience, but that they come
      in forms that are forms consistent with
      our expectations and personal cultural
      life experiences and the context of our
      mind set. It has nothing to do with eckankar
      fraudulent myths as any kind of reality.
      Except that one time I saw an eck master
      at an Air Port rest room, nudging his foot
      under my side of the stall. LOL Of course,
      I got out of there as fast as I could.

      Non eckster ; )

      Prometheus wrote:

      Isn't it interesting that Twitchell,
      Gross, and Klemp were/are the
      only "ECK" Masters that could
      be seen on the "outer" physical
      plane. Rebazar never gave a Seminar
      talk nor did the other ECK Masters
      that Eckankar claims still maintain
      physical bodies.

      How about those Venusian ECK
      Masters mentioned in the ECK
      Lexicon! Is GAKKO (pg.125)
      older than ASOKI (pg.13) and
      RAMI NURI (pg.172)? According
      to Klemp's EK Lexicon ASOKI
      has been living for 60,000 years
      in the same physical body! People
      want to know the truth! Where
      are they now and what are they

      Is RETZ, VENUS an actual vacation
      spot that our grandchildren
      could visit via a space craft?

      Then, again, what did Twit,
      Gross or Klemp have to lose
      with this outrageous claim
      that there was a physical city
      on Venus! Science tells us that
      there is no life on Venus, but
      religion and science-fiction
      has another opinion.

      BTW- The ECK Lexicon states
      that MALATI (pg.132) was "the
      first ECK Master of record among
      the Polarians," but what about
      those ECK MASTERS from VENUS?
      Weren't they the "first?"

      It doesn't make sense does it!
      It's make-believe and pretend
      because there are no 500 year
      old or 60,000 year old invisible
      ECK Masters from VENUS or
      anywhere else! It's all in the
      imagination because people
      want and need to believe in
      something. Eckankar is just
      another religious belief with
      promises to alleviate fear and
      guilt. And, it feels good having
      those "special" initiations.

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